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  1. Having a first aid box wherever you are, whether at work, home or camping, is an essential. You never know when an injury may occur or when you may need to give first aid to yourself, your family or even a stranger. You may make your own first aid kit or buy one from many pharmacies and drug stores or online.  Here are some items you should include:

    The 5 Most Important Things to Have in Your First Aid Box

    Bandages and Dressings

    These are essential for any cuts and scrapes or a serious bleed. They are sterile and highly absorbent, and can be wrapped and tied around the area, meaning they stay on better than Elastoplast’s. If you ever need to assist someone who is having a serious bleed, a bandage can be used as a tourniquet tied above the bleed to reduce blood flow to the injured area and stop blood loss rapidly. Having this simple piece of equipment could be the difference between life and death with a large cut incident.


    These can be used to cut bandages, cut clothes, rope, seatbelts and many more. First aid box scissors are usually just used for simple things such as cutting dressings to the correct length, but can be used in more serious events to cut away clothes to reveal the site of injury if needed.


    This is a simple one that many people may forget, but how many times as a child did you get a splinter? Splinters not only hurt, but left untreated can cause infection, so the sooner a splinter is removed, the better. If you go camping a lot, this is definitely an essential when learning how to make a first aid box based on what activities you are doing.


    Gloves protect you from bodily fluids or anything else you may come into contact with. There is no use in cleaning a wound with your hands that may be harboring thousands of germs. When administering first aid, we must ensure we protect ourselves, as well as the person we are administering first aid to. If you have a cut on your hand you may be endangering yourself to blood-borne viruses, making two casualties from the situation.

    Pain Relieving Medication

    No matter where we are or what we are doing, chances are someone has asked you at some point for some aspirin, and you haven’t been able to help. Having this in your first aid box means always having pain relief to hand if needed, as aspirin and ibuprofen are one of the highest selling over the counter medications, bringing in just over $4.1 billion in sales in 2016.

    These are just some of the essential things that you may need in your first aid box, but this is not a comprehensive list. There are many more items that may come in useful for you depending on whether you use a first aid box in a clinical setting or a family setting. Remember, even simple first aid can help save a life, always be prepared. 

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    The 5 Most Important Things to Have in Your First Aid Box

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  2. Welcome to today’s #winitwednesday giveaway (I know, I know, I'm a day late, oops!). 

    Today I’m giving away this beautiful BIRD Print Large Zip Purse to one lucky entrant!

    Women's Cream & Brown Large Bird Print Purse

    A fabulous ladies purse with plenty of room for your cards, coins and notes.  Large bird print design with a secure zip fastening and easy to clean surface.  Organise your cards and change by treating yourself or give to a friend as it makes an ideal women's gift.

    Size: 19 x 2.2 x 9.5cm
    Material: PU
    Fastening: Top zip
    Packaging: Polybag
    Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

    Purses are no longer a plain item that needs to be thrown deep into the depths of your handbag, oh no!  They are a fashion statement in their own right.  Use oversized purses as a clutch on a night out to save taking a whole host of belongings with you.  An oversized purse may fit your cards, mobile phone and house key, saving the hassle of taking an entire handbag out.  If it is thrown into the depths of your bags, pick a cool printed pattern to perk you up every time you dig it out to pay!

    Not only are purses crucial for organising your cards and change, but they also make welcome gifts for friends, mums, sisters, you name it!  We use purses for a long time, so it’s a great idea to invest in one you’re going to love for a long time.  Lylia Rose has a fantastic selection of women’s printed purses to suit all styles.  They are all highly affordable too, so if your purse is on its last legs, take a look today and organise your change in style!

    If you love fashion accessories, do pop over to my online fashion accessories boutique for a good browse!  The minimum spend is only £5 per order and 2nd class UK delivery is free!  Find more than fashion accessories in my store too.  There's a great choice of earrings, ear cuffs, headbands, printed fashion scarves, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, iPad cases, purses and even some clothes!

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  3. Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door

    I’m an advocate for healthy eating and I honestly don’t mind putting in a little more effort to ensure me and my family eat as healthily as possible.  I believe if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much else.  If I’m not well and healthy, then I can’t take care of my children, so it’s important to me to safeguard my health both now and for the future.  I do this through staying active each day and making what I believe to be the healthiest food choices every day.

    One thing that is gaining in momentum, but hasn’t yet totally peaked, is the need for everyone to reduce their intake of added refined sugars.  For the whole of 2017 I have been refined sugar free, bar a couple of accidental slip ups.  I was experimenting for a year, but now I will continue to remain refined sugar free as I don’t believe it’s any good for your health.  It’s honestly a poison.  There’s a great quote along the lines of ‘food can either be the most powerful medicine, or the slowest poison’.  It’s so true.

