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The importance of investing in a good mattress

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There are lots of things in the house where cost cutting is beneficial to keep money in our pockets or to be able to spend money on things that matter more to us. 

However, there are also other areas where it makes sense to spend more money on certain items as they are a good investment. 

One room where it pays to spend a little more money on furniture is the bedroom. 

Here are the reasons why investing in a good quality bed and mattress is so important.

Is a mattress a good investment?


The mattress is the key piece of furniture in your bedroom that can improve your quality of sleep and make your bedroom an enjoyable place to be. 

Sleep quality is not to be underestimated as it really does affect our overall health.

Improve your sleep quality and health

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping and good health has been linked to sleep

Getting a high quality sleep can improve mood, reduce stress, boost our immune system, maintain a healthy weight and even reduce our risk of some types of cancer. 

Like I said, the importance of sleep really shouldn’t be underestimated and the right mattress can ensure we get a perfect slumber every night. 

There’s nothing worse than starting your day after an uncomfortable night on an ill-suited mattress!

Prevent pain and support medical conditions

As well as improving and maintaining our health, the right mattress can also help to protect your health if you have certain medical conditions. 

If you suffer with pain such as back pain, then it’s vital to get a mattress that can help ease the pain when you sleep whilst providing support and comfort. 

Mammoth mattresses are a good example of a medical grade memory foam mattress collection that are recommended by health professionals and work in Partnership with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 

If you suffer with pain or other medical conditions that affect your sleep then investing in a suitable mattress is even more important.

A long lasting mattress is more eco-friendly

Constantly buying cheaper lower quality mattresses that only last a year or two is not as good for the environment. 

Having to rebuy a mattress every other year means you are disposing of the old mattress each time too.  This creates a lot of waste compared to buying one high quality mattress that lasts for a decade or more. 

There’s also the pollution to consider in manufacturing several mattresses and transporting them all in comparison to one mattress that could last the same length of time.

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Reduce snoring

There’s nothing worse than being kept awake by snoring at night time!  It’s the most irritating sound when you are trying to sleep! 

An old mattress or poor supporting mattress can actually cause snoring, especially if it sags too much in the middle leaving the head and neck inadequately supported.

Yes, a high quality mattress is worth the investment

If there’s one thing in the bedroom you should splash out on then it’s a good quality mattress. 

Not only will this benefit your mental health and physical health, but a longer-lasting mattress is better for the environment too. 

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