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Why you should invest in security for your business

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Starting your own business is an exciting time in your life.  You've taken that leap of faith in your own abilities to make a sucess of what you know best.  Protecting yourself when starting this adventure should be at the forefront of your mind, which is where this article comes in.

Why you should invest in security for your business

When first launching your own business, it's natural to want to do so on a budget. After all, you may be relying heavily on your own savings at this point, meaning you need to ensure you protect yourself financially should things go wrong.

Despite this, there are certain elements of your business that you should always be willing to invest in or spend money on. A clear example of this is both physical and digital security procedures.

Without proper security measures in place, your business is vulnerable to:

  • Theft/property damage.
  • Financial loss.
  • Cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Legal troubles and complaints. 
  • Loss of reputation. 

Do not make the mistake of believing that since your business is on the smaller side, you are not vulnerable to security threats and breaches. In fact, it could be the opposite. For example, small businesses are more likely to fall victim to cyber-attacks, given that hackers know they are less likely to have the infrastructure in place to protect themselves.

With that in mind, here are some tips you can use to ensure poor security does not stand in the way of business growth. 

Access control

Install a business intercom. On any given day, a wide range of people could enter your business - from employees to visitors to delivery personnel. As a business owner, you must take access control seriously, as you must ensure that no authorised personnel gain access to your facility. One way in which you can achieve this goal is by installing a business intercom. This allows you to remotely control and monitor who enters your business. 

Cyber security

Install cybersecurity software. There are many different benefits of installing cyber security software onto your business devices. This is because they can prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive or vulnerable data. This way, you’re much less likely to deal with a data breach that could cost you thousands. It can also inform you whether or not certain websites you are accessing are ‘risky’ (i.e, whether they contain damaging viruses or other security threats), helping you to stay safe online. 

Security cameras

Set up a security camera. Security Cameras are more than just a way to record those who access your business premises, as “well-placed security cameras around the business help to deter criminals and provide the necessary footage to secure a conviction.” As a result, they could stop a potential offender in their tracks. Security cameras can also be paired with alarms and motion sensors, alerting both yourself and emergency services instantaneously when a breach occurs. This allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to the issue. 

Strong passwords

Use a good password. Poor passwords (such as those that are easy to guess), are one of the key causes of digital data breaches. As a result, you must use a strong password that does not relate back to your personal life (birthday, pet names etc.). You should also ensure you use different passwords for different parts of your business, such as email and document access - as 50% of people use the same password for all their logins. This may not seem like a big deal, but it means that if a hacker gains access to one of your accounts, they can access them all.  

With a bit of care and dudiligence you can avoid costly mistakes that could potentially cripple your new business.  These are our top tips for any new business and a great starting point for investing in your future business.  Take these seriously and you're off to a great start.