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    Healthy Eating Made Easy with Mindful Chef (and your £10 off discount code) Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door

    What if eating healthily could be even easier?

    Most people, I bet, would say being busy is their main excuse for not eating healthier.  People are working long hours and have busy lives nowadays.  No one wants to spend their evening slaving away in a kitchen after a tiring day, unless they love it of course.  But most of us find cooking a chore.

    I’ve recently discovered a company who have tackled this very problem.

    Mindful Chef are a recipe box delivery in the UK with a difference.  Their recipes are truly healthy with locally sourced ingredients.  The recipes are gluten free and all the ones I’ve seen ingredients for are refined sugar free too.  Woohoo!  I’ve been subscribed to ‘healthy’ food boxes before, but they’ve all contained items with added sugar.  I don’t believe anything with added cane sugar can be classed as healthy at all!

    Watch this and you’ll start to see why  Sugar: The Bitter Truth

    Mindful Chef £10 off discount code

    So it’s amazing to see a recipe box with actual natural real food ingredients.  They release 12 new recipes every week and a third of those are vegan which is great for veggies like me too.

    Here’s how their service works (in their own words):

    Choose your recipes

    Delicious, imaginative gluten-free recipes that change every week

    We source & deliver

    Good-for-you ingredients from small West Country farms

    You cook & enjoy

    Healthy evening meals with simple and speedy prep


    Easy peasy!  Plus they claim all recipes take 30 mins or less and are tested on real people (not just chefs).


    Why not give them a go today?  Click here to visit Mindful Chef and enter code TT10 for £10 off your first order!


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    Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door


  4. Now that the clocks have gone back, winter is fast approaching; in fact I think it might already be here!  The mornings are colder, the nights are darker and temperatures have dropped dramatically.

    If you’re planning to update your kitchen space, you’ll most likely have a list of your top priorities, but many of those lists won’t have considered how you plan to keep the space warm. You might have spent a lot of time pondering the type of bespoke cabinetry you want or worktops, splashback materials and the appliances you and your family will need to keep things running smoothly.

    You might have even started to think about lighting and wall colours but the one thing that can often make or break the usability of a kitchen is often not given nearly enough thought.  That one thing is exactly how you plan to keep your kitchen warm.

    Whatever way you plan to heat your kitchen, from radiators and cast-iron ranges to underfloor heating, your choice will have a huge impact not just on how you use your kitchen when it’s complete but how you design the room from its inception.

    Keeping your brand new kitchen energy efficient and warm in winter

    Choosing the right boiler

    First things first, the key to a good reliable heating system is a reliable boiler. When you’re planning your kitchen design, whether it’s a modern design, traditional, or contemporary kitchen design, it might be worth factoring in a new boiler rather than repairing it if yours is more than 15 years old. 

    Older boilers are not nearly as energy efficient as new models. Updating an old system to an A-rated condensing boiler can reward you with a 90% increase in efficiency.  Replacing a boiler can free up some room for more cupboards or worktops.   Plus you’ll benefit from instant hot water if you opt for a condensing combi-boiler.  

    Underfloor heating

    This is an option that is widely considered as a lovely luxury addition. If you are designing your kitchen from the floor up, then underfloor heating gives comfortable radiant heat and can deliver great savings too.

    You can go down two different routes with underfloor heating. Depending on what type of heating you opt for, it can be used under most types of flooring including: stone, tile, wood and vinyl. It’s best to check your floor is a suitable match before you go ahead and invest, but a large kitchen with porcelain or ceramic tiles are almost always a perfect fit with underfloor heating. 

    One of your options is electric flooring – it is easier to fit, with it being a network of wire elements on a mesh that is placed below the flooring or wet systems, which use water pipes below the floor. An electric system is easier to lay and can be retro-fitted fairly easily if you’re laying a new floor, just check with your builder first.

    The second option is wet systems, which require more work, but are better suited to renovations, such as new extensions or completely new builds. 

    You can install underfloor heating without needing to sacrifice valuable wall space like you would with radiators – instead you can make use of that space for additional bespoke storage options, wine coolers, American fridges or simply some more cupboards.

    It is also vital to have your kitchen design finalised before the pipes or matts are laid for the flooring, as it would be an absolute waste to heat built-in cupboards, or under appliances. A floor plan from your expert designer will help any heating engineer advise not only the best pattern to lay the floor in, but also where to place the controls on the walls.

    Using a timed thermostat means that you can set the heating on to warm the room just enough so it’s a little easier to step into your kitchen on a frosty winter morning. 

    Keeping your brand new kitchen energy efficient and warm in winter radiator


    A safe option, that has been used for many years in the majority of homes across the UK are central heating systems which heat a series of radiators around the home. Usually already in place, updating them from dated 1970s flat panel models to one of the many stunning styles on offer from specialists such as Bisque or Aestus can completely change the look of a room.

