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  1. 6 of the best places to find items to resell on eBay for a profit

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    I’ve recently started selling more on eBay and in particular, I’ve been reselling.  I’ve always sold our personal items on eBay and I had a store linked to eBay for my online fashion boutique, but only recently did I become a reseller.  It’s very early days, but I’m already selling some of my resell items and over time I hope to increase how much I stock.  I absolutely love making money online and selling things so it seems a natural progression for me to become an eBay reseller.  I also love eBay which helps!

    If you’ve also considered flipping items on eBay for a profit, but you’re not quite sure where to source these items from, you’re in the right place.  Today I am sharing with you the best places to source items to sell on eBay for a profit.

    6 of the best places to find items to resell on eBay for a profit

    Online auctions

    Once you’ve made a bit of profit, or if you have some cash to start out with, you can check out online clearance auctions and buy stock in bulk or sometimes singularly.  You’ll often find batches of redundant stock from businesses at a fraction of their usual cost.  As you’re bidding on the items you can bid for only as much as you want to pay.  If no one else is bidding then you’ll get the items for even less than anticipated.

    Outlet stores

    Shopping the sales in regular stores is a great way to bag a bargain, but shopping in the outlet stores themselves is even more profitable.  In outlet stores the clothes are already a fraction of the usual RRP and if you shop in their end of season sales, well you’re going to get an even bigger reduction. 

    If you can hold on to the end of season stock until that season rolls around again you’ll be able to sell more stock for a higher profit.  But don’t underestimate out of season stock.  There are always people going away for winter sun who can’t find summer clothes in store, so they turn to eBay to do their shopping.

    Charity shops

    With a bit of searching you can really find some gems in charity shops.  They often have designer gear and popular High Street labels at tiny prices.  Plus their stock changes constantly so you’ll find something new on every visit.

    I used to think it was slightly immoral to buy stock to resell from the charity shops, but now I think it’s a win-win situation.  I get to make money to support my family and the charity shop makes money.  The more I sell, the more the charity makes.  Plus, I’d rather buy items to resell for a more sustainable world and support a charity, than buy new wholesale items from China.

    6 of the best places to find items to sell on eBay for a profit

    Car boots

    This is the place to find some of the cheapest items for sale.  Some people sell at a car boot to make a profit, but most are regular people having a huge clear out who want to make a bit of cash, but are really desperate to just get rid of the stuff and not take it home!

    Get your haggle hat on and grab some bargains!

    Facebook marketplace

    We’ve used Facebook marketplace to sell items quickly and locally when moving house or if we need to get rid of something quickly.  Often items are sold within a few hours.  If you have the space to store some furniture to resell, this can be a great place to pick something up nearby and haggle the price. 

    It’s not just furniture though, there are all sorts of things for sale, you just need to be able to collect them.


    It’s entirely possible to buy items from eBay to sell on eBay!  There are a lot of job-lot and wholesale bulk listings where you can purchase several items in one go and then sell them individually making a profit.  You could also get really lucky and purchase a single item for 99p in an auction and sell at a profit. 

    I often check the sold listings and see the same second hand designer shoes, for example, sell for 99p and £20.  If you have the patience to wait for a little more money when selling something, then it’s always worth waiting.  Starting an auction at 99p when selling isn’t always the best move, but it’s great if you’re looking for these items to resell.  You could just get lucky and bag some designer gear for pence.

    You may also find bargains when people have misspelled listings or taken really unclear pictures that others simply scroll past.  Items listed in the wrong category or ending at an undesirable time can also be great for getting the best deal on a price.

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    6 of the best places to find items to resell on eBay for a profit

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  2. Blog and Home Income Report October 2017: How I made over £2000 working from home

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    Welcome to my new MEGA monthly income reports where I share the exact amount of money I make from home each month from my blog and home.

    I was sharing a home income report and a separate blog income/stats report, but now I’m going to combine the two!

