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  1. Nutriseed Goodies: Hemp Seeds and Camu Camu Capsules

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    The benefits of Hemp Seeds and Camu Camu (plus a £5 Nutriseed discount code for you)

    It’s been such a long time since I posted about the healthy things I’ve been trying and eating.  I’m a health freak and love trying new superfoods as well as researching such topics every single day.  Back in 2015/2016 I was writing a lot on my blog about the things I was trying and their incredible benefits.  I haven’t stopped trying them at all.  In fact, I’ve got more obsessed! 

    This year, 2017, I’ve been refined sugar free all year.  I’ve had a couple of slip ups.  I do treat myself to chippy chips every 1-2 weeks and I did start getting mushy peas on them thinking surely they are just peas.  WRONG!  After trying to get some in the supermarket one week when they were a strange luminous green colour from the chip shop, I discovered they ALL have sugar added!  Crazy!  Another thing I’ll have to make myself without the added sugar.  It’s so annoying they put sugar in EVERYTHING!

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    Nutriseed Goodies Hemp Seeds and Camu Camu Capsules Benefits and discount c

    My favourite online store for superfood goodness is, by far, Nutriseed.  Not only can you use code for a £5 discount off your order but they stock one of the most vast ranges of superfood items I’ve seen.  Plus they’re nearly all organic which is a bonus.

    I use their green superfood powder every morning in my smoothie and highly recommend it.  My latest purchase though is for camu camu capsules and hemp seeds.  I’m not a stranger to hemp seeds as they’re an ingredient in my green powder, plus I’ve had the hemp powder before for my smoothies. 

    Camu camu is new to me and I purchased it as I was reading an article all about their benefits and amazing vitamin C content.  I knew straight away to check Nutriseed for them and decided to go with the capsules as an extra vitamin C boost for the winter months.

    Read on to see the amazing benefits of these two products and why they’re now going to be a staple in my cupboard.

    Hemp Seeds

    I’ve been watching so much about cannabis recently and how the whole plant is an incredible medicine.  Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a medicine and has the most incredible healing properties for many daily complaints as well as horrific illnesses and disease like cancer thanks to its cannabinoid content. 

    Unfortunately the government concentrated on its getting high qualities and made it illegal to grow and use for some time.  Only now is cannabis getting the recognition it deserves as such an incredible plant for so many uses and the stigma is beginning to change. 

    I really want to get my hands on some CBD oil to add a drop to my smoothie each day.  I’m hoping it may clear up my skin and be a preventive for many diseases.  I’ve watched several stories of people with 20 years+ of chronic pain being able to relieve the pain in 20 seconds with the oil.  There are also several stories of it helping people with much worse disease.  If you start researching it, you’ll be amazed at the life changing stories you find.  Sounds incredible doesn’t it?  Plus it’s 100% natural and doesn’t contain nasty ingredients like most prescription medicines do.

    Unfortunately Nutriseed don’t stock the CBD oil, but they do sell hemp powder and hemp seeds.  These aren’t going to have the medicinal properties of the oil, but they are both a nutrient powerhouse! 

    Hemp is from the same plant Cannabis Sativa, but don’t worry, eating the seeds won’t get you high!  The seeds contain only a trace amount of THC (the psychoactive compound that gets people high when smoked) and are actually highly nutritious and healthy to eat.  I have some in my smoothie everyday already in powder form and now I’ve been adding these hemp seed to my home made muesli each morning and also chucking a teaspoon to my smoothie for a more nutty flavour.  They can also be eaten as a snack on their own and would be a great replacement for those with nut allergies.

