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  1. Find your perfect slimming swimsuit at Fashion World

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    With this summer being an absolute scorcher so far we have been making the most of outdoor swimming pools whenever we get a chance.  Luckily our gym has an outdoor pool we can take the children too at certain times, so we can all cool off, get some exercise and just splash about having fun!  I usually just wear a black Speedo costume when exercising, but with it being holiday season and us spending more time than usual hanging out at the pool, I wanted to try something a little more fashionable and stylish.  I was very pleased to be offered the chance to choose some swimwear from Fashion World who stock the most stunning selection of costumes, tankinis, dresses and bikinis.

    Find your perfect slimming swimsuit at Fashion World


    Love it when online goods look exactly the same in real life! 

    Find your perfect slimming swimsuit at Fashion World (1)

    Feather swimsuit - Floral swimsuit - Palm swimsuit

    I chose three Magisculpt style full swimming costumes which are designed in such a way they give the impression you are one inch smaller.  They are super fitted so they suck in and disguise any wobbly bits and keep everything held in place!  I chose three patterned costumes which make a refreshing change from my usual plain black swimwear.  These are bright and colourful and simply perfect for the summer months.  The patterns are also great for disguising any lumps and bumps!

    Another bonus is the padded cups.  My existing costumes don’t have this so it’s nipples galore, but these have foam pads which thankfully aren’t removable and are fixed into place.  These give a nice smooth and supportive finish to the bust.

    At around five foot seven I’m not overly tall, but I do start having issues when buying regular sized swimwear.  Even some regular sized tops are too short for me and I always have to opt for longline ranges.  I never managed to jump on the onesie trend as the bodies of them were always too short for me! Before the past year I always wore a two-piece bikini.  I still do, but if I’m swimming lengths then I prefer to wear a one piece.  I never thought anything of it until I ordered two swimming costumes for the first time last year and when they arrived they didn’t fit!  My body is just too long.  Thankfully the Magisculpt costumes come in two lengths so I was able to order the long length which fits perfectly.  A great tip if you’re tall like me and can’t find a long range is to choose a costume with adjustable straps instead so you can lengthen them.

    Find your perfect slimming swimsuit at Fashion World (2)

    These two fit me best and are my favourites

    The three costumes I received are very snug, so don’t be surprised if you can’t get them over your thighs at first!  As they offer body control they are not as stretchy as other costumes, so they need a bit of manoeuvring over the thighs and hips before they slide on easily!  There was a warning card with them to state this as otherwise I’d have panicked they were too small for me.  Once on they fit beautifully.  Two of them have really thick straps which I think is much more flattering and helps to hide my bulgy bits between my breasts and armpits.  I hate those bulgy bits!

    If Magisculpt isn’t your thing then don’t worry.  Fashion World stock so many other brands and styles of costume from a curvy range through to maternity styles.  They have plenty of plain, colourful or patterned costumes to suit every taste.  I was very impressed with the selection available and had no problems finding suitable costumes for me.  In fact, I could have ordered several more!


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    Find your perfect slimming swimsuit at Fashion World (3)


  2. Where to get affordable hair extensions that don't ruin your hair

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    In my twenties I had two sets of glue in hair extensions that totally ruined my hair.  The first time I had them I’d had my hair cut a bit shorter and immediately regretted it.  I’d always had long waist length hair, but dreamt of short hair.  Thing was, it just didn’t suit me back then.  Only now in my thirties have I braved the chop and have shoulder length hair that I finally feel confident enough to wear since having rhinoplasty and a brace!  It may sound ridiculous but I was so embarrassed of my face before as I had a dreadful nose and very wonky teeth so I used to use my long hair to hide behind!  With short hair I felt like all my terrible features were more on show and somewhat exaggerated.  So having had a chop in my twenties I regretted it and wanted my long locks back.

