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Cool dinosaur birthday gifts for three year old boys

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If you’re wondering what to buy a three year old boy for his birthday, then you’re in the right place.  Especially if that three year old is absolutely dinosaur obsessed, but they already have plenty of dino toys.... here are some great ideas for personalised dinosaur gifts and unique dinosaur gifts you won't find on the High Street!

Cool dinosaur birthday gifts for three year old boys

A three-year-old boy is at the age where he is starting to have a lot of opinions about what he likes and doesn't like. Three is sometimes a tricky age as they are no longer a baby, but also not quite a fully grown child just yet.  This is the preschool year where they will begin to prepare for school and transform from a toddler into a four year old who is ready to start their school journey.  

The best dinosaur birthday gifts for three-year-old boys are ones that they will enjoy and learn from. A great gift idea is a toy that can be played with, used to build something, or even to make their own creations.  He may also start to enjoy toys that are a little more challenging, as well as enjoy some dinosaur themed bedroom decor.  Read on for some of the coolest dinosaur birthday gifts for three-year-old boys who love dinosaurs and science.  In fact, many of these will make great dinosaur gifts for five years olds and four year olds too!

Really cool dinosaur birthday gift ideas for three-year-old boys!

personalised dinosaur map boys bedroom

Personalised dinosaur map

A dinosaur bedroom

OK, hear me out!  I don’t mean totally kit out a bedroom as that would be pretty extravagant as a gift for a three year old, but how about just adding some wallpaper to one wall to spruce it up and it will feel like a new bedroom?  Dino patterned wallpaper is amazing and Reuben would be ecstatic if we surprised him with a wall in his bedroom covered in dinosaurs! 

Personalised dinosaur book

Personalised dinosaur kids book

Personalised pet dinosaur book­­­­­

This is the most perfect gift for a dinosaur lover.  We read a bedtime book to the children every evening, so a new book is always a welcome gift in our home.  Thanks to the internet it’s now possible to get all sorts of books personalised so the child is included in the story!  A personalised dinosaur book will really make bedtime reading special.

You can even get a cute personalised pillow that holds their favourite dino book:

personalised dinosaur book cushion

Personalised dinosaur book cushion

dinosaur clock wooden

Dinosaur clock

Dinosaur clock

A dino themed clock is perfect for starting to teach the time and is a fun addition to a bedroom or playroom.

Check out these dinosaur clocks at Not On The Highstreet to get started!

personalised dinosaur lunchbag

Personalised dinosaur lunch bag

Lunch bag

A roaring lunch bag for preschool is such a fun idea.  It could even encourage them to eat all their fruit and veg if it comes out of a lunch bag they adore. 

This dinosaur lunch bag can be personalised too!

dinosaur night light personalised

Personalised dinosaur night light

Night lights

A dinosaur shaped nightlight is another great gift idea for a three year old who’s afraid of the dark.  These are such a great gift idea and if you buy a battery powered lamp then there’s no fuss with cables and plug sockets.

dinosaur hooded towel

Dinosaur hooded towel

Hooded towel

Towels are always a useful item and this dinosaur towel will make bath time extra fun.  If it’s usually a battle to get your three year old out of the bath, then this hooded dino towel should solve that dilemma.  They’ll look so cute and snug wrapped up after bath time.

You can also choose a gorgeous embroidered and personalised dino towel like this:

personalised dinosaur towel

Personalised embroidered dinosaur towel

pocket dinosaur tin

Pocket dinosaur tin

Toy dinosaurs

Toy dinosaurs are always a great choice for kids of all ages. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The best part is that they can be used in so many different ways! Kids can pretend to be palaeontologists digging up fossils and then assembling them together to create their own prehistoric world. They can also use toy dinosaurs as a way of learning about the different animals that lived on Earth millions of years ago.

grow your own dinosaur

Grow you own dinosaur garden

Final word

Once you start looking you’ll realise there are so many incredible dinosaur gifts for boys (and girls) out there, particularly for those budding palaeontologists!

dinosaur initial print boys

Dinosaur initial print



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Originally posted in 2018 and updated in 2022