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  1. How to use essential oils to naturally clear acne

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    Essential Oil Recipe for Spot Prone Skin

    I’ve been popping a little potion of essential oils onto my face before bed for around three weeks now, maybe more.  I douse a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe generously all over my skin once it has been thoroughly cleansed.  I only do it in the evening before bed as the essential oils can take around 60-90 minutes to totally soak into the skin and make my skin look rather greasy during the process.

    I’d been looking for a more natural skin friendly way of combating my breakout skin.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been suffering with adult acne and at one point a couple of months ago my entire face was hidden by the breakout and I felt like a gigantic walking spot! 

    I’d tried numerous creams and lotions promising great results but had always been slightly hesitant to try loads due to the crazy ingredients lists that came with such products.  I decided to do some research into alternative acne treatments and was very intrigued by the potential of essential oils. 

    There were reviews by people using Teenage Dream (an essential oil based acne treatment) saying it was a miracle cure and they saw results in only three days.  This sounded just fantastic as even some prescribed acne treatments suggest you wait up to four weeks before results are seen.  I decided to do my own research, take a look at their ingredients and make up my own potion to see if it worked.

    How to use essential oils to naturally clear acne - Essential Oil Recipe for Spot Prone Skin

    I settled on jojoba oil as my base oil as it had many benefits for the skin and followed this recipe from

    30ml Jojoba Oil
    10 Drops Lavender
    7 Drops Tea Tree
    3 Drops Geranium

    I mixed this in a dark glass mixing bottle I purchased from eBay.  It’s important for the oils to always be kept in a dark bottle away from direct sunlight so they don’t lose their potency.  Stored properly the oils can last for several years.

    Just some of the benefits of each component are as follows:

    Geranium – Geranium oil can help to reduce sebum levels making skin less oily and therefore aids spot clearing.  It is an antiseptic and also a fantastic toner.

    Lavender – Linalool found in lavender oil is fantastic for maintaining healthy skin.  It can help to clear acne and alleviate skin irritations.  It is an antiseptic, an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory; perfect for spot busting.

    Tea Tree – Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that help to heal blemishes and kill bacteria.  It’s also a great natural moisturiser.

    Jojoba Oil – Jojoba is antiseptic and helps to clear clogged pores. It will reduce pore sizes and oil production over time which will prevent breakouts.  It’s also an excellent cleanser.

    I’ve been applying this magical potion every evening after cleansing and I am astonished by the results. 

    My spots have drastically reduced in quantity and those that are left are less angry and seem to be drying away.  The ones that are left are much more easily concealed with natural make-up as they are flatter to the skin and seem to be disappearing.  The evenings I have not applied the magical potion, my spots seem worse in the morning so I have been making sure I now religiously apply this every night. 

    Many of the shop bought lotions seemed to aggravate my skin and were not clearing up my spots.  They seemed to have the total opposite effect.  These essential oils have been working wonders and I highly recommend trying them to anyone who is suffering from a long lasting breakout.  I don’t think they are an instant fix, definitely not over night, but I started to see a difference in a few days.  I’m pretty sure the mixture has also been sending me to sleep with its aromatic scent!

    It’s important to use a base (carrier) oil to mix the essential oils in as used alone they can be very potent and irritate certain skins.  It’s also vital the mixture is shaken before each use to really blend the oils before applying.

    I’m going to continue making this blend and really hope my spots totally disappear soon!


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