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Live in Yorkshire? Sell your home for free!

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One of the worst things about moving house is all the costs that are involved.  I can’t remember all of them precisely as we bought and sold a house almost five years ago, but just the solicitor fees, estate agents fees and stamp duty totalled in the thousands.  It took quite a chunk out of our sale price, leaving us with less money to do up our new home.  Plus, there are many other hidden costs when you move house that you might not realise.  For many these fees can be totally unaffordable and a reason to stop moving house altogether.  For us now it’s certainly off-putting to move home as we first need to consider the thousands of pounds it will cost us and whether that’s justifiable.

Zero estate agent fees in Yorkshire

But what if you could eradicate one of these fees altogether? 

Now you can!  Well, if you live in Yorkshire at least.  The online estate agent Strike are launching in the Yorkshire area and for a limited time you can sell your home for free!

Sell your Yorkshire home with no estate agents fees

That’s right, there are no estate agents fees whatsoever if you put your home for sale with Strike by the 2nd April 2019.  It’s an absolute bargain and so I just had to share this offer with you.

Some people pay thousands in estate agents fees and in recent times online estate agents have been combatting this with much reduced fees compared to the norm.  When we were selling, five years ago, we stuck with a traditional estate agent as we didn’t really know about the online variety or know if it would be successful.  Now I would definitely go to an online estate agent first.  Not only are they widely known about now, but you’re essentially getting the same service at a much lower cost.  We’ve since also known friends and family to sell their home using online estate agents.  It's a great way to save money when moving house.

Even without the amazing offer for Yorkshire homes at Strike, their usual fee is very reasonable anyway at just £995.  I’m sure we paid double this for a brick and mortar estate agent when we sold our property.  But what’s even better is no fee at all!

OK, what’s the catch?

So long as you meet their criteria then you won’t have to pay any estate agent fees.  Here’s the criteria:

  • The property must be in one of the following postcode areas - DN, HD, HG, HU, HX, LN, LS, S, WF, YO; or in one of the following postcode districts BD1 - BD23, NG18 - NG24, NG34, OL14, PE10 - PE12, PE20 - PE25;
  • You must put your property for sale on the market with the Strike between the start date and the closing Date. (00:01 am on 17.12.18 - 11:59pm on 02.04.19)

What’s included?

  • Ads on Rightmove/Zoopla
  • Professional photos and floorplan
  • Negotiations and sales progression
  • Dedicated agent Local expert valuation
  • Easy to use online dashboard ‘For Sale’ board

If you live in Yorkshire or the surrounding areas and are considering selling your home, then check out the postcodes above and see if you could save yourself a small fortune with zero estate agents fees to pay.  If you don't have time to wait and need to sell your house quickly then check out Flying Homes who can give you a cash offer today and sell your house in less than 7 days!