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Income report June 2017: How I made over £2000 from home

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Phew, I made it!  I set myself a target of £1500 for June 2017 and I did it.  I had originally set myself £500 when I decided to start earning from home at the beginning of the year, then I upped this to £1000 (read all about that here: How I’m Going to Make £1000 As A Mum From Home), then I got a bit cheeky and set myself £1500 last month after I had a fantastic May, earning over £3000 (read that story here: How I Made Over £3000 From Home)

I thought May might have been a really fluke month and there was no way I could get anywhere near that amount again, but I have managed to make over £2000 in June from all my earning from home ventures. 

In June I earned £2258.72 from home!

This is my total before any outgoings, but I’m not going to get into all the outgoings here.   There aren’t too many outgoings though which is good, nothing compared to when I was only concentrating on my shop and nearly all my income went back out!

Here’s how I did it:

Blog posts:                   






Matched Betting:           


Mystery tasks:            


Online Boutique:            


Personal eBay:           


Let’s look in a little more detail at each earning:

Blogging total £1743.59       

I’m so pleased with this figure.  It’s incredible my blog has turned into an income stream for me.  I’m amazed by this fact every day.  For the first three years I had my blog I never monetised it and I really should have!  I could have left my part time jobs a long time ago and perhaps my blog would be even more successful today.

Referrals £144.29 & Competitions £212.50

My pay out from the blogging competition I won last month came through in June, so that was a nice £200 boost to my earnings.  It also meant my whopping £12.50 in affiliate payments from Awin was able to transfer, as their threshold is £25 which I was struggling to reach.

I keep seeing other bloggers recommending a course about affiliate marketing, but it costs a few hundred pounds so I’m not sure about it.  I’m not sure my blog is at that level or has enough traffic to make much from affiliate marketing.

Matched Betting £249.49        

This is my quietest month so far with matched betting, due to the football season being over.  There are other sports to bet on such as tennis, but I’ve been avoiding these offers as I don’t know much about tennis or what I’d be betting on.  There are also different retirement rules on different bookies, so you need to be clued up about these.  The next couple of months might be quiet for me with matched betting as we have so many summer weekend plans and the summer holidays will soon be keeping me occupied.

I highly recommend using Profit Accumulator for matched betting as a beginner.  They have so many guides and walk you through the whole process in the first few offers.  If you are stuck you can ask a question in the forum and someone will get back to you.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee on their memberships, plus you can try the first couple of offers without signing up to anything.

Click here to try Profit Accumulator today!

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Mystery tasks £126.40        

I didn’t complete as many mystery tasks in June as May, but still made over £100 which is great.  £25 of this is also from iPoll which I won’t be using again.  It’s a survey site which pays very little, usually 25p to 50p per survey, and it’s a waste of time.  I had been a member for most of this year and only just got to £25, the cashout threshold!  Admittedly I hadn’t tried too hard to get to the £25 as it was so time consuming and frustrating.  I probably tried to do one or two surveys every few days.  I often started surveys and got half way through, then they’d boot me out as they had enough responses. Grr.  Or I’d answer a stack of questions then they’d tell me I wasn’t a suitable candidate. Grr.  Or I’d get so far through questions using their iPhone app for it suddenly not to work or the button I needed to cut off the screen so I had to abandon it. Grr.  Unless you have loads of time on your hands and only want to make pence, then it’s not worth it.  I realised this quite quickly, but as I’d made around £4 I wanted to carry on so I could get my earnings rather than losing them.  It was a very frustrating process to say the least!

Most of this money came from Roamler, then Streetbees, Task360 and BeMyEye.  All great apps worth downloading, but you do need an invite code for Roamler which you can hopefully find doing a shout out on Twitter with #UKRoamler #Roamler or #Roamlercode

Online Boutique £14.36  

Only one sale in my little online boutique for the month!  It shows what a difference all my previous Twitter activity was having.  I used to get at least one sale a day.  Before concentrating on my blog I was tirelessly promoting it on Twitter and taking part in several networking hours a day.  Unfortunately even with a sale a day it wasn’t enough to quit a job.  After packaging, advertising fees, payment fees, eBay fees and postage, I was only left with 20% of the sale price if I was lucky!  If I put a discount code out there or had a sale to entice shoppers then I would pretty much make nothing.  I did love selling online, but if I ever return to it I’d need something with a much higher profit margin!

Personal eBay £124.88  

I can’t even think what I’ve sold to hit this figure, but selling all our unwanted bits and pieces does add up.  Even though I’ve combed our attic several times, it needs doing again.  As the children grow it means we are also able to sell our baby items.  We’ve just listed a toddler sized bouncy castle and I am going to sell the baby travel cot as Reuben sleeps in a single bed now.  Hopefully these will fetch a good bit of extra cash for July.

July £1500 challenge

I managed to go £700 over my target for June and hope I can reach £1500 in July.  I have a bit of a head start as I am owed £500 from blog collaborations, so hopefully these payments will come through soon.  

I don’t know why, but I feel a little more negative for July.  It’s strange as I’ve felt so positive the rest of the year about my home earnings.  I have this worried feeling that July will be a quiet month and I won’t make my target.  We have lots to pay for in August with family plans for the school holidays, day trips, a visit to see family in Germany, extra childcare costs for Bella, so I think I’m just panicking my income will drop as soon as our outgoings are super high for one month!  Hopefully not.  I hope my positivity returns extra quickly!

For July I’ll set myself the challenge of earning £1500 from home.  Wish me luck!

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