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How to freshen up your bathroom on a budget

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If your bathroom is starting to look a bit tired, cluttered and mouldy then it’s time to freshen up.  Here are some tips on how to spruce up your bathroom on a budget.

Get rid of mould

Being a room that is constantly filled with water and steam, the bathroom can become a magnet for mould.  If left to manifest then the bathroom can quickly become quite unsightly. 

Make sure you ventilate the room when showering or bathing or at least afterwards.  Leave the window open for one hour or so and have the extractor fan on whilst you are using the bathroom.  This will help to get as much steam out of the bathroom as possible.

If you have some orange or black mould beginning to grow on painted surfaces then it may be as simple as wiping it off with a damp cloth, or use a non-toxic spray like Method bathroom cleaner.

If you have mould or stains in the grout between the tiles then give them a good clean and freshen up the grout with grout and sealant pens from Rainbow Chalk Markers.  These are super quick and easy to use and will freshen up tiles in any room of your home in an instant.

If you are going to repaint then make sure you buy paint specifically for the bathroom which is water and mould resistant.

Create more space

If you have a small bathroom then it can become quite cluttered with cleaning products, toiletries, loo rolls and towels.  Add kids to the mix and you no doubt have a stack of bath toys to contend with too!

De-clutter and minimize your bathroom products by only buying what you really need and use.  Invest in some storage solutions to keep it looking neat and tidy, even if it’s just a wicker basket or a shelf to put everything on.

To bring more light into the room and create the illusion of a bigger room, simply add a large mirror to the wall.

Update your fittings

If your toilet seat is dated or stained then it’s not too expensive to buy a new one.  Pay a little extra for a soft close to stop the seat from slamming down when the kids use it!

Shower heads and taps are another relatively inexpensive purchase and can really update the look and feel of your bathroom if yours are outdated or well-worn.

If you want to save on cost, a Sanicompact upflush toilet system can be a viable replacement for your old toilet fixture, especially if you want to install your toilet in a different room. With this fixture, there’s no need to break open your bathroom floor and dig underground to connect your new toilet to the main drain line. This will help cut down on material and labour costs.

Paint a wall

Paint is not too expensive and if you’re feeling wild then why not paint a feature wall in your bathroom?  Choose an accent colour that matches your towels to keep it coordinated.

If you don’t want to change colour then a fresh coat of paint in the existing colour could really make the walls sparkle again and the bathroom feel like new.

Install new vinyl flooring

If you have vinyl flooring off a roll then there’s no escaping the fact that this stuff wears through quickly and looks quite grotty in a couple of years.  Believe me, we’ve used this stuff several times in the past decade and had to replace it more times than we can count.

If you can’t afford a more long-term solution like tiles or your bathroom floor isn’t suitable for real tiles, then take a look at sticky vinyl planks instead.  We’ve just used these in our bathroom and they have a wooden floor effect and are much thicker than the stuff on the rolls.  It’s also pretty cheap too and totally transformed the look of our bathroom.

Final word

Freshening up your bathroom doesn’t always require a total refurb.  It can be done on a budget and may only require a few simple adjustments such as de-cluttering, cleaning and adding some storage solutions.


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