    Nutriseed Goodies Hemp Seeds and Camu Camu Capsules The benefits of Hemp Se

    Let’s look at the amazing properties of the product I bought, hemp seeds:

    • A full protein source containing all 21 amino acids, making it a healthy non meat source of protein
    • Rich in several minerals including zinc (great for immune system), phosphorus (good for bone health), magnesium (also good for bone health) and iron (delivering oxygen around your body in the blood).
    • High in essential fatty acids and containing the perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6.  Our bodies can’t make these itself so we must rely on a food source for these fatty acids.
    • Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, D and high in vitamin E.
    • They contain the rare gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is linked to several health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease.
    • Good source of fibre.
    • Vegan friendly.
    • The Nutriseed version is organic.  Read more on my thoughts about organic food here:

    3 Important Reasons to Choose Organic (other than your personal health)
    Organic vs 'Normal' Food

    For 6 evidence based health benefits, check out this article from one of my favourite websites:

    Camu Camu

    This can also be purchased as a powder, but I went for the capsules to make sure I take one every day.  I already have two smoothie superfood powders on the go, so didn’t want to add another just yet.  The capsules are filled with 100% camu camu powder so I’m still getting the exact same goodness.

    Camu camu is a shrub found in the flooded parts of the Amazon rainforest and it’s the berries that are full of nutritional goodness.  The fruit is said to be ‘excessively sour’ so is ground into powder to mix with other things.

    Here are some of the incredible benefits of camu camu:

    • One teaspoon or one capsule provides 1180% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, that’s more than any other natural source of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is produced by our body so must come from food.  It’s also not stored by the body, so a daily source is required.  These capsules will make it super easy for me to get enough on a daily basis and from a natural source.
    • The Nutriseed version are organic certified by the UK Soil Association
    • High in vitamins and minerals, particularly in essential trace mineral manganese which supports bone health and normal brain function amongst many other health benefits.
    • Rich in antioxidants

    For me I’m all about getting my vitamins and minerals from natural sources, so this is now my vitamin C tablet.

    Save £5 at Nutriseed:

    Use code 5friendto save £5 at Nutriseed! (1)

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    The benefits of Hemp Seeds and Camu Camu (plus a £5 Nutriseed discount code


  2. Nutriseed Review and £5 Off Discount Code [Updated January 2018]

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    Nutriseed Review & £5 Off Discount Code

    Use code 5friendto save £5 at Nutriseed! (1)

    I absolutely love receiving my orders from Nutriseed - boxes filled to the brim with wholesome nutritious ingredients.  The type of ingredients which are ideal for smoothies, sprinkling on soups and making delicious raw energy treats.  This package of wonderfulness was sent to me from a company called Nutriseed. 

    Nutriseed are a young start up business who are passionate about healthy living and eating the most nutritious nature provided foods (sound like anyone else you know?!).  Their website is awesome.  It’s basically like opening my kitchen cupboard door and seeing exactly what’s in all my piled up Kilner jars!

    nutriseed unboxing

    They have the most perfect selection of superfoods and ingredients, which in my household really are cupboard staples.  I chuck these things on my oat cereal in the morning (gojis, chia, flax), whizz in to smoothies (most of their ingredients), add to soup (sesame seeds), make hot drinks from (cacao), pop a few pills (spirulina ones of course)… you get the picture! 

    Just today I’ve made a homemade butternut squash soup and I’ve sprinkled some of the sesame seeds on top for extra flavour and a great nutty crunch.  I’ve also whizzed together a banana and oat milk with half a teaspoon of maca powder for a fantastic energy boost in a tasty 'milk'shake. 

    It’s so easy to start eating healthy with these ingredients just by adding some of them to the foods you already eat daily.  There are also so many easy recipes you can whip up in no time at all such as energy balls.  Just mix a handful each of oats, flaxseed, goji berries and chia seeds together with a few table spoons of nut only butter, mould into balls and voila – raw scrumptious superfood balls! 

    They’re also offering £5 off your order in their impressive online shop with my code:

    Use code 5friendto save £5 at Nutriseed! (1)


    I believe there’s nothing more important than what you put in (and on) your body!

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    Nutriseed Review and £5 Off Discount Code




  3. Healthy Eating Made Easy with Mindful Chef (and a £10 off discount code)

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    Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door

    I’m an advocate for healthy eating and I honestly don’t mind putting in a little more effort to ensure me and my family eat as healthily as possible.  I believe if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much else.  If I’m not well and healthy, then I can’t take care of my children, so it’s important to me to safeguard my health both now and for the future.  I do this through staying active each day and making what I believe to be the healthiest food choices every day.

