How to decorate your home on a budget

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How to decorate your home on a budget

With so much time spent at home, you might be tired of staring at the same old artwork, wilting plants, and tired armchairs.

You’ve created a new cleaning routine, and even dusted the blinds, but your space still doesn’t feel refreshed.

Perhaps now you’re ready to spruce up your house and change the decor?

Luckily, redecorating can be done on a budget. With just a few simple tips, you can reinvent your living space without breaking the bank.

Here are some helpful strategies for decorating frugally!

Repainting is replenishing

Changing the paint colour in a room can transform the atmosphere without requiring large sums of money.

Perhaps your living room could use a warm green or your kitchen needs a vibrant yellow… the possibilities are endless.

For inspiration, use a piece of art or furniture as a colour reference point and plan your overall scheme to match. This way, your design will tie together seamlessly with what you already own.

Commit to repainting as a DIY project, and save money on hiring external help. The beauty of paint is that it’s easy to change or refresh it, and a simple paint job creates cheerful and elegant living spaces!

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Pay attention to the lighting

Adding or subtracting lighting can vastly change the mood of a room. Soft lighting is relaxing, while direct overhead LEDs can be helpful when cooking or completing a task.

Simple lighting additions include:

  • Lamps Want some cosy light in the evenings and early mornings? Adding a lamp to your kitchen can create a warm glow and a romantic backdrop for dinner dates at home.
  • Light bulbs –The intensity and shade of your light bulbs can contribute different qualities to a room. Opt for bright, long-lasting light bulbs for desk lamps and closets, and use softer lighting for your overhead fixtures.
  • Candles  Beeswax candles from The Beeswax Company are whimsical and add a special twinkle to any evening gathering. Light a candle during breakfast on chilly mornings to create a cosy atmosphere that makes you feel warmer, and again in the evenings for relaxation.

Top tip - add a dimmer switch to each room in your house so you can easily change the mood by dimming the brightness of the main light.

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Find art that speaks to you

The artwork in your home should feel personal and reflect your style and interests. Instead of hanging up generic nature prints, sunsets or old motivational posters, add artwork to your space that you enjoy looking throughout the day.

Consider commissioning a painting or photo from an artistically inclined friend to add to your collection. If you don’t know anyone then check out Etsy for local sellers.

Visiting car boots is another great way to find beautiful art at low prices!

Additionally, photos of family members, holidays, and important events will add an inviting and personal touch to your living space. With discount canvases from Canvas People, you can add high-quality and affordable personalised canvas prints to your home without breaking the bank.

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Seek out gently used furniture

If you’re looking for a new couch or a modern dining table, look for used items.

The best part about furniture? It’s timeless (to an extent, of course).

Shop for furniture at second-hand stores, car boots and online used furniture platforms like Preloved, eBay and even Facebook Marketplace. Make sure you take a thorough look at any used furniture you bring into your home to ensure that it’s been properly cleaned.

For existing furniture, find simple ways to brighten up dusty armchairs and clean your old rugs to refresh your living space. Add some bright throw pillows or switch your rug to a different room for a new atmosphere!

A little change can go a long way.

It’s also amazing how having a professional carpet clean can make a carpet or rug feel like new again.

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Give the garden some love

Adding some greenery and potted plants to your outdoor area enriches your space for all sorts of gatherings. When you make your garden more inviting, it’s like an outdoor entertainment room. Fresh greenery is one of the most inviting ambiances imaginable and it’s so easy to achieve.

If you live in a home that includes both, make sure you give your front garden some love, too! Plant a few pots on your porch or add a hanging basket by the door.  Sweep off the front steps, give the front door a lick of paint if it’s looking tired and pull up any nasty weeds off the driveway.

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Simple living

Sometimes, redecorating entails removing excess clutter and paring down your living space. Look at your collections of knickknacks and see if you can simplify what you choose to display whilst selling the rest - these funds could go towards a new rug or the paint you might need to redecorate.

Less is often more, so by having a clear out and only showing feature pieces in a room you can really make the room feel drastically different, without needing to paint!


Redecorating is about finding the right balance for your taste and lifestyle so you can create a happy and beautiful home.  It doesn’t need to break the bank and sometimes a reshuffle and clear out are enough to make your home feel new and interesting.


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