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  1. How I saved £36 on my car insurance (with increased cover and breakdown) and got £12.80 cashback

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    I love saving money and getting cashback, so each year when my car insurance renewal rolls around I never trust the quote I am sent from my existing company.  Do you?  I always assume the quote will go down every year, especially when I’ve not made any claims and so have an extra year of no claims, but it always goes up.  Because it always goes up I simply don’t trust it is the best deal and shop around for a better price.  Every year I find one.  I’ve not yet stayed with the same car insurance company for two years running as there’s always a better deal out there.  It baffles me slightly why the existing company never want to retain a customer and just offer the best price in the first place.  Surely it’s less paperwork for them and more money to keep an existing customer? 

    How I saved £36 on my car insurance (with increased cover and breakdown) an


    This year I managed to save £36 on my car insurance by switching, which might not sound much at first, but this is for an upgrade to comprehensive cover and breakdown too.  Before now I’ve always only had third party fire and theft.  So I saved money and got more cover for my money.  Plus, my insurance is now under £200 for the year, around £170, so I’m not sure how much further I can keep driving it down each year!  Perhaps until they pay me to have the insurance?!

    Not only did I save £36 on the price I was quoted from my existing insurers, but I also got £12.80 cashback.  I always check Top Cashback for car insurance quotes.  Plus if you click through to Confused on Top Cashback you’ll get cashback for simply doing a price comparison.  I got £2.30 just for comparing quotes and it was very quick as they’d saved all my car details from last time I checked.

    I always check a few comparison sites and a couple of independent ones.  I then check Top Cashback to see if I can get cashback on the cheapest quote and I always have been able to so far.  This year my cheapest quote was from Churchill and I was able to get £10.50 cashback too.

    Never ever just assume your car insurance renewal quote is a great deal.  Shop around and you could pay less and even get a higher standard of cover!

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    Please pin me and let others know how to save:

    How I saved £36 on my car insurance (with increased cover and breakdown) an


  2. 10% discount code to build a shop and blog with Create (

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    If you’re looking for a discount code for then you’re in the right place!  Create are the website builders I have used for this blog and shop ever since I set up my first website.  Well, I did use another ecommerce platform for one day, but they were useless and I got a refund sharpish.  Luckily I somehow discovered Create who had everything I needed to set up my online fashion boutique at the time.

    Read this to see why the other website creator was no good: How to CREATE your own website (who I use)

    10% discount code to build a shop and blog with Create

    Originally I didn’t even have a blog and just set up a fashion shop.  I’d sold items on Facebook and Esty prior to this, but even all those years ago (almost five) Facebook were constantly making changes to their algorithm which was affecting my sales.  I knew I had to set up my own online website if I was to continue.

    A lot has changed in the five years I’ve had my website and blogging is now my focus.  I still have my store and it can be found here if you want a peek as an example of what a Create shop looks like.

    Don’t take mine as the only example though!  They have so many fully customisable responsive themes to choose from, so you can pick one that suits your brand and tweak it to personalise.  I love a minimal clean white look, so this theme works for me.  I have changed a couple of fonts and colours.  It’s so easy to change the themes and preview before deciding on them to pick the best for you.

    There’s a full stock management system and stock control all integrated into an easy to use backend.  You can generate sales reports and see everything you need in the dashboard.  The customer service team are also brilliant!  I think I’ve had around three account managers in the five years I’ve been with Create and they have all been the most helpful people ever.  They never make me feel like an idiot, even when I’m asking the most obvious questions.  You need no technical experience whatsoever to make a website with Create.

    My shop is still there, but I mostly blog now.  The blog is great as an addition to your ecommerce store and it still works fine for me as a full time blogger, but it does lack a lot of blog features you’ll get with a dedicated platform such as Wordpress which I use for my second blog.  For a simple blog alongside your store or even if you just want a basic blog that’s easy to use with no fuss, then the blog is just fine.

    There’s an option to pay monthly or save a bit more if you pay yearly.  I pay every January and it’s done and forgotten about for a year.  I have two domains, both the .com and and they are around £30 each for two years.  Create will organise all this for you through your dashboard and send reminders when the payment is due.

    If you want to play around there’s a free trial where you can test everything before committing to a contract.

    Save 10% with my discount and referral code RAF315226 at 

    10% discount code to build a shop and blog with Create


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  3. Fun animal print scarves for spring (and a 40% off Lylia Rose discount code)

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    Please someone tell me spring is just around the corner?  I'm not sure I can deal with any more snow and freezing temperatures.  It's making the winter feel incredibly long all this snow of late.  I'm certain I suffer with seasonal affective disorder  and need the warm weather more than ever right now.  Ben told me it was going to snow again, but upon checking his weather app he said it must have changed.  I'm still not sure if he was being serious or just trying to wind me up!

