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Unique and alternative uses for a fashion scarf

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You can get super inventive with these lightweight summer scarves.  They can be used for so much more.  Here are a few alternative uses from my own brain and other bloggers brilliant suggestions too:

Breastfeeding cover

You’ll have the prettiest breast cover around!  I’ve seen some huge plain looking breastfeeding covers, but these scarves are much prettier.  They are also lightweight and easy to pack in a change bag, or simply just wear it all day and stretch out to cover baby when needed.


They are so big they can be used as a sarong on the beach or by the poolside.  They could also cover shoulders to help protect against the sun or as any sort of beach cover-up to protect your modesty or for walking about.

Photo Backdrop

A blogger told me a while ago that she used my scarves as pretty backdrops for her photos.  Such a great idea and one I must remember to do with my own scarves.


Ooh I love the alternative clothing uses.  Not only could you use as a beach cover up, but you could tie it in all manners of ways to make a cool summery top, headscarf or belt.

‘I've been known to use a scarf as a tube top hehe (if that's the term for it - top without straps)’

‘I use mine as a belt. It can make an outfit pop.’

Dress up

Children love to dress up and these are perfect for their dress up boxes.  They can use them as capes, dresses, skirts, head scarves turning themselves into superheroes, princesses and so much more!

‘My daughter uses mine to dress up as a Princess!’


What a fantastic idea to play peekaboo with a young child or baby.

‘Can go into baby’s sensory play basket. Both mines lived playing with them when they were little. Not just a touch and the feel of them but for peekaboos and other basic games they are great’

Summer pram blanket

They are perfect as summer blankets for little ones in their pram and can also double up as a shade cover by attaching to the hood of the pram or car seat and floating down over baby letting them get much needed sleep and keeping them out of breezes or bright sunshine.

‘For a thin pram blanket in the summer when it's a little breezy’


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