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5 genius energy saving bedroom hacks that will help you save money

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We’re always looking for ways to save money, and one of the easiest ways to keep hold of your pennies is by becoming mindful of your at-home energy use. Particularly during those cold winter months, you’ll probably find that your electricity bill goes up significantly- but you don’t have to be a victim of drastically increased bills.

5 genius energy-saving bedroom hacks that will help you save money

5 genius energy saving bedroom hacks that will help you save money

Whether it’s becoming smarter about your electricity use or using hacks to trap in the heat, it’s easy enough to begin saving your money right from your bedroom. Here are 5 genius energy-saving bedroom hacks that are both cheap and practical:

1.   Fit a floating shelf above your radiator

One of the smartest money-saving heating hacks is to fit a floating shelf above your radiator. Surprisingly, these shelves can control the flow of heat, causing it to deflect around your bedroom instead of simply rising to your ceiling.

2.   Use energy-efficient lightbulbs

Most people have now learnt about the benefits of LED lightbulbs and made the switch- and if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? LED bulbs have a significantly longer lifespan, are more energy efficient and are often more bright and intense than the older styles of bulb.

For your bedroom, why not consider the b22 bulbs from Any-Lamp?  These bulbs are perfect for table or desk lights, and when you buy from Any-Lamp, you have the choice over your ideal shape, colour, temperature and wattage. Thanks to their energy-efficiency, you’ll soon be enjoying saving money.

3.   Leave your curtains open during the day

We all know that keeping your curtains closed traps in the heat, but during the day, you can actually benefit more from leaving them open. Any sun that filters through will heat up your house for free, so the last thing you want is to block the sun with your curtains.

As soon as the sun begins to set (usually around 4pm in UK winter) you can then close your curtains to trap in the heat.

4.   Use foil or bubble wrap on your windows

At the risk of your neighbours thinking you’ve lost the plot, sticking foil and bubble wrap onto your windows is a great way to keep your bedroom cosy and insulated.

Windows are one of the places that heat escapes through the quickest, so to save money on your heating bill, you could try lining the edges of your windows with foil, before sticking the bubble wrap to your window with water to act as insulation.

There’s no doubt about it- this is going to look strange. But if you’re serious about saving money, it’s a hack that you shouldn’t dismiss!

5.   Buy a rug

Just like our windows, we can also lose heat through an uninsulated floor, so if you have bare floorboards in your bedroom then your room might be getting colder faster.  The right flooring can cut down your energy bills.

If you don’t want the hassle and cost of putting in a carpet, then a simple rug should do the trick. The extra layer will help to insulate your floor, saving you on bills in the long run.


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