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How to design a small bathroom to maximise space

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Having a small bathroom has its advantages and disadvantages. Keeping it compact means most things are within an arm’s length, and it leaves more space for other rooms in the home.

However, there’s a lot to fit into a compact bathroom from a utility standpoint, and this can make designing a small bathroom a challenge – even for those with interior design experience.

BATHROOM design small space

In this article, we’ll take a look at what you can do to make the most of your small bathroom space and floor space to make every single inch of space count.

Get rid of the radiator

The radiator is a huge hog of space, and in reality, all the bathroom radiator is used for is to hang up your towels. And when we are talking about compact bathrooms, there are far more efficient heating solutions.

Heated towel rails are the easiest, simplest option to save space but keep the functionality you will require for a bathroom heating solution. 

Towel rails will take up less space and serve the same function as a full-size radiator. And you need not worry about their power output or heating efficiency.

Like the ones offered at Trade Radiators, most modern towel rails will have a heat output that is more than enough for compact bathrooms.

Not only that, but a heated towel rail will be more energy efficient than most comparable radiators. A win-win!

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Consider where your door is

A big issue a lot of compact bathrooms suffer from is their floor space being taken up by their door.

The door’s opening arc is often considered when the door is being installed, but the bathroom furnishings will change and evolve. 

This can eventually lead to a situation where the door takes up far too much space when opening and closing, making the bathroom difficult to get into and out of. Not ideal!

A simple way to fix this is to invert your door and its hinges to open away from the room rather than into it. That is, of course, if you have enough space in your hallway or an adjacent room to facilitate this kind of change.

Get rid of any clutter

Décor is crucial for every room of the house, and the bathroom is no exception to this. However, for small rooms, having too much décor can make them feel cluttered and feel a lot smaller than they are.

Try gutting out your bathroom of all non-essentials and start re-working your optional décor. Keep it controlled, organised, and relevant to the bathroom’s theme for the best results.

Good choices for some bathroom décor are:

  • Tropical plants; will love the humidity that bathrooms have and don’t take up all that much space.
  • Wall art; glass art panes are ideal for hanging on the wall. If you decide to go for canvas, make sure it is water sealed to defend against condensation.
  • Bathroom mats; not only can they look great, but they’ll also stop your feet from getting shocked by the cold floor after a relaxing bath or shower.


Install wall mounted vanities

Wall-mounted or ‘floating’ vanities are an excellent way to give a bathroom everything it needs from a functional perspective while saving floor space. This may seem like a small difference, but it can save more space than you initially think.

Floating vanities such as cupboards or sink cabinets will allow you some extra storage space underneath the unit that you can populate with small baskets – or drawers.

This provides you with a great aesthetic opportunity and a way to store more amenities within the bathroom without overcrowding the limited space you have. 

Use ceiling shy shelves

If you are looking for more creative ways to fit storage space or space for décor into your bathroom, ceiling shy shelves are ideal.

A shy ceiling shelf is a shelf that is just shy of the ceiling but higher than head height to keep it out of the way (and not be a danger to your noggin!).

Installing this kind of shelf is a great way to store things like toilet rolls, towels, and other cleaning amnesties that are lightweight and used frequently. No longer will you need to shout a family member to pass in a roll.

Simple and stylish

Having a small bathroom space is only as restricted as you want. There are plenty of options available to open up your space while keeping it functional.

Just be sure to keep it simple, clutter-free, and add a little bit of personal flair. Keep in yours while you save space.

You’ll be surprised at how much space you can save when you start getting creative!


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