    Why I wouldn’t advise getting glue-in extensions

    Back then, say over ten years ago, I don’t remember there being so many hair extension options available, I certainly never saw clip-in hair extensions in the UK.  I only knew about the keratin bonded hair extensions and there were some local salons that advertised them.  They were pretty expensive at around £300, but I felt desperate and so went for it.  These extensions took HOURS to put in my hair as they are quite thin strands which are bonded to thin sections of hair.  The keratin bond is melted to the roots of the hair and ‘bonded’.

    They looked amazing when first in and I was so pleased, but I didn’t know what was yet to come.  These hair extensions were so difficult to manage!  I was advised to sleep in a plait every night and to use a special shampoo that wouldn’t break down the bond (at a high cost of course).  After around one week they started to look a bit worse for wear and feel matted at the roots.

    After six weeks they were really matted at the back and what I can only describe as a dreadlock was beginning to form at my roots on the back of my head.  I did occasionally not wear them to bed in a plait through pure laziness and going to bed too late, so I thought I might be to blame.

    So I had a second set.  This time I followed instructions to the T, but still had the same problem.  I ended up with a messy dreadlock to the roots of my hair.  A big matted mess.  The extensions also began to look unruly after a couple of weeks.

    Taking them out was awful too.  I returned to the salon where it took hours again to remove them, along with large chunks of my own hair!  My hair was so thin afterwards.  I certainly wouldn’t say it was a pleasant or pain-free experience to remove them.  At one point I had two hairdressers trying to tease (or yank) the knots from my roots!

    5 reasons why clip-in extensions are so much better

    Where to get affordable hair extensions that dont ruin your hair


    Luckily these are not the only way you can have hair extensions and there are now several different options.  Clip-in extensions look so much better than bonded and I wish I’d known about this option in my twenties.  Now I do know about them I have an option to make my hair longer again if I do get bored with my new short look.

    Here are five reasons why clip-in extensions are so much better for you and your wallet:

    1.      They are so much cheaper

    I paid around £300 just over ten years ago for a full head of professionally applied bonded hair extensions.  This obviously isn’t very budget friendly.  Clip-in extensions, on the other hand, are much more affordable with websites such as selling a full head from only £49.99 for 15 inches.  They also offer a free colour matching service, free colour exchange and free shipping so you’ll not be out of pocket trying to find the right colour match either.

    2. They won’t ruin your hair

    They’ll not ruin your hair as they are not permanently attached.  They are removable and attached with plastic clips, no different to using hair ties or regular hair accessories.  Your normal hair will look the same when they are taken out with no excessive hair loss or dreadlocked matted hair in sight.  They are designed for temporary use, so are not left in all the time damaging your hair.

    3. They are easy to use

    These extensions are much easier to use.  They can be applied yourself and do not need professional assistance.  The clips are simply standard hair clips which anyone can insert easily to their own hair.

    4. You can change your style daily

    Clip-in extensions are temporary and flexible.  You can take them in and out whenever you please so you are not tied to the same hairstyle.  You can add them for a night-out or special event only if you wish.

    5.  They last forever

    OK, maybe not forever and ever, but much longer than bonded extensions which are thrown away once removed from your hair after 6-8 weeks.  This makes them more cost effective again as they are not just for single use.


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     Where to get affordable hair extensions that dont ruin your hair


  3. What does smart-casual mean? A look at how to wear this tricky dress code as a female

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    Smart-casual can cause a panic in even the most fashion conscious of us.  I mean, how smart is too smart and what would look too casual?  Are jeans acceptable?  Trainers?  The list goes on and the confusion around this seemingly juxtaposed dress code builds.  After all, smart and casual are total opposites.  Smart being suited and booted for work, weddings, funerals, important events and so on.  Whereas casual is whatever you want to wear.  After a day of being dolled up casual gives the opportunity to relax and throw on something more comfortable and less rigid.  To mix the two into one dress code can seem almost impossible.  In this blog post I am going to look at what exactly smart-casual means and how exactly to wear this confusing dress code as a female.

