Your first home: how to get it right

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Your first home_how to get it right

Having your own home is a really exciting step and it's likely you'll want to invest in the decor to really make it feel like your own.  In this blog post are some tips on the best areas to invest in to really make your home comfortable.

The best rooms to invest in now you have your own home

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Your bedroom

One thing that you should really invest in is your bed. Not only will you have it for a long time but a good night’s sleep is crucial for your health and happiness, so you have to make sure that you get it right. Try out as many mattresses as you can, and if you can’t afford to get a brand new bed then why not go for a mattress topper that will help you get comfortable? You also need to make sure that you keep light out of your room as much as you can, so you can sleep in peace in the mornings. 

Your living room

Remember that the most important thing to focus on in your living room is comfort. You might have friends over from time to time, but the most important person who will be using that room is you – so you need to make sure that you enjoy nestling into your couch and that you have a warm rug on the floor to press your cold toes into. Not only will a rug help to make the room look colourful and pretty but it’ll also help to insulate it in the winter.

Your kitchen


If you’ve only just moved out of your parents’ house then you might not be all that great at cooking yet – so one of your top kitchen priorities should be to learn, and to make sure that you have a shelf so that all your cookbooks are in easy reach. Make sure that you have plenty of storage that’s convenient to access, and fill up your spice rack so you can get experimental with your cooking. Get a good set of pans that will last you for years along with a couple of great knives that you can chop vegetables with – because yes, as an adult, you are now obligated to eat your greens.

Your outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space then you must enjoy it. If you want to get into gardening, then why not look for supplies that you can add to the space? Look to buy garden sheds online so you can make up some pot plants and even sow some of your own seeds. There’s nothing as delicious as home grown tomatoes and strawberries, and very little that feels as good as the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food.

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Your bathroom

Although it’s hard to alter a bathroom significantly if you’re renting wherever you live, you can always make it into what you want it to be by adding soft towels that you enjoy wrapping yourself in whenever you get out of the shower, along with a light that makes doing your makeup even easier in the mornings. Go for luxury in your bathroom – treat yourself to high quality products that make it a joy to wash your hands in there, and make sure that you include hand lotion so your knuckles don’t get chapped over the winter.


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