    As spring is hopefully about to finally start and then a long hot summer (I can only dream) it’s the perfect time to stock up on beautiful lightweight scarves from my blog shop.  Oh yes, I don’t only blog, but I have a fabulous little online store on this website selling a great range of oversized lightweight printed scarves for all tastes and budgets.

    To celebrate the hopeful arrival of spring I’m offering a huge discount of 40% off any purchase with the code MARCH2018 until midnight of Thursday 30th March 2018.  With prices starting from only £4.99 you’d be barmy to not check it out!

    2nd class UK delivery is free and there are speedier options for a small cost – great if you need a prezzie in a hurry!  Delivery is to the UK only and there is a minimum order total of £4.99.

    Prints range from flowers and trees to patterns and animals.  The material is a soft poly fabric, so it’s not scratchy at all.  I wear one most days and they’re suitable both indoors and out keeping my neck ever so cosy.  Once I start wearing one I begin to feel lost without it.

    Don’t forget to enter code MARCH2018 for 40% off your scarf order today!

    Below are some of my favourite animal prints. 

    Rows left to right: Swallows, Elephants, Owls, Giraffes, Whales, Penguins, Sausage Dogs, Polar Bears, Horses!

    40% off scarves lylia rose discount code

    For more great ways to use a Lylia Rose scarf, check out these fab ideas from me and other bloggers:

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    Five Other Ways to Use Your Fashion Scarf

  4. Unique and alternative uses for a fashion scarf (plus a discount code for last minute Mother’s Day gifts)

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    It’s nearly Mother’s Day and I have a treat for you with a whopping 30% off in my online fashion boutique which sells printed lightweight fashion scarves.  You’ll find the discount code in this blog post.  Not only are these perfect for keeping necks cosy in the winter, but they are lightweight and make the perfect spring/summer fashion accessory both indoors and out.

    Cool scarf uses for mums, babies and kids too!

    You can also get super inventive with these scarves.  They can be used for so much more.  Here are a few alternative uses from my own brain and other bloggers brilliant suggestions too:

    Unique and alternative uses for a fashion scarf (and a discount code for last minute Mother’s Day gifts)

    Breastfeeding cover

    You’ll have the prettiest breast cover around!  I’ve seen some huge plain looking breastfeeding covers, but these scarves are much prettier.  They are also lightweight and easy to pack in a change bag, or simply just wear it all day and stretch out to cover baby when needed.


    They are so big they can be used as a sarong on the beach or by the poolside.  They could also cover shoulders to help protect against the sun or as any sort of beach cover-up to protect your modesty or for walking about.

    Photo Backdrop

    A blogger told me a while ago that she used my scarves as pretty backdrops for her photos.  Such a great idea and one I must remember to do with my own scarves.


    Ooh I love the alternative clothing uses.  Not only could you use as a beach cover up, but you could tie it in all manners of ways to make a cool summery top, headscarf or belt.

    ‘I've been known to use a scarf as a tube top hehe (if that's the term for it - top without straps)’

    ‘I use mine as a belt. It can make an outfit pop.’

    Unique and alternative uses for a fashion scarf (and a discount code for last minute Mother’s Day gifts)

    Dress up

    Children love to dress up and these are perfect for their dress up boxes.  They can use them as capes, dresses, skirts, head scarves turning themselves into superheroes, princesses and so much more!

    ‘My daughter uses mine to dress up as a Princess!’


    What a fantastic idea to play peekaboo with a young child or baby.

    ‘Can go into baby’s sensory play basket. Both mines lived playing with them when they were little. Not just a touch and the feel of them but for peekaboos and other basic games they are great’

    Summer pram blanket

    They are perfect as summer blankets for little ones in their pram and can also double up as a shade cover by attaching to the hood of the pram or car seat and floating down over baby letting them get much needed sleep and keeping them out of breezes or bright sunshine.

    ‘For a thin pram blanket in the summer when it's a little breezy’

    Unique and alternative uses for a fashion scarf (and a discount code for last minute Mother’s Day gifts)

    Save 30% on Lylia Rose fashion scarves this week

    Use code MUM2018 until midnight Sunday 11th March 2018 to get 30% off your order.  Second class delivery is free, but for a speedier delivery to get in time for the big day just select a different option at the checkout starting from just £1.50 for first class delivery.

    Shop here:

    Hope you have a brilliant Mother’s Day and do let me know if you buy your mum a scarf from my shop.  Tag @lyliarose in any pictures on Instagram or Twitter.

    Cool scarf uses for mums, babies and kids too!

