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How to find the perfect birthday card and gift for your uncle

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Your uncle might be someone important in your life, or, they might be someone you only occasionally see or spend time with.  Either way, it can be important finding them the right card and gift for their birthday. 

How to find the perfect birthday card and gift for your uncle

Here is how to find a suitable birthday card for an uncle.

Below I’d like to talk about a few gift ideas, birthday cards and how best to choose something suitable.  Before we get started, there are a few factors that you will want to consider.  Think about his age, sense of humour, interests and what type of relationship you have with him. These will help you determine something appropriate for your uncle and make him have a special day.

How to find the perfect birthday gift and card for your uncle

Your relationship

The relationship with your uncle will help determine what kind of card is going to be suitable.  If you are close to him and share a similar sense of humour you might be able to be a little bit cheeky here.  You will hopefully understand if there is a limit to how crude a joke can be.

If your uncle isn’t a close family member then you might want to tone it down a little.  A joke might be suitable but not anything that jokingly attacks his age or abilities in any way.  Maybe you just need to keep things simple with a straight forward ‘Happy Birthday’ titled card and message.

Interests and hobbies

Another consideration for a suitable card will be his interests and hobbies.  Maybe he is a keen golfer and a card tailored towards this would be appropriate.  Likewise he might be into video games and a retro video game card with anecdote would be a suitable choice.

Age can be a factor

Take this into consideration when selecting a card.  Older relatives might prefer older fonts and styles of card, whereas middle aged uncles might like something relating to their era growing up.  TV programs, music or retro styling might be ideal for them.

Sense of humour

Most people have a sense of humour but knowing the limits of jokes can be important.  A greetings card that is quite crude or rude might not be appropriate for ever uncle so have a think about where that line might be drawn.  If you have a good relationship and good banter with your uncle then you might be able to go a little further.  It’s important to know where you stand on the scale.

What to write in a birthday card for your uncle

Here are a few suggestions depending on how well you know your uncle:

Good banter and funny messages to write in a birthday card to uncle

-       Dear Uncle …….., You’re another year older, yet we continue to share the same mental age! That’s probably why we get on so well!

-       Age may not have been kind to you, but at least you can always rely on me to help you feel younger!  And, when the time comes, you’ll also be able to count on me to
push you around in a wheelchair!

-       Happy birthday to my wonderful uncle!
I could search the world over and I still wouldn’t find anything that compares to the exquisite gift to mankind that you are...
That’s why I didn’t bother getting you a present this year! Enjoy your day!

-       A crazy uncle like you
There cannot be two
You truly are unique
You’re my favourite freak!

Happy Birthday!

Sentimental messages to write in a birthday card for an uncle

-       Happy birthday, uncle……..!  You’re the life of the party, there’s never a dull moment when you’re around, you bring laughter and happiness to everyone around you, especially me!

-       You’ve taught me many life lessons, too many to list! Some useful, others not so much!
Nevertheless, you’ll always be a true inspiration to me and I’ll forever hold
everything I’ve learned from you dearly in my heart!
Happy birthday to you today!

-       To the world’s funniest uncle.  I have just one thing to say. May your birthday be awesome.  I hope you have the best day!

-       Happy birthday to the best uncle!
To have an uncle like you who is funny, kind, and caring makes me a very lucky indeed.
I am beyond thankful for having you in my life, as you’ve brightened each year for me so far.

Knowing your uncle for gift ideas

Firstly, you need to know what he likes when choosing a gift for a special occasion for your uncle.  If you know him well then this shouldn’t difficult.  Maybe he’s into birdwatching, in which case you could buy him a book on the subject, or maybe some birdwatching equipment.  The same goes for other hobbies like woodworking.  Every woodworker needs spare tools and consumables.  Drill bits, tape measures and other low-cost DIY items could be perfect.  If you know him well then you should be able to find a suitable present.

The purpose here is to cater to his interests and buy him something meaningful.

If however, you are not so close, then you’ll want to have a chat with your parents to find out some details.  They should be able to provide some inside knowledge on his interests so you can filter down the gift search.

Age for uncle gifts

Try and take his age into consideration when selecting a gift.  Maybe he is too old for sporting goods such as footballs and cycling equipment.  Think about his childhood and what he might reminisce about. A nostalgic gift might bring back some happy memories of your times in the past.

The right budget

If you’re buying your uncle a gift then be careful with your budget.  Buy him something lavish and expensive might make him feel uncomfortable.  He might feel like he can’t return the gift value when it’s your birthday.  Underspending shouldn’t have a negative impact on him, as would not providing a gift at all.


Most of all it is important to understand the person you are buying a card for.  In many cases this will be straight forward but for some a little tricky.  Do your research and you’re bound to find the right card and gift for your all-important uncle.