Easily make money from home by testing websites with What Users Do. Here’s how.

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Easily make money from home by testing websites with What Users Do. Here’s

Make money online with What Users Do

A while back I wrote about a website I’d found to get paid to test websites, but back then I’d just discovered it, applied, done the audition test and that was it.  Now, however, I’ve been using the website to do the tests since the end of January and so I wanted to share my thoughts.  If you're looking for a great way to make money from home then read on.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to start testing them.  You do need to be in a quiet situation with no background noise, so I can only do it when the kids aren’t here.  I could do with something like a small studio at the bottom of the garden sometimes, or a soundproof room is also a good solution!  I have found that most of the tests are a lot less than 20 minutes to complete, so I’ve simply been telling my husband Ben I’m doing a test and I’ll pop off to our bedroom for 5 or 10 minutes, which seems to be the length most take.  If they come through whilst Reuben is at preschool, then even better!

Easily make money from home by testing websites. Here’s how.

Earn £1 a minute website testing!

I also assumed they’d all be 20 minutes long and I’m usually jam packed with other at-home work, so didn’t think I could squeeze them in.  I’ve now completed 10 paid tests and only one of them was near to the full 20 minutes.  The rest have been more like 5 minutes.  As the pay is £5 per test, that’s £1 per minute!

The easiest one I did was yesterday and it was two simple questions.  I had to follow their instructions and do two things on a mobile website and say how easy I thought it was.  I’m sure it took me even less than 5 minutes to do.

20 cogs

What do you need to take part in website testing?

All you need is a decent laptop or computer with a microphone that is clear.  They’ll instruct you on how to download some software to record your computer screen whilst you take the tests.  There are also iPhone, Android and iPad tests.  Again, they’ll walk you through downloading some software so you can mirror your phone to your laptop and record what you do on your phone as you complete a test.

It’s really all very simple and easy to do.  Payments are £5 per completed and accepted test.  As they’re recording your voice they like you to talk through what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and what you think of the websites.  So make sure you speak in the tests.

Sometimes you need to answer a screener question as their clients are looking for specific users to complete the tests.  I’ve been turned down for several of these as I’m not suitable, but I’ve still managed to complete 10 tests in the past month which is £50 for me.  If I had been suitable I could have easily earned more.

Profit Accumulator Matched Betting

Will website testing make me rich?

Sadly not as there aren’t enough tests, but it’s a great little side hustle that is fun, takes barely any time, the payments tot up and you’ll be paid once a month for the previous months test.  As someone who works from home this will be a great little topper to my monthly income.

To sign up using my referral link simply click here: https://app.whatusersdo.com/apply?referral=196393


September 2019 update - Please note, they are now called Intellizoom and tests vary from around $5 to $8 per test.  Here is a blog post review of IntelliZoom: Make money online with IntelliZoom


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