    One thing that is gaining in momentum, but hasn’t yet totally peaked, is the need for everyone to reduce their intake of added refined sugars.  For the whole of 2017 I have been refined sugar free, bar a couple of accidental slip ups.  I was experimenting for a year, but now I will continue to remain refined sugar free as I don’t believe it’s any good for your health.  It’s honestly a poison.  There’s a great quote along the lines of ‘food can either be the most powerful medicine, or the slowest poison’.  It’s so true.

    To read more on my views of healthy living and reducing sugar, check out these previous blog posts:

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    Healthy Eating Made Easy with Mindful Chef (and your £10 off discount code) Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door

    What if eating healthily could be even easier?

    Most people, I bet, would say being busy is their main excuse for not eating healthier.  People are working long hours and have busy lives nowadays.  No one wants to spend their evening slaving away in a kitchen after a tiring day, unless they love it of course.  But most of us find cooking a chore.

    I’ve recently discovered a company who have tackled this very problem.

    Mindful Chef are a recipe box delivery in the UK with a difference.  Their recipes are truly healthy with locally sourced ingredients.  The recipes are gluten free and all the ones I’ve seen ingredients for are refined sugar free too.  Woohoo!  I’ve been subscribed to ‘healthy’ food boxes before, but they’ve all contained items with added sugar.  I don’t believe anything with added cane sugar can be classed as healthy at all!

    Watch this and you’ll start to see why  Sugar: The Bitter Truth

    Mindful Chef £10 off discount code

    So it’s amazing to see a recipe box with actual natural real food ingredients.  They release 12 new recipes every week and a third of those are vegan which is great for veggies like me too.

    Here’s how their service works (in their own words):

    Choose your recipes

    Delicious, imaginative gluten-free recipes that change every week

    We source & deliver

    Good-for-you ingredients from small West Country farms

    You cook & enjoy

    Healthy evening meals with simple and speedy prep


    Easy peasy!  Plus they claim all recipes take 30 mins or less and are tested on real people (not just chefs).


    Why not give them a go today?  Click here to visit Mindful Chef and enter code TT10 for £10 off your first order!


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    Nutriseed Review and £5 Off Discount Code

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    Gluten free 30 minute dinners delivered to your door


  4. Where to get affordable family travel insurance for a pre-existing medical condition

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    We recently came across our first stumbling block with Reuben’s heart condition.  Our little boy Reuben has a heart condition called pulmonary stenosis.  It’s not something we ever notice as he seems perfectly healthy on the outside.  He’s had two operations so far and will need another at some point. 

    Once he’s an adult he’ll need a valve replacement in his heart, so for now it’s a case of keeping the pressure in his heart to a safe level until he’s a fully grown adult.  We’ve had several check-ups to monitor the pressure in his heart, in fact we had one last week.  Luckily the pressure hadn’t gone up for six months so this time they’re happy to not see us for another year, which is brilliant news.  One year is the longest we’ve had between appointments.

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    Where to get affordable family travel insurance for a pre-existing medical

    As you can’t tell Reuben has heart disease from the outside, we really do forget about it until each check-up rolls around.  This was until I had to book us some annual travel insurance recently.  We’ve been to Germany a few times with Reuben to visit my husband’s family, but we’d not got travel insurance before.  In the next year we are going on our first beach family holiday abroad to Fuerteventura as well as a UK holiday, so I thought it best to get travel insurance to cover us for any accidents and emergencies. 

    I always assumed the European Health Card would cover us for injuries, but this isn’t always the case.  In my blog post 6 important things to do once you book a family holiday abroad - A checklist before you board that flight I explain how my Grandad hurt his ankle when abroad this year and the hospital he was taken to didn’t accept the E111 card.  Yikes !  Luckily he had travel insurance and was able to claim back the costs of the medical attention he received.  Another reason to always have an emergency fund saved too as he had to pay upfront for the care he received and then claim it back later.