    I share these to show how much money can be made from home by a normal mum of two (ages 2 and 5) around mum duties and with some hard work and dedication.  Before realising I could make money online and from home, I had little idea I could really make a full time income from my online activities.  I believed my only options were to return to my previous job after my first maternity leave or to be a stay at home mum.  I had no idea there were other options available to me.

    I won’t lie.  It’s not been an easy ride to get to this point and I also have no idea if it will continue.  The lack of security is one very off putting thing for most people with being self-employed, but there are so many money making avenues nowadays I believe anyone can do it.  I’m working on diversifying my income nowadays so I have more than one stream.  That way, if one lets me down for a month, another should fill the void.

    My target was £1500 for October and it will be for November too.   £1000 would be my minimum.  That’s a bit more than I could earn working five nights a week or about the same, depending on how many hours I worked.  Only problem with working all those evenings in an employed job is I’m exhausted the next day and miss out on family time. 

    I gave up my last part time job in May 2017 to concentrate on earning from home and make money from blogging.  Once I’d earned more than my employed wage for six months I decided it was time to chase my dreams and go for it!  In my last job I worked from 5-8.30pm every evening Monday to Friday meaning I dashed out during dinner time, missing our family meals every evening, returning home after the children were in bed meaning I missed every bath time and bed time.  It also left me no time to work on my own business in the evenings unless I stayed up really late and then felt tired every single day.  My original aim was to make £1000 per month from home.   In my best month this year I was able to make over £3000 from home!

    Reuben is now in childcare 18 hours a week and I’ve upped that to 21 hours from next week.  This gives me some dedicated business time without kiddies around.  This helps me so much now and means I don’t have to work every evening as I know I have some time in the day.  It is still difficult sometimes as I really need to be working 8 hours a day to get everything done and not 5.5 which is the maximum I get.  Once Reubs starts school (two years to go) I’ll be able to have a much more normal working week.

    Blog and Home Income Report November 2017 How I made over £2000 working fro

    Blog & Home Income Report: October 2017

    This is my total before any expenses, income tax, national insurance or anything else. Here’s the breakdown:

    Blog - sponsored/review/giveaway




    Matched betting


    Mystery tasks


    LR shop sales


    Personal eBay




    Top Cashback (2 accs)






    Over £2000 which is fantastic.  Read on for a full breakdown!

    Blog Income £1760.13

    If you’re returning, scroll down to see the income report and stats.  If you’re new, read on to see why I share my income and how much I really work on my blog!

    ‘If you’re wondering how much money I make from blogging, read on. I share all with you in my monthly blog income reports.  These are a great resource for me to look back on and also for anyone who is interested in what I earn from blogging or what can be made. 

    It’s not to show off, but to show how much money can be made online from a blog.  It’s important to note this is my full time income.   I left my employed job and I work on my blog all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  It’s my passion and my focus.  I have no personal social media or any distractions.  I also have no social life, or very little!  I devote all my spare time to my blog and website.  It’s my obsession.

    If I am on my phone or laptop, I am always doing something blog related.  I put in 30-40 hours a week at the moment whenever I can.  I sacrifice evenings with my husband to work on my website.  He is now used to me not listening to him as I’m so engrossed in my laptop or phone!  Once both my children are at school then I’ll work out a better work routine if my blog is still making enough money.  I hope to then work in the day only and have my evenings and weekends back, if possible!’

    Blog income 2017 lylia rose uk lifestyle parent blog stats october

    One thing I never mention is how long it took me to monetize my blog.  I always get asked how long it takes and my answer is really ‘how long is a piece of string?’

    I didn’t monetize mine for three years.  It was a part of my original retail business and I never knew about making  money from it.  I could have made money a LOT sooner if I’d have known, but I was chasing the dream of being a shopkeeper and not a professional blogger.  I didn’t even know pro bloggers existed.  Once I found out I changed my game plan!

    That doesn’t mean it would take someone else three years.

    Many bloggers set up with the sole purpose of monetizing and they make money within a couple of months.  I’ve even seen bloggers share income reports after one month!

    It also depends on your dedication.

    If you’re going to only work 1 hour a week on your blog, you’re probably not going to make money as fast as someone who works 100 hours a week.

