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How to eat healthy this holiday season

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Since most holiday meals include foods you don't usually get to eat, you probably end up consuming more than you should. Between the tasty foods, constant travel and family festivities, most people splurge a little too much this time each year both financially and edibly!

Instead of putting on the holiday weight, that you probably struggle to lose each year before bikini season starts, consider trying the following tips to prevent overeating:

How to eat healthy this holiday season

How to eat healthy this holiday season

  • Eat regular meals: Instead of fasting all day until your holiday dinner, eat a normal-sized breakfast and lunch. Doing so will stop you from eating too much at one time. 

  • Consider eating in moderation: While you should eat regular meals, if you know that you'll be indulging during holiday dinner, try eating lighter, healthier meals before supper. For example, make yourself a healthy salad for lunch.

  • Drink water: Keep water with you to sip on throughout the day. Water can make you feel fuller by taking up space in the stomach. Also, hunger pangs can sometimes take the place of thirst, so the next time you want a snack, try hydrating instead.  We love to distil our own water at home and leave a large jug out for people to help themselves.

  • Use a small dish: The smaller the plate, the less food you can put on it. People generally fill their plates with holiday dinner, so a smaller dish will help you eat less overall.

  • Eat slower: Ingesting food too fast can lead to binging because your brain hasn't had enough time to process that you're full. This activity usually takes 20 minutes, so if you eat slower, you'll feel full before overeating.

  • Start with a delicious healthy breakfast: Start your day off with up to 5 portions of fruit and veg with these vegan breakfast ideas.

Tricks to avoiding junk food during the holidays

If your family has plates of cookies and candy strategically placed around the house during the holidays, you know how difficult it can be to walk past without sneaking a piece. The urge is even worse when cake or other goodies are on the buffet table, free for all to pick at as you please! Here are some ways to limit how much unhealthy food you eat:

  • Don't socialise near unhealthy food options.

  • Fill your plate up with healthy choices, only going back for dessert if you're not too full.

  • Engage in activities that don't involve food, such as playing a game, watching a movie or dancing.

  • Limit alcohol intake as it can trigger feelings of hunger.

Eating foods that aren't highly nutritious can cause you or your toddler to suffer from stomach ailments. If you have a child who gets stomach aches from eating junk food, look into getting organic gas drops, as they may help. 

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What to eat instead

If you're cooking the holiday dinner at your house, opt for healthier choices. Look for recipes that use less oily spread or grease and offer raw vegetables, fresh fruit salads and nuts for snacking instead of cookies. Luckily, many of these healthy options are immune boosting foods for kids.

Additionally, don't forget the importance of having your children take their supplements, such as the Wellements multivitamin. Vitamins are essential because they aid in development. 

Getting ready for the holiday dinner

To ensure you and your kids will be able to participate in the festivities this year, your children will have to stay healthy. Consider getting in touch with a reputable company that offers products that may help your kids remain in tiptop shape.

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