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Get a brand new look for the New Year with these 4 kitchen design tips

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The beginning of a New Year is the perfect time to make changes. So, if you’re eager to use the dawn of 2017 to put some improvements into action, why not start in the heart of your home - the kitchen. To help you adopt a brand new look in your cooking space, take a look at the following four tips. 

Four ways to freshen up your kitchen design

1. Replace your worktops

It’s no secret your kitchen worktops play a huge role in determining the feel of the entire room. So if you want to nail a new look in your kitchen for the New Year, you might want to consider replacing this part of your cooking space. Swapping these surfaces is a great way to change up your overall decor theme.

For example, if you currently have super slick black granite countertops, switching them for surfaces that have a lighter, warmer appearance, such as oak block laminate worktops, can instantly freshen up the room. Bear in mind that, aside from picking aesthetically pleasing surfaces, it’s important to go for high-quality materials that will be able to stand the test of time in your newly decorated cooking area.

2. Fit new cupboard doors

Fitting new doors onto your kitchen cupboards is a great way to give your cooking space a facelift. Replacing these units completely can be inconvenient and time-consuming, so if you’re keen to give this room a design update in 2017 without the extra hassle, this could be the perfect solution for you. By swapping your cabinet door frontals, you’ll be able to adopt an entirely new decor theme without having to dismantle your whole kitchen.

3. Change your flooring

To give your cooking space a new look for the new year, you could change up your flooring. Replacing this part of your kitchen is an effective way to improve the look and feel of this room, and the good news is, you don’t necessarily have to compromise appearance for practicality when you refurbish. While it’s likely you’ll want to go for a material that's hardwearing against splatters of food, splashes of liquid and heavy footfall, it’s also possible to find flooring that’s super stylish.

For instance, you could go for a wood-effect laminate or vinyl flooring. These surfaces are robust and can be wiped clean with ease, plus you can choose from a plethora of stunning colours to make sure your chosen floor complements your overall decor.  or if you have more to splash a polished concrete floor is great for a chic industrial vibe in the kitchen.

4. Invest in different lighting

Switching up your lighting situation is another way to completely transform your kitchen. Regardless of whether you’re eating a meal with your family or keeping guests entertained, having a well-lit cooking space is a must and it gives you the opportunity to create the perfect ambience. From under-cabinet lighting, to in-built ceiling spotlights, to stylish low-lying pendant fixtures, there are a plethora of stunning and innovative designs for you to choose from.

So, to see your kitchen in a whole new light in the New Year, you could try investing in different illuminations to brighten up the place.

Final word

Aside from making personal resolutions for, why not embrace the New Year and make a vow to give your kitchen an entirely new look?  You don't need to completely renovate your kitchen, but you can make some smaller changes to enhance the space.