    Monetizing a blog means your blog is a business.  It takes just as much hard work as running any other business.

    It also depends how many opportunities you apply for and how many you get.  You might need good stats to apply for some which can take a few months to build.  I actively look for work EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It’s my job.  It’s my income.  It’s my only income, so I need the work and I need to be on it finding those opportunities.

    Blogging definitely isn’t for everyone and running a business by yourself also isn’t for everyone.

    I do often get the impression people think I don’t do very much and the money just magically rolls in, or that’s what many people think of bloggers in general.

    My favourite quote goes along the lines of ‘entrepreneurs are the only people who work 80 hours to give up working 40’

    It fits the life of a professional blogger very well too!

    So here is my blog income for October 2017:

    Blog - sponsored/review/giveaway




     Blog and Home Income Report November 2017 How I made over £2000 working fro

    Blog Posts £1679.40

    Not my best this year, but not bad!  I charge for all blog post collaborations, even if it’s a giveaway or review.  Many bloggers don’t charge for all these, but I put in just as much time and effort as any other blog post, so I charge.

    Don’t work for free! I get emails daily from companies expecting me to offer my services for free.  It’s taken me five years to build up my audience and it can take more than a couple of hours to write a blog post.  If I accepted all these offers of work for free then I’d not make any money!  I personally think it’s a bit cheeky of large companies to expect access to all my hard work without putting any value on it at all.

    Referrals £80.73

    My referral money is from Profit Accumulator and Nutriseed   - two companies I use and thoroughly recommend.

    I also have some money in my Awin account, yippee!  But it hasn’t been paid yet, so this may be in one of the next income reports.  I really need to make more of them and spend time applying to brands.  I have won £200 from a competition they ran once and also got a sponsored post by advertising my services in their market place.

    Sign up to Awin as a publisher here for access to 6000+ brands affiliate schemes!

    Previous blog income reports:
    January 2017
    February 2017 
    March 2017
    April 2017
    May 2017
    June 2017
    July 2017
    August 2017
    September 2017

    Blog Stats: 

     Oct 2017 Stats

    Not too shabby, my stats are remaining pretty steady for the year.  I had been dedicating a couple of hours or more of my time daily to my Instagram and Twitter, but I’m going to chill a little.  It can get so overwhelming trying to keep on top of it all every day.  I don’t want to get obsessed with the numbers and maybe just let the accounts be.  I’ve no idea if they really help me that much anyway as I mostly work on sponsored posts which care about my DA, not my social followers.

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    Matched betting £70.81

    A pretty poor month, I was hoping to reach £100.  I would have if I’d have concentrated a bit more.  I lost out on two free bets at the start of the month.  One day it was Monday and all of a sudden it was Thursday and my free bets only lasted 48 hours.  I was just so busy and every week felt like it flew by.  It’s best to check matched betting every day so this doesn’t happen as many offers/bets have time limits.  I was gutted I missed a couple.  But oh well.  Last month I made over £200!  I’ve also made over £3000 this year in total!

    It’s a great way to make extra tax-free cash from home if you can spend a little time most days checking the offers and completing some.  You’ll need to be organised too and keep a record of all the offers you’re completing and your profits.

    I highly recommend using Profit Accumulator for matched betting as a beginner.  They have so many guides and walk you through the whole process in the first few offers.  If you are stuck you can ask a question in the forum and someone will get back to you.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee on their memberships, plus you can try the first couple of offers without even signing up to anything.

    Click here to try Profit Accumulator today!

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    £753.62 Matched Betting Profit Month One (and silly mistakes)
    Not sure about matched betting?  Make £40ish now to see if it’s for you!
    Matched Betting Profit 2 Months: £1341.81
    Matched betting profit after 3 months: £1706.81

    Mystery tasks    £4.00

    I’ve only done a tiny bit of mystery shopping.  I have earned a bit more, but I’ve not cashed out, so I’ll only include the figures in my income reports that have actually hit my bank balance.  I’ve been concentrating more on eBay and the blog so ignored a lot of tasks.

