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  1. Welcome to today’s giveaway.  Today I’m giving away this beautiful scarf!

    If you love fashion accessories, do pop over to my online fashion accessories boutique for a good browse!  The minimum spend is only £4.99 per order and 2nd class UK delivery is free.  Perfect for Christmas gifts for her.

    There's a great choice of earrings, ear cuffs, headbands, printed fashion scarves, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, iPad cases, purses and even some clothes!  Just great for Xmas shopping.

    Win this scarf in my blog giveaway:

    Blog Giveaway win a blue whale scarf

    The full terms and conditions are below, but simply enter using one or more of the entry methods in the Rafflecopter widget below and remember, if you win your delivery address must be in the UK.

    Good luck!

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    Blog Giveaway_ Win a Blue Flocked Whale Scarf

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    • There is no cash alternative
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  2. A quick internet search will tell you there are now over one billion websites online.  That’s quite a staggering number and also quite scary if you have your own business website.  You are quite literally competing with millions of other businesses across the globe, all determined to be found on the World Wide Web. 

    The internet has become a very crowded place with new content popping up all over the place, millions of Facebook likes and hundreds of thousands of tweets every minute of every day.  This article shows how much activity takes place online in just one second.  So how do you get found online if there is so much competition?

    Here are a few tips to get your business seen online:

    How to get your business seen in a crowded online marketplace


    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important if you want your website to be discovered online, namely by Google.  To rank well for your keywords your website needs to be ‘optimised for search’.  Good SEO will ensure you are found on page one and near the top of the results when users search for websites like yours.  To do this yourself you’ll need to understand keyword research, create high quality original content, check your sites performance, usability and responsiveness, as well as build external and internal links.  Or you could enlist the help of an SEO Agency.


    If you’re selling a product or service, you may be wondering how you can create more content for your website and attract more visitors.  You may even have come across the saying ‘Content is King’.  One of the best ways to improve your online visibility (and also your SEO) is to create unique engaging content on a blog.

    Content marketing helps create trust and credibility for you and your business.  It also gives you something original to share on your social media channels.

    See also: What Should My First Business Blog Post Be About?

    Social media

    Social media is vital nowadays to build an online presence.  Not only does it give more of a voice to your business, but it provides customers with an instant and more personalised way to contact you.  It’s also the perfect way to introduce potential customers to your business that might never have found your website otherwise.  You'll attract more eyes to your website as you can instantly interact with others who share similar interests.

    Social media also gives you an additional platform to advertise your business and share your content.  Using relevant hashtags means your content can be found and enjoyed by those who are looking for it.

    The best thing about social media?  It’s free. 

    Paid ads

    To reach more people you can advertise online using a service such as Google Adwords, as well as on social media.  Use targeted ads to reach your desired audience on Twitter and Facebook.  Set your demographics to ensure you reach the right people. 

    It can take 3-4 months for organic SEO efforts to take effect, so in the mean time you may want to try some paid advertising to boost traffic.

    Use affiliates

    Set up an affiliate scheme to reward those who create business for you.  Affiliate marketing for advertisers can be classed as risk free meaning you only pay for results.  You only pay a commission if you get a sale, unlike Google ads or social media ads whereby you pay per click and impression regardless of whether any sales are created.

    Your affiliates will promote your business resulting in improved brand visibility, social media shares and content.

    Responsive website

    It’s regularly reported that more and more people are searching the web on their phones and tablets, in favour of desktops and laptops.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  If not, you risk losing potential customers as they click off your website in favour of an easier to read competitors site.


    Getting your business out there requires some trial and error on your part.  Whilst Google ads may work well for one business, it doesn’t mean they’ll take off for yours.  It’s important to regularly review your stats and reports to see what is and isn’t working for your individual business.  Don’t be afraid to try different things.  You’ll not know what works for you until you give it a try.

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    How to get your business seen in a crowded online marketplace 

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  3. Living a healthy and contented life is tricky at the best of times, never mind when you’re living in the aftermath of a major accident that dealt you massive physical harm. It can seem like you have nowhere to turn and that you will never feel the same way again, but there is hope. Living healthily and getting your life back on track is a project that takes time but the sooner you start on that journey, the sooner you’ll get there.

