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4 design upgrades for your home

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Working? From home.

Movie night? At home.

Weekend brunch? You guessed it—in the home!

Quarantine has increased stay-at-home nights more than we’d prefer. But a silver lining to this pro-indoors era is the chance to make our houses the homes of our dreams.

Whether you want an entirely new second floor or just a fresh coat of paint, 2020 is the perfect year for an interior upgrade. Read on for some renovation inspiration.

#1 Customise your colours

Looking to make an easy change on a budget? Start by looking to your right and left.

The lovely thing about walls is that design-wise, the interior painting is easy to switch up. Grab some swatches and try out a few of these colourful changes.

  • Wallpaper – What goes around comes around, and this vintage decor is sliding back in style. Try out an elegant floral design in calmer areas like the bedroom or living room.
  • Trendy tones – Pantone has named the electric AI Aqua blue the colour of 2021, but consider a few other chic shades. Warm earth tones (soft beiges, creamy whites) and rich jewel colours (fuchsia and emerald) are all the rage.
  • Eco-friendly paints – Lowering airborne chemical counts is always a plus. Look for VOC-free paints to keep your interior home safe. Clare paint is an excellent brand that is both green and self-priming.

#2 Sneaky storage

Recent online purchases starting to take over the corner of your bedroom?

Time to consider some nifty storage designs to maximise your space.

Install some of these storage methods in your bedroom, and the clothes pile on your chair will thank you later.

Built-in cabinet additions are a classic, and it’s easy to see why—they take advantage of space that you can’t use otherwise. Aim for areas where peoples’ heads usually don’t go, such as crawl spaces, alcoves, and over desks and closets.

If you want a modern touch, floating cabinets are all the rage these days. Let your books hover in style. And don’t forget all that space under the bed! Classic storage bins (for bonus points, preferably with organisers) can handle all off-season clothing.

#3 Go green

The world may feel like it’s ending, but that doesn’t mean we should start trashing it even more.

Eco-friendly design isn’t just morally right, it can also be a huge money saver and beautiful.

Pay some respect to Mother Nature with these green upgrades:

  • Windows – Sunlight isn’t the only thing leaking through the glass panes. Cut your monthly heating bill by installing energy efficient windows in your home.
  • Lighting – We all have heard the praises for LED and compact fluorescent bulbs (a must for eco-friendly lighting). But don’t forget to also add dimmers and increase natural light sources! Candles and a soft glow are much more flattering than harsh overheads.
  • Roof insulation – Want a major overhaul? Green-ifying your roof will end up saving you cash in the long run. Thermacork is a great sustainable insulation material.

#4 Vintage pieces

When considering the furniture you love most, the answer is almost always Grandma’s beat-up mahogany dresser, not your bright white IKEA bedside table. In this cost-prioritizing world, we can easily forget the value of inheritance and age.

If you want to add a personal touch to your home, explore second-hand and vintage furniture stores. Not only will you be supporting sustainable shopping, but you’ll also find something that’s more unique for your home.

Not many thrift stores in town? Don’t worry. There are plenty of excellent online second-hand furniture markets to peruse. Take a look at Kaiyo furniture, which offers extensive set-up services and plants a tree with every purchase.

There’s no place like (a well-designed) home

Your house is your sanctuary, and it deserves to be treated as such. Whether you’re adding just a few polished touches or completely renovating your kitchen, take advantage of this time to build your ideal home with these design upgrades.

Now is the perfect time to paint that wall you’ve meaning to paint, pop pictures in those frames you’ve had in a drawer for years and to make your home look great!

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