    Apps I use are Streetbees, Roamler, Task360 and BeMyEye. 

    You need an invite code for Roamler. Read this blog post for a great way to get a roamler invite code.

    4 ways to make money from your blog without Google ads

    LR shop sales     £58.14

    A few sales in my online fashion boutique this month which is great news!  There are lots of new scarves in stock and great Christmas present ideas.  Check out my Special Offers page to find a discount code!

    Personal eBay   £111.17

    Time to declutter and get rid of the children’s summer clothes as they’ll not fit them next year.  I continue to have 200+ items on eBay and a clutter free house!

    Resell   £66.93

    I’ve only listed 38 resell items so far since September and I’ve sold 11 so far in total, this month I sold 7. Imagine if I could 10x the amount of resell stock I have!  I just need to find a dedicated day/time to go to the charity shops to source stock and up my game!

    I decided to try something new last month as I love selling on eBay and online, so it seems perfect to resell.  I bought a few items from the charity shop and I’m selling them on eBay. 

    I used to think it was a bit immoral to buy things from charity shops and then profit from them, but I’ve had a change of view.  I think it’s a win-win situation.  The charity shop makes money and the more I sell, the more I’ll return to buy more things. 

    Plus it’s more eco-friendly to reuse goods.  The other option would be to only buy new stock from wholesalers and line their pockets instead.  I’d much prefer to support a charity.

    Top Cashback    £8.13

    I LOVE Top Cashback!  I check it for everything we buy.

    Here are a few things I’ve got it on: Formula One MOT, gift cards from Zeek, Holiday Inns booking, our First Choice holiday, Very shopping, Car insurance, comparing car insurance, eBay, photo books, supermarket shopping, Flybe flights, car hire, home insurance.

    As you can see, you can earn cashback on so many different things.  Not just online shopping.  I even got over £2 just for doing a comparison search for car insurance.

    In 1.5 years we’ve had over £600 back on our normal household shopping.

    Sign up now and save on all your online purchases!

    Top Cashback blog posts:

    How to earn cashback on things you already buy! 
    Today I saved BIG on my car insurance and MOT. Here’s how… 
    How to get a discount on almost all your online and in store purchases! (Plus a £3 discount code for Zeek) 
    Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping! (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

    That’s all until my next reveal next month.  If it’s over £1500 I’ll be pleased.

    Thanks for reading :)

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    Blog and Home Income Report November 2017 How I made over £2000 working fro

  3. Create a professional logo for your blog in under 10 minutes with Logojoy

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    I was kindly invited to try out an AI logo creator called Logojoy and I’ve been playing around with it yesterday and this morning to create logos for both me and my husband Ben.  I’m quite happy with my own logo, but Ben has been blogging since June and still hasn’t decided on a logo. 

    So this morning I decided I’d create him one.  His website is called Wood Create and is a place for him to share all his wood creations and DIY adventures in our home, garden and beyond.

    My thoughts on a suitable logo were nothing too frilly, something bold and perhaps something somehow related to wood, if that were possible.

    How to design a logo with Logojoy

    Here we go.  Six easy steps.

    1. First, enter your business/blog name.
    2. Next, choose 5+ logos you like from the selection shown.
    3. Choose a colour scheme (I decided to go for orange for some reason – brown for wood seemed too boring and brown, so orange seemed like the next logical choice)
    4. Add a slogan if you like.  I left this blank.
    5. Pick an icon.  Ooooh.  This is where I found a little chunk of wood icon – like a trunk or chunky branch with a leaf and twig sticking out.  Perfect.
    6. Voila – lots of logos for you to scroll through and choose the one that is perfect.

    Create a professional logo for your blog in under 10 minutes with Logojoy

    Easy peasy

    It actually took me way less than 10 minutes to create a professional looking logo.  The part that takes the longest is choosing the logo that is best.

    I also realised Ben should not have a logo of just the initials of his blog name as they are WC!

