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Can Amtico perfectly replicate oak?

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Oak is a very positive choice for many people looking to spruce up their homes. There is a timeless quality to its look that never goes out of fashion. 

It says elegance and class are present in the home, especially in the living room or areas where you choose to entertain. The problem with real oak is that it is a very expensive product, especially in 2021. That makes it very hard to be implemented on a modest home design budget.

That does not mean you cannot have it perfectly replicated at a much cheaper price through the lowest price Amtico flooring.

No difference

After decades of re-design and testing, luxury vinyl flooring tiles and boards have managed to create multi-layered products that perfectly replicate many different shades of oak flooring.

Not only can it look authentic, but there are also other factors at work to protect your flooring against the tests of time that come along to keep it looking fresh. Hardwearing layers, anti-scratch and stain properties keep the floor in its original state.  This ensures a minimal amount of work is required to keep your faux oak floor as clean and good looking as the day it was installed.

This is certainly a welcome relief on those occasions when it will get tested for its durability, in busy households and the like.

True comfort

What you get in the way of additional benefits over a real oak floor speaks volumes when it comes to comfort.

Oak floors can be hard underfoot which gets uncomfortable fast, whereas vinyl flooring is naturally comfy underfoot.  It’s also the perfect choice to accompany underfloor heating adding an extra layer of cosiness to your floor for both warmth and comfort.

This is in stark contrast to real oak flooring which is not suitable for underfloor heating and can therefore feel cold to touch.  It also has the tendency to split with rising temperatures.

Oak also suffers from water damage with spills and leaks which is a common complaint that leads to expensive replacements, where luxury vinyl flooring fully protects with water-resistant design developed over decades of safeguarding and testing.


Many of us are conscious about the environment and especially the number of trees cut down to make real hardwood flooring planks. Even renewable woods sometimes don't provide us with complete peace of mind.

Lowest price Amtico flooring is an eco-friendly product compared to how it was when it first arrived, providing multiple layers that don't contain dangerous chemicals. Excess waste can be easily cut and put in a recycle bin to keep things environmentally conscious, and it does not require special chemicals to clean. This also goes some way in ensuring that no money is spent on products that are not environmentally friendly.

When it comes to oak styled flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is a cheaper alternative that lasts longer and is as solid a return on your investment as oak itself.


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