  5. How to save money on natural beauty products

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    One of the most off-putting reasons for a person to convert to a natural beauty regime is usually the expense.  It does tend to cost more to choose natural based products, but for a good reason.  Natural beauty products use only the best quality and purest ingredients available.  Many of these types of companies have strong ethics behind their brand and source ingredients from Fairtrade practices and organic sources.  Companies are usually less mainstream and commercialised, but rather small businesses and individuals either hand making the products or making them in small batches.  Even those natural beauty items that are starting to line the shelves of regular supermarkets often come from humble beginnings and are still not mass produced on the same scale as the well-known conventional brands.

    Even though they are more expensive, I now only choose to buy natural beauty for me and the children.  Not only do I believe it is more beneficial to our own health (everything you put on your skin ends up in your body), but better for the health of our planet.  After all, everything we use eventually ends up in the environment whether it’s washed down a plughole or thrown into a bin.  We should be making a conscious effort to use only the most natural ingredients to protect ourselves, marine life, wildlife and the Earth.

    For me a little extra expense is worth it.  However, here are several ways to save money when shopping for natural based beauty products:

    How to save money on natural beauty products

    Check for discounts on Groupon

    Did you know Groupon offers discounts on beauty websites as well as on experiences, treatments, products and meals out?  I didn’t, but I do now!  I assumed they were just about getting a day out for a bargain or a hotel night away, but there’s an entire section of discount codes for well-known brands including Cult Beauty (as I write this) who stock a wide range of beauty products including natural items.

    Make your own

    By far the cheapest way to save on natural beauty is to make your own.  Plus you can use the same ingredients to make lots of different items.  You can even just use whole ingredients as they are, such as coconut oil which makes a great hair oil, lip balm, moisturiser and mouthwash.  You’ve probably got some great ingredients already lying round the house such as sugar and coffee to make scrubs and olive oil which is a fantastic overnight moisturiser.  Just search Google or Pinterest to find lots of homemade recipes.

    See Coconut Oil | My Top 5 Beauty Uses

    Shop in the sales

    Never underestimate a sale for finding a bargain on natural beauty products.  Holland and Barrett often have BOGOF deals and a penny sale, so take the opportunity to stock up on the products that usually cost you the most.  Make sure you sign up to all your favourite websites mailing lists so you know as soon as the sales take place.  You rarely need to spend full price on natural beauty if you shop smart.

    Go big

    Buy the biggest versions you can as you should get more for your money.  The price per gram should always be lower on the larger packs, meaning you’ll pay more upfront, but save money in the long run.  Shopping in bulk is also a good idea.  Try Amazon for multipacks or wholesale packs.  This can seriously reduce the cost per item.

    How to save money on natural beauty products - make your own handmade

    Try a wholefood or vegan market

    Small handmade beauty businesses are often found at local markets, especially wholefood and vegan type markets.  Many stalls will have special offers for the markets only and you may be able to pick up a discount card for ordering online at a later date.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to find out more about all the natural ingredients and try some samples with in-person advice.

    Use the right amount

    Natural products are often a lot richer than cheap mainstream products, so you usually don’t need to use as much.  Make sure you only use as much as you need to.  This will avoid waste and ensure the product lasts as long as possible before needing to buy a replacement.

    Sign up for loyalty schemes

    Check if websites offer loyalty schemes and sign up to them if you plan on being a regular customer.  Larger companies often have points cards, but even smaller companies might offer something to retain you as a customer.  If it’s not clear to see a scheme on the front page, scroll to the top and bottom of the website to see if there are links to anything in the menu.

    Research first

    Before wasting money on a product that won’t be right for you, do your research.  Check online ratings and blog reviews to see what others think of the product.  There’s no point in buying a product willy-nilly and ending up with something you never use or dispose of.  That’s just throwing money down the drain.  Follow blogs of those who use products you like and see what they recommend.

    Try auction sites

    Auction sites such as eBay are great for grabbing a bargain.  Some big companies will sell their end of line stock and clearance through such sites meaning you can get it much cheaper than in their normal store.  Regular folk also use the sites to sell unwanted gifts or mistaken purchases, so a fellow shopper might list a brand new beauty product as an auction from 99p.  Set up some searches and save them to be alerted any time your favourite products are listed.

    Get cashback

    Before ever purchasing anything online, you should always see if you can get cashback.  It amazes me how people I know still aren’t signed up to cashback companies.  It’s so simple to do and you can get hundreds of pounds a year back into your bank account with very little effort.  Just shop as you normally do, but find the retailer through the cashback site and shop through their link before making your purchase.  Simple.  In two years of getting cashback on our normal purchases  I’ve received over £500 cashback and my husband has received hundreds too.

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    Natural beauty products may seem a little pricier at first, but it’s a worthwhile investment for your health and the environment, plus with a little savvy shopping you can always save money.

    How to save money on natural beauty products

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