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How do you renovate a small house?

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In the current economic situation in the UK, it seems that only the wealthiest part of the population can afford to buy a new home to change their everyday décor radically. However, while this is the luxury of a few, most people can still decide to swap their house style for something different and new.

Whether you call it rejuvenating your house, home renovation, or even home improvement, they are many ways to give your home a new life.

It is not uncommon for country houses to undergo big renovation projects, such as the addition of a new room, for example.

For those who live in urban areas such as London and other large towns, the space is more limited. Yet, even small houses and flats have plenty to offer if you know where to start!

How do you renovate a small house?

Start big: the two largest projects in any house

If you are up for a true wave of renewal, and especially if your appliances, kitchen gadgets and and rooms are a little outdated, you could consider one of two most important renovation projects in a house; the bathroom or the kitchen.

These two rooms have a tendency to get rapidly outdated when you buy a house.  Often because they were set up by a previous owner, and also because new homeowners prefer not to undergo large projects as they get ready to move in. Yet, it is very likely that the bathroom appliances are ten or more year-old, and the same comment is valid for the kitchen too.

Beware, those are cost and time demanding projects, but they are worth every penny!

First of all, it is important that you are honest with yourself: What would be your maximum budget for the renovation, and how quickly do you need it done?

Thankfully, limited funds are no barrier anymore to having your dream bathroom or kitchen. What matters is to do your research and find the right fit for your needs. You also need to remember that, while your new bathroom or kitchen is being fitted and redecorated, you won’t be able to use the room. So, this is something you need to plan carefully, as to when it will best fit your agenda, and how to deal with the inconveniences during the time they last.

Think energy, air and water systems

Another important stepstone in any home improvement project is to optimize your overall internal and external systems to control the temperature, the water, and the energy consumption under your roof.

As it involves a full change of system, this is a project to plan carefully in advance.  There are elements of cost and time to take into consideration. Yet, as technology has greatly developed over the past decades, you will find that the cost of modern and manageable tech systems, air conditioning, for example, has become an affordable home modification.

Naturally, this is not only about improving the quality of your air, your water or your energy in the house. By investing in these areas of your home, you are actively making your house more energy efficient and better equipped to a modern lifestyle.

You also need to remember that systems that were previously in place in the house are aging fast now that concepts such as green energy and controllable temperature have come to the property market. In short, this is a necessary investment if you intend to stay in the house in the long term, as this will ensure that your house will keep to the highest standards of comfort and can even save you money on your bills and make your home eco-friendly.

The little touches that revive your house from the outside

Many homeowners take great care of their interior and neglect the outside; the garden is dull, the facade walls are dirty, etc.

Every homeowner needs to remember that there are always two perspectives to any house: how they see it from inside, and what neighbours can see from outside.

It’s not only about what your neighbours might think of you, but it is about taking care of your entire property, including your garden and having curb appeal and a nice outdoor space for you to enjoy.  Installing gabion baskets, hanging flowers, window planter boxes, water features, flower beds or other DIY garden ideas can improve the space.

Whether you decide to add more privacy to your garden, as some can be too exposed and let people see directly into your living room, or you choose to refresh your outside walls, or futureproof your garden, the choice depends on your needs and tastes. Plan a regular clean up of the outside, including your gutters and windows, as this is key to a good home maintenance and will prevent problems.

Redecorate instead of renovate

Another great option to really transform your home, but without so much mess and cost associated with extensions, new kitchens or bathrooms, is to simply choose to redecorate instead.  A change of colour on the walls and new furnisshings or textiles can really transform a home and make it feel like new.  You don't always have to smash walls down or build extra rooms to make your home feel like a different place.