    What does smart-casual mean A look at how to wear this tricky dress code a


    What is smart-casual?

    As much as the name seems to contradict itself, it does also make sense.  It means to look presentable, but not go over the top.  It’s to look respectable, but in a more comfortable manner.  It’s an in-between smart and casual dress code that can often mean different things to different people, but it’s not about throwing your ripped jeans, muddy Converse and baggy t-shirt on!  You still need to look neat and tidy, but not totally overdone. 

    To put it simply, it means don’t wear what you’d wear to the grocery store, lounging around at home with the kids or to a sports match!  Put some effort into your outfit.

    When to dress smart-casual

    There are many events that may explicitly request a smart-casual dress code, but more often than not you’ll need to use your common sense to make a judgement yourself.  First dates, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and even interviews may require you to dress in a smart, but casual manner.

    Interviews can be a little trickier to judge, but if it’s an interview at a High Street fashion chain then they’re probably not expecting you to turn up in a full blown trouser suit.  If you’re unsure then call up the company before to check if there is a dress code to adhere to.

    With personal engagements you’ll need to make the decision also.  On a first date, unless you’re going to the swankiest restaurant in town, you’ll probably want to go more as yourself but without looking too sloppy.

    If you’re invited to a full wedding day then by all means dress up and go for it, but if you’re only invited for the evening do then you may want to wear something a little less restrictive.

    How to dress smart-casual as a female

    This is going to depend on the situation or event as you’ll need to make your own judgement to whether you can lean more towards the casual side of dress, or if smarter would be preferred, but here are some general guidelines to help you.

    Instead of a full on trouser suit, tone it down a little.  Forget the suit jacket and shirt and instead choose to wear the smart suit trousers with a top and cardigan instead.  You’ll still look presentable, but you’ll be comfortable and more relaxed.

    Put the heels away and choose flats instead.  Trainers or rubber soled pumps may be a little too casual, so choose smart flat pumps or jewelled flat sandals that are not too over the top.

    Alternatively you may want to wear some more comfortable fitting trousers like these from Chums and team with a low heel and plain fitted top.

    Jeans are usually a no-no if an event clearly requests smart-casual.  That said, a dark pair of jeans with a smart top and polished heels may be suitable for some events, but if in doubt then I’d advise against wearing jeans at all to any dress coded event that doesn’t specifically say they are allowed.  Your safe option is to avoid jeans when there’s any mention of the word smart, even if it’s placed next to casual!

    Instead of a smart tailored dress, go for a long maxi-dress in a block colour or monochrome pattern.  Teamed with a smart black cardigan and flat plain sandals you’ll look smart-casual instead of as though you’re simply off to the beach!


    Though smart-casual at first might sound like a rather ambiguous dress code, it does actually have some meaning and sense behind it.  Don’t dress like you’re off to business meetings all day and don’t dress like you’ve just woken up and thrown your comfiest clothes on.  If you look well-dressed enough to attract compliments about your outfit, but you’re still comfortable then you’ve nailed it.


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    What does smart-casual mean_ A look at how to wear this tricky dress code a


  4. My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover

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    I’d had a wraparound wallet phone case for my iPhone for a few years and to be honest, it was a little worse for wear!  It was fake leather and had scuffed all around the edges.  Plus the material was folding near to the camera and kept putting black shadows in my photographs.  It had been on my list of things to buy for quite a few months now, but somehow I never got round to buying myself a new phone cover.  Luckily a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by My Personalised Case who sell personalised phone cases for all sorts of different phones on their website.  It was great timing, as you can imagine, so I couldn’t resist ordering a case immediately.  In this blog post I will review my experience of My Personalised Case.

    My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover

    Over the years I’ve had a few phone cases, mostly clear cases so I can actually see and appreciate the phone, so the wallet case was the first I’d had that totally covered the whole phone.  It was OK and meant I could use my phone as a wallet too by carrying a couple of notes and a few cards, but it had recently started to annoy me a little as the front cover was always in the way of my phone.  I always had to use two hands to photograph or the cover would flap over the camera lens.  When choosing a case from My Personalised Case I decided I would just choose a back and side cover so I could use my camera with ease again.  Plus, it was a great excuse to get a new purse to hold all my cash and cards!

