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Welcome to the Lylia Rose UK money and lifestyle blog.  I'm Victoria Sully, a busy mum of two, wife, full-time blogger and online money-maker.  I’m passionate about making money online, saving money, self-employment, healthy living and blogging.  I’m on a personal mission to be healthier and wealthier!  Thank you so much for joining me.


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  1. diy super muesli - lylia rose superfood food blogger uk - goji berries oats

    diy super muesli - lylia rose superfood food blogger uk - goji berries oats

    DIY Super Muesli

    I start my day nearly every morning with some delicious homemade(ish) 'super' muesli. 'Super' because it's packed full of nutritious energising ingredients including superfoods.  
    I haven't yet found my perfect shop bought muesli.  Many have added sugars or aren't that tasty.  I decided a while back to buy a basic muesli (oats, a few dates and raisins) - the cheapest organic version which had no added nasties or sugar and add my own ingredients. 
    I fill a big Kilner jar with the muesli plus goji berries, coconut, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, dates, raisins, milled flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds & white mulberries.  Then just twist and shake it all together!  You really can add any fruit and nuts you like.  Mine will vary depending on what I have in the cupboard!
    It is SO delicious! A real mix of goodness.  I use Rude Health almond, oat or coconut drink as my 'milk' which makes it even more amazing.  I look forward to my yummy cereal as I get ready in the morning.  It really is worth getting out of bed for!
  2. aduna moringa with mango and cashew green superleaf energy bar blog review

    aduna moringa with mango and cashew green superleaf energy bar blogger revi

    I was very privileged to be amongst the first to try Aduna's new energy bars before they hit the shops.  I received the new Aduna Moringa with Mango and Cashew Green Superleaf Energy Bar to review.  

    I’ve become a big fan of Aduna moringa and baobab products recently and definitely support their amazing ethics.  Just click here to read my review of Aduna moringa powder.  I use this powder most days in smoothies and cooking, but it's always handy to have a bar to hand when on the go and for some speedy snacking!

    There's certainly no escaping the moringa taste in these bars.  They taste very green!  It may take a little getting used to if you're not used to green leafy tasting powders, but keep trying.  You can actually taste the goodness! If you could bottle up 'healthy', I'm sure this would be the flavour!  I now find myself craving this leafy green taste.  It’s like my body knows it wants it which is a great thing!  

    The cashew and mango combination is a perfect idea as they go so well with the earthy moringa taste.  They add a welcoming contrast of sweetness, as well as a good amount of chewiness!  The stickiness and chew of the Aduna bars is perfect.  I think this texture is also what makes me continuously crave Aduna energy bars as, for me, it is spot on!

    These make fab snacks for children too. Bella already loves their baobab bars which are tangy and sweet, but I wasn’t so sure if she’d like these.  Well, right after tasting a little piece of mine she asked for more!  I gave another piece and again she asked for more!  How fab is this?!  She’s three in just over one week and I’m so impressed she likes the moringa flavour.

    I am certain these bars are going to be a great success.  They are really delicious and the benefits of moringa are undeniably outstanding.  Not only are they good for adults, but a perfect healthy snack for children too.

    To go to their website, click here! *

  3. why i use kids bath products - lylia rose lifestyle blog - shower products

    Why I Use Kids Bath Products

    For around one year now I've tried to use the most natural body products I can.  I currently use natural handmade exfoliating cleanser and refining cleanser from Isa Marie, four thieves antibacterial handmade soap from Oakwood Soaperie and I've just started using organic extra virgin coconut oil as an in-shower body moisturiser as well as for various other beauty uses (read my top 5 here).  
    I do, however, love to use shower gel in the shower.  It's much more convenient and easy to use with a loofah.  As of yet I haven't found a great 'natural' ladies version.  Please suggest something if you know of any! I did try the Naked range, but unfortunately the scents just weren't for me.
    There seems to be a lot of natural, reduced chemical bath products for babies and toddlers in most shops, but not for adults.  Someone once said to me, 'why is it we feed babies and children the best foods we can (organic, baby-grade, healthy, etc) and then don't continue with this as we get older?  If a baby shouldn't have it then surely we shouldn't have it?'.  I think the same can be true for beauty and bath products.  If we don't want these nasty chemicals on our children's skin, why do we want them on ours?  Well I certainly don't, especially as many of these nasty chemicals end up in our bodies too!
    childs farm earth friendly baby natural childrens bath products review 
    So one day I had a brain wave and realised I could use Bella's bath products (and now Reuben's too) and they are actually quite fab!  At the moment we have Child's Farm hair and body wash which is suitable for newborns and upwards with an amazing fruity orange scent.  We also have Earth Friendly Baby's soothing lavender and camomile hair and body wash.
    The Child's Farm is my favourite as it froths up nicely with a little going a long way.  Or a lot if you're like me who forgets it's super runny and ends up using far too much!  It also smells super fruity, uplifting and energising.  I use this as my shampoo too and my hair smells luscious as well as being amazingly glossy.  
    The Earth Friendly Baby has a much more relaxing scent so is perfect for showers before bed (and baths for the children), when you need to wind down and chill out!
    It's great knowing the ingredients are mainly natural, so I'm doing less harm to my body by using these over more mainstream shower gels.  Hopefully I'll discover more natural based 'gels' to share with you soon.  Please do let me know if you have any recommendations!
  4. pulsin raw brownie review raspberry goji - lylia rose natural raw food blo

    pulsin raw brownie review raspberry goji - lylia rose natural raw food blo

    Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie | Raspberry & Goji | Review

    I already raved about how much I loved their almond and raisin version, before realising that was just one flavour combination of the Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie.  I've now tried the raspberry and goji brownie which is just as satisfying in my opinion.

    These bars are really too good to be true.  They taste so chocolatey and the texture is superb.  There's a good deep amount to bite into so you feel really satisfied after.  The goji berry and raspberry flavour is great for choccie and sweet cravings.  I enjoyed it just as much as the other brownie bar I tried by Pulsin and would struggle to pick a fave.  A box of either is now on my wishlist to store in my food cupboard as a go to 'naughty' (but actually good) snack!

    10/10 again Pulsin'!

  5. isa marie skincare - cedarwood skin refining cleanser - natural beauty revi

    Natural Handmade Facial Skin Care

    I reordered my favourite natural handmade face cleanser last week and had to share this wonderful company with you again.  It's from Isa Marie Skincare who I originally discovered on Twitter.  I've placed a few orders now and I'm always very impressed with the communication, service and products.  
    I use the Cedarwood Skin Refining Cleanser daily and the Exfoliating Cleanser a couple of times a week.  My skin has definitely become fresher and clearer since using these products for almost a year.  They smell great and also feel great on the skin.  
    I usually use them in the shower with a flannel, but as a continued customer a free muslin was kindly included in my last order. I've now started using this and it seems much kinder on the skin and easier to feel what I'm doing!
    Marianne, the owner, seems so lovely too.  She is always quick to respond and very helpful.  I highly recommend Isa Marie natural bath and skin care products, particularly the cleansers!