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  1. Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping! (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

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    Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping!

    (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

    I recently wrote about Zeek, a company I’d heard about but hadn’t got round to trying myself.  It’s a gift card company that sells discounted gift cards for hundreds of stores, including supermarkets.

    When I told Ben I was going to start using it to buy our supermarket shops he looked at me strangely, as if it was a scam.  I, too, was a little concerned the vouchers may not work, but after seeing so many other reviews about the company I decided to give it a go.  If it is for real then we can start saving money every week off our shopping bill and plenty of other spending.

    Well, I can confirm, Zeek isn’t a scam at all!

    Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping! (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

    So far I have purchased three gift cards for Tesco and thanks to two promo codes and the gift cards being discounted I have so far saved £13 on our food shopping this month by buying £200 worth of gift cards.  This has been on three weekly food shops, so it really will start adding up to a great saving by doing this every week.  Obviously I won’t continue to have promo codes, but even a few pounds saving every week will tot up.

    I’ve decided to keep purchasing our supermarket gift cards from Zeek on a weekly basis so we can make a saving on our food shopping every single week.  As soon as one turns up, I’ll buy another for the next week.

    I’ve noticed they also offer credit, so you can credit your account and they give a discount.  I’m going to do this after next payday so all our food shopping money can be credited to Zeek for the month.  Then I’ll purchase supermarket gift cards at a discounted rate.  Doing both will mean an even bigger saving!

    One thing to note is you can’t use the gift card right away.  I’m not sure if this is the same for all their gift cards, but it is for the Tesco ones I have purchased.  The cards are activated one working day after they’ve had confirmation of the card being delivered through tracking with Royal Mail.  So bear this in mind when planning your food shops.

    It’s so easy to use the site and I bet you’ll find a gift card (or plenty) for a shop you already shop in!

    Not only do you save money on the gift voucher you buy, but I have a special code for you to save an extra £3 off your first order if you spend £30 (I get some credit too):

    Click here for £3 off your first purchase with Zeek!





  2. Zeek: Save money on all your shopping and make money too!

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    How to get a discount on almost all your online and in store purchases

    Let me introduce you to a way to save money on most of your shopping and how to make money on unwanted gift cards too.  The site you need to start using is Zeek.  By using this super simple site you can save a percentage by buying other people’s unwanted gift cards.  You’ll find gift cards for all sorts of things from groceries, clothes, books to holidays and days out.  Yep, you can even buy gift cards at a discount to save money on your holiday!  We’ve just booked a holiday so I am going to keep an eye out to see if we can save some money using Zeek.

    Here are four ways you can start saving money today with this amazing website:

    Zeek Save money on all your shopping and make money too

    Save Money

    As I type this you can save 16% at Pizza Express, 17% at Waterstones and 3% at Tesco.  Well 3% might not immediately sound great, if you shop there weekly, like me, then that’s going to amount to a lot of money over time.  We spend around £400 a month at Tesco, so a 3% saving would be £156 per year; that’s an extra £156 towards a holiday, Christmas or treat!  If you start doing this with everything you purchase then it’s going to quickly add up.

    Other great offers are to save 8% at Primark, 7% at Argos and 5% at Boots.  You really can start to save some money on ALL your household shopping if you start to use Zeek!

    Zeek: Save money on all your online and instore shopping and make money

    Save on Gifts

    Not only can you save on your own personal shopping, but you can buy vouchers as gifts for others at a discounted rate.  Never buy a gift card as a present from a store again without first looking for it on Zeek!  Your recipient will still get the face value of the card, but you could save say 20% yourself – win-win!

    Make Money

    And, even better, you can make money!

    If you receive a gift card that’s of no use to you, then you can sell it!  Sure, they’ll charge a commission and you’ll be selling it for less than it’s worth, but if the card is of no use to you then surely some cash that you can spend on whatever you want is?

    Save £3

    If you sign up with promo code 24EM5JCA you’ll get £3 off your first purchase of £30 or more and I’ll get some credit to spend too.  Then you can share your own code with family and friends to do the same.  This means not only will you save up to 25% off the value of the voucher you choose, but you will also get an additional £3 off.

    Click here to sign up and start saving money today!


    Zeek How to save money on almost all your shopping and make money too

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    I'm taking part in the Money Making Madness Linky hosted by Charlotte Burns from Lotty Earns, Emma Bradley from Mum's Savvy Savings, Emma Drew from EmmaDrew.Info and Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny.