    It’s really easy to make your own phone case and totally customise the design.  There’s a few choices of covers such as wallet, tough, silicone and wooden.  I love all things natural so the wood case really appealed to me.  I’ve never seen anyone with a wood case so I couldn’t imagine it in real life at all.  Not only is it wood, but printed wood with a design of your choice.  You’re able to upload an image of your own such as a photograph (or your business/blog logo – how cool would that be?) and have it printed right onto the wood.  I did upload a couple of photos to see what they looked like, but after flicking through some of their own designs I decided to choose a large leaf print.

    My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover 1

    The whole ordering process is very easy.  It’s so amazing how quickly we can create our own personalised designs nowadays thanks to the internet.  It’s not something that ever existed when I was a youngster.  We can all be so creative and put our photos to good use or create beautiful personalised gifts for loved ones with a few clicks.

    I’ve had the case for four days now and so far so good.  The leaf print was the perfect choice as it complements the wood and represents my interests perfectly.  I wasn’t sure how a wood case would be with regards to weight and strength, but it’s made from bamboo so is very lightweight and smooth.  At first I thought it didn’t fit my phone, but the phone needs a good push and press into the case for a tight snug fit.  The sides are not wooden, but plastic with a soft touch finish so they feel almost like rubber or silicone.  These are great for people like me who often have butter fingers and regularly drop things! 

    All in all it feels like a hard wearing case that looks great and has a sleek finish around the edges.  I’ve had my other case for so long that it actually feels like I have a brand new phone since switching up the case to a totally different style.  I do also love not having a flap get in my way all the time!  If you’re looking for a personalised photo or cool print phone case, do check out My Personalised Case to create a cover that reflects your personality or showcases a favourite memory.


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    My Personalised Case Review – Wooden Leaf Print iPhone Cover

  5. How to Get the Perfect Summer Look

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    Summer is finally here and with it comes garden parties, beach days, and hopefully a holiday, or two. It’s a time where you’re feeling good so you definitely should be looking good. There are simple steps you can take to strut through the season in style.

    How to Get the Perfect Summer Look



    One of the most important things you need in the summer is a good skincare routine. Summer, with any luck, means plenty of sun. This can be absolutely glorious, but in those powerful rays it’s vital you take care of your skin. Make sure to moisture regularly, apply sun cream when you need to, and give yourself some rest periods in the shade. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you fancy becoming bronzed, getting a spray tan could be the way forward.  


    Warm weather is lovely, but it can be hard to keep feeling fresh throughout the day. Perfume is a quick and easy fix for this. You can spritz some on at the start of the day, or why not pop a bottle in your handbag? Then you can freshen up as much as you like. Try the natural scents by Miller Harris, I think they go hand in hand with a summer day.

    Straw Handbag

    Whether it’s for perfume and lipstick, or a good book and sun cream – you need a handbag to fit your daily needs in. Straw handbags are so on trend this year and it isn’t hard to see why. They’re perfect for the season and so versatile. Long gone are the times when they were just for a day at the beach. The straw handbag can now be used in your day to day routine.

    Palazzo Pants

    I understand that in warmer weather not everyone wants to flash their skin. Palazzo pants are the way forward. They’re cool, lightweight, and come in such a variety of styles there’s one for every body type. Dress them up, dress them down, and they can take you from day to night.

    Pastel Colours

    According to Glamour, pastels are set to be one of the biggest trends in summer.  Pastel colours are easy to co-ordinate with, and a statement piece of jewellery can make that much more an impact against a lighter background. Not to mention lighter colours will keep you much cooler in the sun.

    I always find it so much easier to dress for the summer.  It's much more fun than dressing for the winter. Do you agree?


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