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Top 6 growth hacks that are completely free

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Trying to grow your business? Here are 6 growth hacks that are *completely* free.

For many entrepreneurs, starting a business is sometimes not as challenging as growing it, especially in the beginning, when a brand is not very famous and familiar to a target audience. That is why various growth hacking techniques are so popular: they can let entrepreneurs develop their business the fastest and most effective way. Growth hacks are methods and tricks that can help you boost your sales and grow your business in a short time and with minimum spending, and in this article, we have collected the best hacks for you.

Top 6 growth hacks that are completely free

Why are growth hacks a necessity?

You might have a question about whether you need any hacks to grow your business, and the answer will be “yes” if you want to develop your brand as quickly as possible and without spending thousands of pounds on advertising.

So the first reason growth hacks are necessary is that they help to save your money. Today, you don't always have to run high-budget advertisement campaigns. You only need to know the most effective ways to attract the attention of your target audience.

The second reason for growth hacking techniques is that they can help you boost your revenue. As starting a business can cost a lot, it is a need for many entrepreneurs to get a good ROI and turn a profit as soon as possible. With the help of some hacks, you can do it faster and easier.

Another critical point is very high competition. You need to catch the attention of your target audience while there are many other companies in the market; thus, you definitely need to be noticeable, persuasive, and very active. And various hacking techniques can help you succeed.

Now there are no doubts that you need some hacks, let’s take a closer look at growth hack examples that can be beneficial for your business.

Best growth hacking techniques for your business 

Most of the hacks listed below are intended to attract the target audience and let them know about your brand. However, these activities can also work for retaining existing customers if you keep your finger on the pulse and sometimes make updates that are relevant for both potential and existing customers.

#1 Make good use of branding

The first thing that attracts our attention is visual. It seems pretty simple – if people find your visual style attractive, they are more likely to buy from you. Moreover, branding can help your brand stand out among your competitors; that is where uniqueness is vital. If you manage to explain to your audience why you are special using your visual style, you can boost the growth significantly.

However, it can be not that simple to create such a style: you need to develop a memorable logo, define corporate colours, and create a unique style for the graphics. Fortunately, today, there are many tools such as Canva and GraphicSprings that do not require any special skills but can help you with branding when it comes to graphics.

#2 Produce high-quality content

What can make people interested in you quickly and effectively? For sure, it is the content you produce. That is why your content should be outstanding so that your target audience would not miss it among tons of other brands’ materials. To reach this goal, you need to know the basics of content marketing and consider the primary trend – videos. Videos are the most popular content type for consumers and the most efficient tool for marketers.

In this field, you will have such tasks as creating a content plan that would combine various types of videos, choosing the equipment for shooting, and choosing software for post-production. Talking about the equipment, we should mention that most modern smartphones have cameras that are good enough; however, consider purchasing an external microphone and lights to make your videos look and sound professional. When it comes to software, the market offers dozens of options today. You can start with online services such as Fastreel and Magisto as they are easy to use for both beginners and amateurs.

#3 Use giveaways

Giveaways can be an excellent way to attract users’ attention, increase the number of subscribers on your social media, and drive traffic to your website. However, you also need to think about how to keep this audience when a giveaway is over; that is why it is necessary to choose the prize carefully. The best idea would be to select a sample set of your products as a prize; you can also choose an item that is related to your sphere and relevant for your subscribers. Another good idea is to collaborate with another brand with a similar target audience.

To make organising giveaways easier, you can use such platforms as Woorise. They can help you with technical questions so that you focus on interactions with the audience.

#4 Support charity activities 

Taking part in some charity events can also be a part of your branding strategy as it can work for you in several ways:

  1. It can help you create an attractive image of your brand in people’s minds.

  2. Such activities can make your brand visible and recognisable in your sphere.

  3. Participating in charity events can help you find new customers among the clients of other companies that take part in these events.

A critical point here is to choose charity events carefully so that you can benefit from them. The first variant is to choose an event related to your sphere. The second variant is to choose such an event where other participants have a target audience similar to yours. Thus, you will have more chances to get new customers.

#5 Ask for feedback

People are more likely to give feedback when they are dissatisfied with something. On the other hand, when everything goes right, happy customers often forget about feedback as they don’t feel there is something they need to talk about. Thus, you can directly ask your clients to leave feedback on your products after they get them.

It can be an excellent idea to offer some benefits for feedback, such as a discount or a small gift. This can show people that you value their opinions and care about them. And for potential customers who visit your account on social media or your website, feedback is persuasive. They can turn your customers when they see many reviews from real people.

#6 Create an affiliate program

An affiliate program can help you to expand your audience with the help of other brands or influencers. It is beneficial for both parties as your partners promote and sell your products, and you share the income from their sales with them. Moreover, it can make your brand more recognisable and help your target audience find you.

To make your affiliate program more efficient, you can set some criteria for your potential partners, for example, the number of their subscribers, the fields of their activities, or even the parameters of their target audience. Thus, you make sure that both of you benefit from this partnership.

Final word

As you can see, there are many ways to boost the growth of your business with minimum spendings. Implementing these techniques can help you bring your business to a new level, but remember that even the best ideas need updates from time to time. To stay on top, you need to keep your finger on the pulse and keep learning constantly.

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