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4 simple ways of going green and saving money at home

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If you’re thinking of home improvements, it's time to consider sustainability in your home. Green living not only saves planet earth but also offers incredible savings. Here are some simple ways to embrace the green living idea in your home.

4 simple ways of going green and saving money at home

Cut the bottled water

If yours is like most households, bottled water is an essential. Everywhere you look around you, people are drinking from these water bottles, ostensibly to keep fit. But while water is life, the water from your taps can do just fine.

There’s nothing more in the bottled water other than the fancy packaging. While manufacturers claim they recycle these bottles, most of these end up in landfills or oceans. By cutting on bottled water, you not only save the environment but also cut a major expense from your home budget.

If you’re concerned about what’s in your tap water then you can easily filter your own water at home or even make your own distilled water with ease.

We love the pure taste of distilled water and use the Megahome water distiller at home which we highly recommend.

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Dry your clothes

If you’re always complaining about that high energy bill, why not do something about it? Line-drying your clothes might not have crossed your mind, yet this is a simple way to cut on your home’s electricity use. Your dryer is among the appliances consuming a lot of electricity.

Drying your clothes outside reduces your home’s reliance on electricity. Line-drying is also gentler on your garments and they last longer. This also saves you on the cost of buying clothes regularly.

Go solar

Modern homes rely on electricity to run different systems and appliances. It’s no wonder your electricity bill is one of the largest expenses on your monthly budget. Solar energy offers a cheaper and more eco-friendly solution. This clean energy source is cheaper and cuts the reliance on the national grid.

With advances in the solar energy industry, homeowners and businesses don’t have to invest in the hardware and installation. You can sign up with a local solar farm to get a direct supply of electricity. This allows you to leverage the cost-benefits of solar without the capital investment in solar panels and other hardware. This is the most popular way of going green because you harness energy from alternative sources and cut on harmful emissions.

Invest in a hybrid car

Hybrid cars are now readily available on the market with major automotive brands in a competition to win this growing market. A hybrid is a major investment which helps you cut emissions and at the same time cut on the cost of gas. Gas is a major component in the total cost of car ownership and with your hybrid car, you significantly reduce this.

Final word

If you’re wondering how you can go green and cut costs at home, these ideas are just a start. You’ll make a big contribution to the environment and at the same time relieve some pressure on your home maintenance.  


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