    It can be daunting to get started with life changes when you’ve already experienced so much upheaval in such a short period of time but it’s for the best. You will learn to live healthily and get the most out of every day, and if you don’t know where to start, this guide will put you on the right tracks.

    Address the Logistical Challenges First

    There can be everyday logistical challenges that arise from the necessity to recover from a major injury. Maybe you have to use a wheelchair while you recover, and if that’s the case you’ll need to address the logistical challenges that come with that kind of scenario. You might need to make some modifications to your home and how it’s all laid out in order to improve accessibility and ease of use for yourself while you bounce back from your injury. It’s up to you to consider which changes will be most likely to make your life simpler.

    Image Source

    Secure Yourself Financially

    It’s hard to live a healthy life after an injury if you’re constantly stressed about your financial situation. Money worries can overtake you and stop you from functioning right and looking after your health properly. If the accident you experienced happened as a result of someone else’s misdeed, use a company like Quittance to get the compensation you require. This should help to tide you over as you take time off work in order to recover from your injuries. Do whatever it takes to find financial security for yourself before moving on to other important matters.

    Remember to Get the Basic Things Right

    Some things never change, even when you’re going through a recovery from a serious injury. For example, you need to make sure you’re eating healthily and being physically active. These things remain as important as ever and the basics should never be ignored. You’ll never manage to live a healthy life if you’re not able to do the simple things properly. Be sure to maintain a good diet that gives you the nutrients you need to keep your body fuelled throughout each day, and stay properly hydrated too.  Getting the right nutrients will mean your body can heal properly.

    Don’t be Afraid to Seek and Ask For Help

    Asking for help when you need it does not mean you’re admitting defeat or showing any kind of weakness in the face of adversity. On the contrary, asking for help from others can be one of the bravest and boldest things you can possibly do. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do but you’ll be surprised by how willing people are to help you out; they won’t see it as a burden at all so don’t shy away from getting the assistance that could speed up your general recovery.  It will also reduce your stress levels and keep you sociable.

    Focus on Rest and Inner Peace

    Getting enough rest is essential when you want to recover from an injury, so don’t try to push yourself too hard or cut down on sleep. As well as rest, you should try to work on your inner peace as much as you possibly can. The mental side of your recovery is just as important as the physical side so don’t forget that. You can achieve inner peace and a more relaxed state of mind by taking up things like meditation. It gives you the space to relax and clear your mind each day of the week so if you’ve never tried it before, you definitely should.

    Make Sure You Get Enough Fresh Air

    It might sound like a small thing but simply getting outside and breathing fresh air can be revelatory when you’re recovering from a big injury. It’s all too common for people to be trapped inside their home when they’re recovering; that could be down to anything from a lack of mobility to a lack of confidence. However, getting out there and spending time outside of your home is probably exactly what you need at this difficult time. It’ll stop you from feeling isolated and like the walls are closing in on you.

    What You Should Know About Living Healthily After a Major Accident

    Work With Your Doctor to Set Targets

    Gradual improvement should be your aim when you’re looking to bounce back from a major injury. You can’t expect results to emerge all at once because that’s simply unrealistic and you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Instead, talk to your doctor about what you can realistically expect to achieve in the short-term and the long-term. You can then work with them to set the right aims with actionable steps that can be taken on a day to day basis. It’ll help to focus your mind and give you something to work towards.

    Try Your Best to Live in the Moment

    It’s so easy to spend a lot of your time thinking about your past and worrying about your future but that won’t get you anywhere. It’s no way to live your life if you want to get the maximum enjoyment out of it going forward. That’s why you should always do what you can to live in the moment by focusing on what’s happening here and now. You’ll learn to appreciate the smaller details of life and find more joy in your day to day experience, which has to be a good thing for you and everyone else around you too.


    It’s never easy to bounce back if you’ve suffered a major accident of any kind but it’s important to remember that it’s not impossible. You can readjust and find a new balance in your life if you take the right steps.

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