    After choosing the logo I liked the best I was able to see how the logo would look on business cards, adverts and merchandise.  This part got me very excited as I could see how professional it really looked on business cards and I sent Ben an email immediately saying he needed the sweater! 

    Imagining the logo in use really brings the business to life.

    If you’re happy with your logo the cheapest option is $20 to download one image.  If you want higher quality images with colour variations and a range of different formats (eps, pdf, png and svg) you’ll need to choose the $65 package which is what I was able to trial.  This premium package also gives you full copyright to the logo for commercial and non-commercial use.  You can also download brand guidelines which is a resource with full fonts and colours so you can maintain brand consistency on your website and in any printed text.

    wood create logo business cards design logojoy blog post review lylia rose

    My thoughts

    Overall I’m really impressed with Logojoy, especially the speed at which I was able to generate numerous suitable logos which looked professional.  If you are terrible at design and need a logo in a hurry, this is definitely the place to go.  Ben has so far spent hours and hours trying to draw and create his own logo online as well as using design software, when it could take him a few minutes using Logojoy.  For the time and effort wasted elsewhere so far, it makes Logojoy’s price seem totally worth it.

    I like that the logo generator is so simple and easy to use.  Anyone can use it, even if they’re no good with technology or design.  It allows anyone to have a great looking logo and to easily customize aspects of it without any design skills.

    One thing I forgot to mention is the social media kit add on.  For just $9 the logo can also be downloaded in 40 different sizes which are ready for Etsy, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more, meaning the logo is ready to go on all social sites and no time is needed to resize in another program.  This will definitely appeal to busy business owners.

    I think the logo I have chosen for Ben looks great.  It’s bold, simple and timeless.  What do you think?

    Click here to try Logojoy today!

    Have you used a Logojoy to create a logo?  It’s free to use the generator, why not have a go?  

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    Create a professional logo for your blog in under 10 minutes with Logojoy

    * I was gifted a premium package in exchange for my honest review


  4. A Room of One's Own: Changing The Perception of Women Online

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    When Virginia Woolf first created the famous sentence on how women who want to be successful writers simply need money and a room of her own, she probably never imagined what the online landscape would look like.

    The majority of the bloggers, vloggers, and social media editors today are women - but, to ours and probably Virginia’s big despair, they’re not really getting as much credit as you might think.

    You can read more about the topic of feminised occupations and the lack of professional respect on Vox, though, as the conversation will continue to roll for a while longer. Until then, we might as well make it a bit easier for our fellow sisters online.

    Here is a handful of tips on how you can take your blog to new heights, and help stop devaluing feminised work.

     A Room of Ones Own Changing The Perception of Women Online

    Take control over your day

    In the article above, they talk about how a male chef would receive so much more honour and recognition than a woman who cooks - kind of because she is expected to be good at it. The same can be said for writing, talking, and sharing stories with each other; it’s almost as if we are expected to do it, and we shouldn’t really call it work.

    You can have a look here, by the way, for an insight to how much work it actually is.

    Women are making a living online all over the country, but they’re also doing every other household chore while they’re there. If you want to turn your blog or vlog into a sustainable source of income, you need to set actual office hours and a room to call your office.

    If the house is noisy and full of distractions when you’re trying to work, it’s a good idea to find a corner cafe to do your writing in - or invest in a garden room, which will even add some value to your home. Either way, you need some quiet space to do real work.

    Don’t advertise for free

    Most bloggers who are experiencing a bit of growth come to a certain point where companies would like them to advertise for them. They have the followers so why not take advantage of it, right?

    It might start out as a few freebies where they expect you to test their things and give an ‘honest’ review, or it might be something branded they just want you to show off on Instagram.

    Never take on free labour, even when you’re young and fresh to the blogging landscape. The online world you’re in control of is how you make a living, and you won’t be able to do it unless the big companies out there recognise it as real work.

    Free stuff and exposure is not a payment - only money is, and that’s what they should give you if you’re going to feature their brand.

    Changing the perception

    When you’d like your hard work to pay off, it’s important that we manage to push through a change in perception of seeing blogging as a hobby rather than an occupation.

