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Best morning routine for success and healthy living

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Let's face it, we all probably have seen, at least once, videos from bloggers or influencers about their extra productive morning routine. They start the day by drinking water, going to the gym, taking supplements, eating a super healthy breakfast and only then getting off to work. But have you ever wondered how you can achieve the same and still feel great about waking up early and staying active during the day? If the answer is 'yes', this article is the right place for you. 

Not everyone (especially night owls) is able to wake up early and feel refreshed. Some people just need a little help or boost their pre-sleep routine to perform all these actions in the morning without ruining the mood. We collected 7 steps that will help you boost your morning routine and transform it into a healthy habit.

BEST MORNING ROUTINE for success and healthy living

Why a great morning routine should start with a pre-sleep ritual

Since a productive morning usually means waking up early, the first thing to do to achieve the goal is to improve your pre-sleep ritual and sleep overall. You don't want to sleep only 4 hours, as it won't make you happy and refreshed in the morning. Therefore, you have to make sure you sleep at least 7 and a maximum of 9 hours to recharge.

If you experience issues with sleep, you can consider the following:

  • Making your bedroom cosy;

  • Do not use the phone 2 hours before sleep;

  • Light dinner 3 hours before sleep;

  • Turn to CBD supplements for sleep.

Why CBD?

CBD is a natural chemical present in hemp. It is derived from industrial hemp strains high in CBD and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - a psychoactive cannabinoid high in marijuana. CBD is safe and non-addictive and comes in a variety of formats - from CBD capsules and oral tinctures to edibles and topicals, just to name a few.

Since scientists found out that CBD may bring several benefits for improved wellbeing, t is now referred to as one of the most popular ingredients in supplements. Once entered the body, CBD can indirectly interact with receptors found in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is an inner system responsible for keeping vital bodily functions in check. As a result, CBD intake may help calm you down, promote relaxation and support overall wellness.

However, CBD supplements are usually packed with other ingredients that may cause the opposite effect and help you increase energy, boost concentration and support productivity during the day. So depending on the ingredients, CBD supplements may be used for sleep or for refreshment in the morning.

7 steps that make your morning great

The morning is a great time for us to start our day with a bang. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and can make it so much better. Here are 7 steps that you can follow to make your morning great:

1. Maintain a regular bedtime and waking time

Consistency is the key when you want to achieve quality sleep and wake up early refreshed and energised. We recommend you maintain a fixed sleep schedule that will help your body adapt to the hours you sleep on a regular basis. This will allow you to get better sleep and wake up in a great mood without fatigue. This Is because this regular schedule will set your internal clock, known as circadian rhythm, which makes for better quality sleep.

2. Plan your morning routine

Before hitting the hay, it is best to plan your morning routine and how many hours you need to perform everything you want when you wake up. It is vital to give you more time first as you will need to adapt to the speed and reduce stress about being late somewhere.

3. Get out of bed 

Sounds logical, right? But we all have a habit of staying in bed for 10 more minutes after waking up. However, if you want to achieve a productive morning, it is advised to get out of bed as soon as you wake up but with no quick moves. Just open your eyes and sit on the bed rather than waiting 5 more minutes.

Getting out of bed after the alarm is the first step to boosting your mornings. You can choose one key activity that you can focus on after waking up. It could be a prayer, affirmation, stretch or skincare routine. This should become a daily practice as it will help your body adapt to morning quicker and let you feel more productive from the very beginning.

4. Do not use your phone

Also, a popular habit in the morning is to first check the news or work messages as the first thing we do in the morning. And in reality, it is something that you should get rid of as it ruins the sense of great mornings.  This is the wrong thing to focus on in the morning as it may completely take your attention and ruin the way you wanted to start the morning. Instead, focusing on something calming or inspiring may help you achieve a better mood.

We recommend turning off all notifications except urgent ones, so you aren’t immediately distracted by work emails, news or social media first thing in the morning.  You can catch up on all these life happenings later on during the day or evening.

5. Drink some water

Experts believe that a glass of water in the morning can send signals to your mind and body about waking up and starting working. It is also a great way to support your digestion. There are many ways you can drink water, but lemon and mint are two recommended ways if you don’t like it plain. Try to avoid coffee or tea in the morning before water. This is because water is essential in digesting the food you will eat, absorbing the nutrients from it, and getting rid of the waste products.  water can also make you feel energized in the morning.

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6. Do some exercises

While most bloggers prefer yoga, you can choose any activity you like. It can be a quick stretch, work out with weight or just dance to your favourite music. The goal is to wake up your body, as exercising will also release endorphins and make you feel much better in the morning. 

7. Create a delicious breakfast

While you can eat pancakes and toast, you can also improvise with breakfast or prepare it in the evening to reduce time spent on it in the morning. A nutritious breakfast is the most vital meal for most people during the day so make sure it is delicious, calorie-rich and include something healthy in it, like a smoothie with nutrient boosting superfood powder, avocado or coconut water, for example.  If you're in a hurry then a superfood snack bar with natural wholefood ingredients is OK on the odd occasion.  A matcha green tea will be healthier than a coffee with cream.

Final thoughts

Starting your day with an active morning routine and healthy habits can boost your overall wellness, improve your mood and increase productivity during the day. A key thing to make your morning great is to start by considering pre-sleep rituals. And if you want to wake up early refreshed and full of energy, you need to maintain a fixed sleeping schedule and may turn to CBD supplements for sleep.