    So, as I would usually do for insurance, I set about filling in my details on comparison sites such as to find the best quote.  I’d never thought about Reuben’s condition affecting anything before, but I was so surprised to discover we couldn’t get a comparison quote because Reuben has a pre-existing medical condition.  Quite crazy considering it’s not even something that affects his day to day life!

    Thankfully a quick internet search pulled up some travel companies that do travel insurance for pre-existing conditions and one that stood out was Get Going Travel Insurance.  Their whole ethos being you should just be able to ‘get going’ on your holidays and not have any stumbling blocks because of any conditions.

    I also checked my favourite cashback site and we were able to get 22% cashback on a new Get Going policy by clicking the link via Top Cashback here!


    As a family of four we were able to get an annual policy to include all of Europe (interestingly policies cost more if you want to include Spain, Cyprus, Turkey & Malta, which we needed to) for £44.12.  Plus we’ll get 22% cashback, so really our policy was only £34.41, just £8.60 per person for a whole year’s worth of travel.   As this takes into account Reuben’s medical condition too, I don’t think it’s a bad price at all.  I’m pretty sure as a single adult I never got a year’s policy this cheap before.

    Thankfully getting a policy wasn’t the palaver I thought it was going to suddenly be.  I also realise Reuben will always be faced with the question of whether he has a heart condition for so many activities in his future life.  I’m so used to ticking ‘no, no, no’ on all the forms I fill out about my own health I barely read the questions and skim through.  Reuben will no doubt have a lifetime of ticking yes in places and then forever explaining his condition to people!

    Luckily we now have insurance and are raring to go on our 2018 holidays.  I’m going to write a blog post soon sharing our travel plans and travel wish list for next year.

    If you’re struggling to get a policy because of a medical condition, click to Get Going today!

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    Where to get affordable family travel insurance for a pre-existing medical

  5. Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping! (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

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    Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping!

    (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

    I recently wrote about Zeek, a company I’d heard about but hadn’t got round to trying myself.  It’s a gift card company that sells discounted gift cards for hundreds of stores, including supermarkets.

    When I told Ben I was going to start using it to buy our supermarket shops he looked at me strangely, as if it was a scam.  I, too, was a little concerned the vouchers may not work, but after seeing so many other reviews about the company I decided to give it a go.  If it is for real then we can start saving money every week off our shopping bill and plenty of other spending.

    Well, I can confirm, Zeek isn’t a scam at all!

    Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping! (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

    So far I have purchased three gift cards for Tesco and thanks to two promo codes and the gift cards being discounted I have so far saved £13 on our food shopping this month by buying £200 worth of gift cards.  This has been on three weekly food shops, so it really will start adding up to a great saving by doing this every week.  Obviously I won’t continue to have promo codes, but even a few pounds saving every week will tot up.

    I’ve decided to keep purchasing our supermarket gift cards from Zeek on a weekly basis so we can make a saving on our food shopping every single week.  As soon as one turns up, I’ll buy another for the next week.

    I’ve noticed they also offer credit, so you can credit your account and they give a discount.  I’m going to do this after next payday so all our food shopping money can be credited to Zeek for the month.  Then I’ll purchase supermarket gift cards at a discounted rate.  Doing both will mean an even bigger saving!

    One thing to note is you can’t use the gift card right away.  I’m not sure if this is the same for all their gift cards, but it is for the Tesco ones I have purchased.  The cards are activated one working day after they’ve had confirmation of the card being delivered through tracking with Royal Mail.  So bear this in mind when planning your food shops.

    It’s so easy to use the site and I bet you’ll find a gift card (or plenty) for a shop you already shop in!

    Not only do you save money on the gift voucher you buy, but I have a special code for you to save an extra £3 off your first order if you spend £30 (I get some credit too):

    Click here for £3 off your first purchase with Zeek!