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Do you buy cheap food? You may be feeding poverty!

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Do you buy cheap food_ You may be feeding poverty!

If you buy cheap food, you may be feeding poverty

Just reading the above statement makes me want to cry.  The thought of any child dying makes me want to cry, but these children dying could be a result of me wanting to save a few pennies on my weekly shop.  Do you always look for the cheapest food?  Would you look for the cheapest if you knew the farmer couldn’t feed his family, afford clean water or visit a doctor when sick? 


The choices we make every day, right down to which tea bag or cotton wool we buy weekly, can have a massive (and sometimes fatal) consequence on someone else’s life.

I’ll admit - I don’t always choose Fairtrade, but after seeing their latest campaign and watching this video it’s time I make better choices.


I now choose organic when it’s available in our local supermarket as I care about what I put in my body and what goes into the environment.  It’s also much better for encouraging wildlife.  I hope when I purchase organic items, which are much more expensive, the farmers and food producers are paid a decent wage.  I’m now going to make a conscious effort to buy Fairtrade whenever I can too.  The choices we make and few extra pennies we spend really can ensure farmers are paid a decent living wage and lead a better quality life.


Even in our own country we’ve seen dairy farmers not being paid enough for their milk and actually making a loss.  All because the supermarkets are at war with each other to be the cheapest and best.  Why?  Because we want the cheapest food and they want our custom.

That’s just in our country and living standards are good here.  Imagine what they must be like in a third world country.  I thought it was disgraceful that the farmers in the UK weren’t being paid enough, but I never stopped to think about what farmers in poorer countries were being paid for the other cheap products I bought.

fairtrade farmers ripped off cheap food exploitation lylia rose lifestyle b

Children in poverty

It’s not just the farmers we are exploiting, but their families and children too.  Many of them are so poor they can’t afford to send their children to school.  Instead their children must work for them.  They are trapped in a vicious poverty cycle.  They can’t afford wells for clean drinking water and so get sick.  They can’t afford to go to the doctor when they are sick.

Choose Fairtrade

By choosing Fairtrade you know the farmer is getting a fair deal on his crops.  A stable income is generated ensuring they can feed their children and build wells to supply clean drinking water.  There’s still a long way to go, but choosing Fairtrade will help to improve the health of communities and improve their quality of life.

fairtrade farmers ripped off cheap food exploitation lylia rose lifestyle b

Real lives

Esme is 70, the age when we hope to be retire by, if not long before, but Esme is a tea farmer who struggles to make ends meet.  Choosing Fairtrade will help Esme to provide schooling for her grandchildren, clean water, electricity and hopefully allow her some time off to rest (or even retire) soon.

I hope you think twice next time you’re reaching for a cheap option if there’s also a Fairtrade option available.

Don’t feed exploitation.


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If you buy cheap food, you may be feeding poverty

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