    For contemporary schemes look at ladder-style vertical radiators in sleek white and steel finishes and for classic kitchens pick something a little more period in its look like Bisque’s Classic range, which echoes Edwardian shapes. 

    You might want to consider using an online calculator if you are considering radiators. There are plenty of online calculators to help you do this – just pop in the room’s dimensions, the number of windows and the calculator will give you the BTUs or wattage required.  

    Cast-iron ranges

    For traditional kitchens, you might want to consider an ‘always-on’ Aga, especially for farmhouse designs. They will provide a radiant heat to warm your kitchen on a winter’s morning but it can’t run a central heating system. If you want your heat-store range to do that, then opt for models from Stanley or Rayburn, which can often run up to 20 radiators. 

    Go mobile

    There are now mobile apps available for you to control your heating wherever and whenever you are. Investing in an app-controlled heating system, such as Hive or Nest, means you can switch your heating on and off with the tap of a button on your phone.

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    Keeping your brand new kitchen energy efficient and warm in winter 

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  5. I’ve recently started selling more on eBay and in particular, I’ve been reselling.  I’ve always sold our personal items on eBay and I had a store linked to eBay for my online fashion boutique, but only recently did I become a reseller.  It’s very early days, but I’m already selling some of my resell items and over time I hope to increase how much I stock.  I absolutely love making money online and selling things so it seems a natural progression for me to become an eBay reseller.  I also love eBay which helps!

    If you’ve also considered flipping items on eBay for a profit, but you’re not quite sure where to source these items from, you’re in the right place.  Today I am sharing with you the best places to source items to sell on eBay for a profit.

    6 of the best places to find items to resell on eBay for a profit

    Online auctions

    Once you’ve made a bit of profit, or if you have some cash to start out with, you can check out online clearance auctions and buy stock in bulk or sometimes singularly.  You’ll often find batches of redundant stock from businesses at a fraction of their usual cost.  As you’re bidding on the items you can bid for only as much as you want to pay.  If no one else is bidding then you’ll get the items for even less than anticipated.

    Outlet stores

    Shopping the sales in regular stores is a great way to bag a bargain, but shopping in the outlet stores themselves is even more profitable.  In outlet stores the clothes are already a fraction of the usual RRP and if you shop in their end of season sales, well you’re going to get an even bigger reduction. 

    If you can hold on to the end of season stock until that season rolls around again you’ll be able to sell more stock for a higher profit.  But don’t underestimate out of season stock.  There are always people going away for winter sun who can’t find summer clothes in store, so they turn to eBay to do their shopping.

    Charity shops

    With a bit of searching you can really find some gems in charity shops.  They often have designer gear and popular High Street labels at tiny prices.  Plus their stock changes constantly so you’ll find something new on every visit.

    I used to think it was slightly immoral to buy stock to resell from the charity shops, but now I think it’s a win-win situation.  I get to make money to support my family and the charity shop makes money.  The more I sell, the more the charity makes.  Plus, I’d rather buy items to resell for a more sustainable world and support a charity, than buy new wholesale items from China.

    6 of the best places to find items to sell on eBay for a profit

    Car boots

    This is the place to find some of the cheapest items for sale.  Some people sell at a car boot to make a profit, but most are regular people having a huge clear out who want to make a bit of cash, but are really desperate to just get rid of the stuff and not take it home!

    Get your haggle hat on and grab some bargains!

    Facebook marketplace

    We’ve used Facebook marketplace to sell items quickly and locally when moving house or if we need to get rid of something quickly.  Often items are sold within a few hours.  If you have the space to store some furniture to resell, this can be a great place to pick something up nearby and haggle the price. 

    It’s not just furniture though, there are all sorts of things for sale, you just need to be able to collect them.


    It’s entirely possible to buy items from eBay to sell on eBay!  There are a lot of job-lot and wholesale bulk listings where you can purchase several items in one go and then sell them individually making a profit.  You could also get really lucky and purchase a single item for 99p in an auction and sell at a profit. 

    I often check the sold listings and see the same second hand designer shoes, for example, sell for 99p and £20.  If you have the patience to wait for a little more money when selling something, then it’s always worth waiting.  Starting an auction at 99p when selling isn’t always the best move, but it’s great if you’re looking for these items to resell.  You could just get lucky and bag some designer gear for pence.

    You may also find bargains when people have misspelled listings or taken really unclear pictures that others simply scroll past.  Items listed in the wrong category or ending at an undesirable time can also be great for getting the best deal on a price.

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    6 of the best places to find items to resell on eBay for a profit

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