  3. BLOOMTOWN - Cruelty Free Natural Beauty Review and Discount Code

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    Ethical, no nasties, good for you skincare

    I always get so excited when I discover a new natural skincare brand.  Over the past five years I’ve totally overhauled my skincare and beauty regime to replace all nasty chemical laden products with natural earth friendly (and skin friendly) ones.  It still amazes me how the HUGE companies can get away with putting so much unnecessary crap in their products.  It’s also so sad how bad it is for the environment. 

    This is why I get even more excited when I find a brand that truly cares and isn’t just about mass producing the cheapest products possible to unknowing consumers in order to make the most profits.  And I get even more excited (that’s like super-duper excited now) when they offer to send me products to review!  After browsing their website I really didn’t need to hesitate.  I was absolutely thrilled and delighted to be sent some 100% cruelty free, ethical, natural beauty products from Bloomtown to review on my blog.

    Bloomtown Natural Beauty Bodywash Handwash Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Review

    Who are Bloomtown?

    Bloomtown are a multi award winning family business based in Cornwall, UK.  After witnessing first-hand the destruction of rainforests, and the likelihood of the extinction of orangutans in the next 5-10 years due to our ‘need’ for palm oil, Preyanka and Medwin were inspired to launch their own 100% truly cruelty free products. 

    Many other companies disguise palm oil under other ingredient names, but Bloomtown products do not contain any ingredient which uses palm oil, making their products totally cruelty free.  Bloomtown do not test on animals and refuse to sell their products in countries where products must be tested on animals.

    Their products contain no nasties and instead they fill their range with only ‘sustainable, ethically harvested ingredients.’  Plus they also donate 10% of profits to environmental and animal charities!

    Bloomtown Review

    I’ll admit when I first received my Bloomtown box my heart sunk a little as I opened it up.  I spied bubble wrap and what I thought were those horrid polystyrene peanuts which I instantly thought were not very eco-friendly at all.  Little did I know these were actually biodegradable packing peanuts and even biodegradable eco-friendly bubblewrap

    PHEW!  Bloomtown wins again as they ONLY use recycled/recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing materials, thus reducing their impact on the environment yet again. 

    I was in awe of the products as soon as I fished them out of the box. . . I tapped each bottle and jar one by one.  Ching-ching.  ‘Ben, that’s glass isn’t it?  Ooooooh!’   There’s something ever so luxurious about glass bottled toiletries.  They’re way more elegant than plastic and therefore ideal for gift giving.

    Here’s what I’ve tried:

    • Exfoliating & Moisturising Sugar Scrub: The Grove (Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit)
    • Organic Hand & Body Wash: The Hedgerow (Blackberry & Honeysuckle)
    • Roll-On Infused Oils: The Café (Vanilla & Hazelnut)

    I am so impressed with all three products.  The body wash is probably my favourite as I always love to find a satisfying smelling natural body wash that contains no yucky parabens or irritating detergents.  It’s been brightening up my showers each morning with its fruity sweet aroma.  The body wash (which can also be used as a hand wash) is filled with skin nourishing coconut and olive oils.  Scrumptious!  And I keep forgetting to say. . . it’s organic too.

    As much as I bang on about how bad refined sugar is for you, I only mean when you ingest it, so I’m totally down with rubbing it all over your body in the form of an exfoliating sugar scrub.  Yes please!  The orange and grapefruit scent is delicious and if you don’t agree it’s the best sugar scrub you’ve ever tried, Bloomtown will give you your money back if you let them know within five days.

    I’m loving roll on infused oils just now.  I’m not sure how long they have been a thing, but I’ve only recently been introduced and this is my second experience.  It’s a good experience too!  This scent is quite sickly sweet at first roll on, but tapers off to a light sweet mouth-watering scent which pleases me every time I catch a whiff.  The small roll on bottles are perfectly hand bag sized and mine has been everywhere with me so far.  It’s a great little pick me up throughout the day.  A little roll on each pulse point as the day begins to tire me and whoooosh I’m off again.

    LYLIA20 bloomtown discount code natural beauty 20 percent off active blogge

    Bloomtown 20% OFF Discount Code

    The very kind folk at Bloomtown have given me discount code LYLIA20 to share with you for a whopping 20% off your order! 

    Discover natural bodywash, soap,clay masks, bath oil, scrubs, lip balm, candles and plenty more at

    GO GO GO!