    Even when you refuse to work for free and decline every opportunity of exposing your blog, there will always be someone who says yes. It kind of ruins what the rest of us have been trying to build, so come over to the good side and we’ll all make a bit more money.

    It’s not something we do just for the fun of it, and even when you’re passionate about what you do, you still expect to get respect and payments for your efforts.

    Where to start?

    Start by supporting your fellow blogging community, and build a network around helping each other succeed. There are so many supportive Facebook groups where you can find a wealth of information from bloggers of all walks of life.  Or take a look at my blogging section to discover more about what I think about blogging, general tips, advice and my income reports.

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    A Room of Ones Own Changing The Perception of Women Online

    *collaborative post

  5. Why I do what I do: my plans for the future

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    Are you waiting for a lottery win or taking control of your own destiny?

    Since having children I’ve really thought about my future a lot.  Yes, I do believe that we need to live in the moment and not dwell on the past or worry about the future, but I do also think we should plan for the future somewhat.  After all, I don’t want to get to 70 years old, if I’m lucky enough to make it, and not have enough money for retirement or to treat my children every so often.  I’d also like to be mortgage free way before this and travel more.  Whilst many people seem to live their lives waiting for a win on the Euromillions lottery results, I’m a big believer of taking control of your own destiny.  Yes I do play the lottery for fun, or even bet on it sometimes, as you do have to be in it to win it, but I won’t rest all my hopes and dreams on scooping a big win. 

    I think it’s better to take control of your own life and do what makes you happy.  You can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you.  You need to work out what makes you content and just go for it!  Too many people are miserable in their jobs every single day.  Life is too short.  If you’re not happy, do something about it.

    Once you’ve got the now sorted, then you can start to think ahead and start planning for your life to go that way.

    Here are the things I’m aiming for in the future and how I’m shaping my life now to get me there:

    healthy - why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog

    Be as healthy as possible

    It’s important to me to be as healthy now as possible, so I’m healthy in the future.  I want a fit and active retirement without many of the pains and complaints the elderly suffer with.  A lot of these may be able to be prevented through healthier lifestyle choices. 
    I eat more than the five a day of fruit and veg each day.  I usually have my ‘5’ in the morning and plenty more throughout the day.  I think the 5 a day is the bare minimum we should eat each day.  Getting the 5 isn’t enough to consider you healthy.  I used to think I was healthy as I got my 5 each day in my early twenties, but then I drank alcohol each day, smoked 20 cigarettes and ate junk food.  That’s not a healthy lifestyle!
    This year I quit refined sugar as I believe it is a slow poison causing many diseases and putting the liver under unnecessary strain every day.  I avoid processed foods and chemicals.  I prefer a natural wholefood diet.  The only bad thing I regularly have is chippy chips on a Friday night.  A portion of chippy chips and I make some refined sugar free beans to go with them which I quickly heat up at home.
    I don’t drink alcohol.  I don’t smoke.
    I stay active every day.  I go to the gym, take a long walk or do an online exercise video - sometimes all three of these, sometimes just one.  Exercise videos are free and in abundance on YouTube.  There’s no excuse.
    I hope that if I take care of myself now, nurture and nourish my body correctly, then when I’m old I won’t have as many aches, pains and complaints.  Hopefully I can steer clear of disease too and enjoy being old.

    Read where I get my inspiration from here:
    Your ultimate inspirational guide to being truly healthy - Stop focusing on weight and start focusing on health instead

