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How to keep pests out of your home

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Pests are a nuisance in or around your home. They can cause extensive damage to property that can cost a hefty amount to repair.  They can cause damage to furniture or ruin your food stores.  They also aren't pleasant to have in your home!

Pest control should be in your annual home maintenance efforts. You should take control before it’s too late and you’re overwhelmed with pest infestation. If things are already out of hand and too much for you to manage then you may need the help of professionals.  Look for a reputable local company like Moxie Pest Control who can help you assess your property for infestations and come up with a treatment plan to keep the bugs at bay.

Having the ability to identify the various pests will put you in a better position to take the necessary control measures. Here is a list of common pests that you’ll come across and how to tackle them by first using natural and humane pest control methods. Read on for the best pest control in your home for cockroaches, rodents + ants.

 Pest control in your home for cockroaches, rodents + ants


Cockroaches are a common sight in many households that may be experiencing a problem with unwelcome guests. Once cockroaches multiply beyond control, they can be a real nuisance around the home. They like hiding in crevices and prefer warm and dark areas of the house.

They come out when it’s dark in search of food, although they may be spotted at any time of the day. Cockroaches may transmit diseases and carry harmful bacteria that may cause food poisoning.

Some of the cockroach pest control measures that you can use include:

  • Try sealing any cracks in your home that may act as conducive hiding spots
  • Clean and clean again!  Cockroaches are attracted to food residue, particularly grease
  • Repair any leaks - cockroaches need a water supply and are attracted to damp, moist areas in your home
  • Use a cup and sheet of paper if you only have one cockroach to remove
  • Use a humane bug catcher
  • Get rid of unnecessary stuff and garbage around the house

A well-lit home can keep away these pests. Cockroaches like hiding in crevices, garbage piles, or dark spots of the room. Allowing light into your home might work chase these insects away.


Rats have been a significant problem in major towns and the countryside for a long time. Both rats and mice will cause damage to your property by gnawing on furniture and biting holes in fabrics. They may also bite into wires, which is a fire hazard.

One of the signs that you are infested with rats or mice is the presence of droppings in your home. The droppings and urine have a foul smell that you probably won’t miss if there is an infestation. Rats can cause diseases and were known to be the primary transmitters of bubonic plague.

You can deal with rats and mice through specific practices such as:

  • Set up a humane rat trap where you saw the rat or mouse
  • Blocking any passages that the rats and mice use to maneuver into your home
  • Store pet food in containers with a lid
  • Seal trash in metal trashcans or wheelie bins
  • Remove their habitat - don't leave piles of junk or timber outside your home, near the house or directly on the floor
  • Stack wood in tight piles away from the house
  • Mice apparently hate the smell of peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, pepper and cloves.

If any of the home solutions don’t work, you can always turn to a commercial pest control company to handle your rodent situation.


Ants enter the house in search of food and fit through very tiny spots. Ants can follow the scent of their fellow ants, and thus when you spot an ant in your home, more are likely to follow.

However, various smells repel ants which makes it easy to control them. Some of the home solutions that you can use are:

  • Cucumber peelings help to keep away ants
  • Soapy water helps to get rid of their chemical trail that may lead other ants to your home
  • Pepper, mint, cinnamon, and turmeric are some of the spices in your rack that you can use to dust high ant-traffic areas
  • You can use vinegar to clean ant paths and clear their chemical trail
  • Coffee can also deter ants

Know when you’re losing

You may have to admit that you have a pest problem that needs immediate attention. Whilst you may try some DIY solutions and humane solutions to tackle the problem first, be aware these might fail. If this happens, you should make sure that you accept help and let the professionals handle it.

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