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How to make getting married affordable !

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In so many respects, times have changed, and the younger generations no longer follow the norms that were so engrained for those before them.  One of these traditions is marriage, and I was astonished to read that roughly half of men and women aged 20 say they will never get married.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise though, given that the average cost of a wedding in the UK has now spiralled to over £30,000!  Insane, right?

There are no doubt a number of other reasons why younger generations are increasingly opposed to marriage, but money is likely to be one of the most off-putting factors. If that’s the case for you, the good news is that there are actually many ways that you can reduce overall costs.  It just takes a bit of savvy, and some willing! 

A wedding doesn't need to cost a fortune!  Here's how to save money and still have your dream wedding.

Go against the grain and save

One of the biggest wedding savers of all is to set the date for an unconventional day and/or season.  Venues, and contractors, will charge through the roof for weddings on a Saturday in the middle of summer.  But getting married on a weekday, perhaps in the spring, could see you save as much as 50 per cent.  It may inconvenience some guests, and the weather won’t exactly be guaranteed.  But, then again, is it ever?

Trim down the guest list

The above point may actually help the cause, with those who aren’t as close to you perhaps unwilling to take leave to come to your weekday wedding.  Either way, you and your significant other should look to formulate a plan to keep the guest list as short as possible, as this is one of the most costly elements of a wedding.  Start with a small circle of the most important family and friends, and then, with an air of ruthlessness, work your way outwards from there.  If it means upsetting a few people you omit in the process, then so be it. Besides, if they really are that close with you, they’ll understand the importance of you living within your means.

Pay for stuff by credit card – but only if you can afford it!

Credit cards offer excellent rewards these days, specifically in terms of cashback or very long interest free periods.  When it comes to standard outlays and costs it makes sense to put this on a credit card in order to reap the benefits.  However, if you are unable to clear your balance at the end of the interest free term, you’ll be subject to extortionate rates of interest.  Make sure you plan and budget enough to be able to pay back the costs before having to pay any interest.  If you can’t pay it back in time then a low cost wedding loan will likely provide a far more cost-effective alternative.

Consider second-hand wedding dresses

It’s one of the most iconic things for any wedding, and it may not be your first thought to wear anything other than a new dress. But the truth is that there is a huge chunk of money to be saved by going second hand.  Bear in mind, it will likely to have only been worn once too.  It’s practically brand new!  And, given that you will likely remove an extra zero from the price tag, you’d be unlikely to regret it afterwards.

Educate yourself and haggle

When it comes to things like flowers, photographers, DJs, wedding planners and the rest, it’s fair to say that their pricing structure can be a bit ‘inconsistent’.  Often they tend to pick a number, and go for the most that they can, preying on the bride and groom’s willing and/or ignorance.  Do some research so you are familiar with certain benchmarks when it comes to pricing for different things.  This will give you a good base from which to work.  But don’t stop there – you can haggle your way down too!  Chances are, there will be some cushion in any quote that you get, and the person in question will almost certainly prefer to knock down their price slightly, rather than lose your business.