What are the benefits of smart LED lighting in the home?

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Smart lights are great for home lighting. It’s now easier than ever to set up & control smart lighting in the home thanks to Alexa & Google Home devices allowing us to utilise voice control. Set up is even easier now, so many people are looking for an easy way to get into home smart lighting.

What are the benefits of smart lighting?

Greater control

As we’re becoming more and more conscious of our energy use in the home, and want to reduce large energy bills, we’ve all taken simple steps to reduce energy waste. One of these is to turn off light bulbs when they’re not being used. But, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, there’s nothing worse than going up to bed after a long day and realising you’ve forgot to turn the lights off downstairs. Being able tell your voice assistant to turn off the lights or be able to control the lighting for the entire home from your smartphone would be a lifesaver.

You can also set routines to do this for you automatically which helps to save energy but also can be used as a way to help you keep a routine during lockdown home working which can cause issues for many people struggling to switch off.

Setting the scene

Dimming the lights for a movie, or to set the lighting scene in your home, or even brightening your space for work is possible with smart dimming bulbs. Along with dimming bulbs you can also find a range of RGBW lighting that allow you to choose from millions of colours to set the perfect scene whatever your mood.

Simple set up

The range of Crompton smart lights are simple to set up. They’re fully retro-fit meaning you won’t need any new fittings to install them. Simply match the new lamp with your existing fitting and you’re good to go! The lamps can be set up through Tuya or straight through Google Home/SmartThings, being as close to plug and play as smart lighting gets.

Benefits to wellbeing

Matching the lighting to the task at hand is a great way to reduce eye strain and headaches or migraines that many people suffer with. If you’re working or reading then it’s important that the lighting is bright to allow more light into your eyes to reduce squinting. If you’re relaxing in the evening then a softer tone is a good way to wind down your mind ready for sleep and for a better night's sleep.

This range of smart lamps are able to be tuned from 2700k (candle light best suited for bedrooms) up to 4000k (cool white best suited for kitchens/office) allowing you complete control over your task lighting.


Smart lighting used to be only for people with a tech passion and could be intimidating to the average user. It’s now easier than ever to have complete control over complete home lighting.  Whether you’re looking to do a full renovation of your living space or wanting to modernise your home this is a great first step for anyone to make.


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