    travel - why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog


    It’s also important to me to remain in good health as I plan to travel when I’m older.  I never travelled as a youngster and if I was to have any regrets, then that is it.  I wasn’t very adventurous as an eighteen year old and was quite happy to live with my boyfriend at that time and then go on to get into stacks of debt through a stupid shopping addiction!  As I didn’t want to travel I used to stupidly think it didn’t matter if I bought what I wanted and got into debt as I’ll always be here to pay it back. What an immature and naïve mind-set!
    As I grew older and met a lot of new people, including many who had travelled the world, I realised how much I was missing out on and that in fact I did want to see all these wonderful places.
    Now, in my 30s, I realise life is short and it’s already speeding by.  I believe we are only here once and this is our time.  The Earth is a beautiful place and I want to see as much of its beauty in person as I can.  I now have a great desire to travel and experience as many incredible places as I can.
    I always say to Ben, we’ll be travellers when we retire!  I always joke (but mean it half seriously) that we’ll sell our home once the kids move out, buy a RV and travel.  He replies saying perhaps or we can at least go on a few good holidays a year.
    In order to do this and to have plenty of holidays/travelling opportunities we need to be in good health in our 60s/70s and also have enough money in the bank.

    blog - business - why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia

    Grow my blog and business

    To ensure our health is great by eating plenty of organic foods and to have enough money for travelling and retirement, we need to make enough money and start saving now.  This means earning as much as possible and putting away as much as possible each month.
    Ben works very hard at his job and is working up the ladder.  He’s in management and has the passion and desire to progress further.  We are both inspired by our children and our future plans which give us the motivation to succeed.
    As I work for myself, mainly as a full time blogger, I hope I can maintain and potentially increase my income through blogging, selling online and matched betting.
    At the moment Reuben is only two.  If I were to work full time employed, we would need full time childcare and holiday care for Bella.  The cost of this means we’d be left with very little.  I make a lot more working for myself than if I got a full time job.  I also make more working for myself now than in the three part time jobs I’ve had since becoming a mother.  For one of them I worked 6pm-12am four times a week and for another I started work at 5am six mornings per week so I could finish before Ben went to work.  Luckily I was able to grow my blog and business in all my spare time around this and I now earn more than any of these minimum wage part time jobs could pay me.
    If my blog and business do ever die a death, which I pray won’t happen, I’d not question getting a job around Ben’s work again.  I’d rather not have money worries and be able to save, so I’d do whatever it takes.
    My plan for now though is to continue doing what I’m doing and hopefully grow my income if I can.

    why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog - guest r

    Setting up a holiday business

    I realise since working for myself that a diverse income is crucial to succeed. It’s good to have a few income streams to fall back on to if one is low for the month.  Blogging is my main income, but I also do matched betting, mystery shopping, online selling and eBay reselling to boost my income every month.  I’m trying to increase my reselling at the moment so it provides more income.
    Renting out a room or property is a great way to provide a regular income with little output, once it’s set up.  Ben’s brother runs a holiday cottage and says it’s the easiest business he’s ever ran.  I’ve watched several TV shows like 'To B&B the Best' or something like that which say making a rental income is one of the best ways to make extra cash.
    I believe it.
    I also think it would be fun.  My idea is to build a garden room of some sort in our garden and to rent it out on Air BnB.  Ben is keen to build this as he loves building.  At the moment he’s building himself a workshop, so this is good practice.  There’s a similar structure in the town next to us in someone’s garden and it’s always fully booked.  I really believe we can make around £10000 a year from rental income if we go ahead.

    why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog - beach -

    Living by the sea in the countryside

    The ultimate dream would be to expand this idea further.  To have a home with a little land where we can build a few self-catering lodges to rent out.  This would provide us with a sustainable income and we can both work on following our dreams in the day time.  I can blog and Ben can make furniture in his workshop.
    I love the sea.  I love the fresh air.  I feel like I can breathe by the sea.  I’m not so in to touristy seaside’s, so I’d love to find a fairly quiet beach in the countryside where we can set this business up.  I’ve only lived in the same county so it would be quite an adventure for me to move somewhere else one day.
    Ben’s grandparents lived in Cornwall so he has fond memories there, so we think one day we’d like to try it and it ties in nicely with our future business idea.

    This is why I do what I do now.  It’s why I’m obsessed with my blog and making money now, even when the children are small.  I feel like time is escaping me and I should have started saving money a lot younger.  I never used to think about investing in my future when in my twenties.  It wasn’t a priority to me.  Now I’m obsessed with investing in my health and future so I can hopefully lead a happy, healthy fruitful life and leave something behind for my children.


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