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7 treatments that every beauty lover needs this summer

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Everyone loves a pamper and summer is the perfect excuse to splash out on some “me” time, now is the time to put you first and prepare yourself for summer with these indulgent yet affordable beauty treatments!

Even if you are not going away this summer you do not need to miss out, you can still have a great time in the sun at home, so treat yourself, get your toes ready for your sandals and your skin bronzed for your summer wardrobe.

Here are the seven treatments that every “Beauty Lover” definitely needs in the lead up to those summer months…

  1. Go hair free with a laser hair removal treatment

We all know the pain and time consuming process of keeping unwanted body hair at bay, but you can prevent the hassle of constant shaving by having laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair treatment involves lasers targeting your hair follicles to reduce hair regrowth.

This treatment is becoming very popular due to its long term beauty result. Treatment time can vary depending on where on the body you want treated. You usually have to have 4-6 treatments with a couple of weeks in between each appointment to fully see the results.

Therefore if you start now with laser hair removal your legs will be perfectly prepped just in time for summer leaving you more time to enjoy the sun with loved ones.

However as lasers are involved in this treatment it is crucial you understand the risks before having an appointment.

In rare cases scars, discoloration of the skin and burns can occur and if you feel your beauty practitioner has been negligent you can be speak to a legal expert who can advise you how to make a personal injury compensation claim for any damage caused.   

  1. Get your nails on point with a manicure & pedicure

Everyone wants to look their best for summer so why not have a manicure and pedicure?

Despite being a really simple treatment, having freshly manicured nails can really transform your confidence and give you that extra positivity boost!

This is an affordable and relatively quick beauty treatment that you definitely need this summer.

There are a few nail treatment options for you to choose from ranging from fake nails, file and polish, a french pedicure or manicure, or a gel polish finish, to name just a few. All of which give a different look and some may require re-visits to the salon to keep your nails perfect.  A great excuse for some more you-time!

  1. Achieve that sun-kissed look with tanning treatments

Today it is very easy to fake that desirable holiday bronzed tan even if you have not had a chance to get away.

Tanning treatments available to you include  spray tans, sunbeds, tinted moisturisers, gradual tans and shower tanning foams.  You can even get fake tans that are made with natural ingredients and vegan friendly.

You can choose to tan yourself at home but if you want to ensure an all over even tan a visit to the beauty salon could be the best bet.

You do not want a fake tan nightmare if you have a big event coming up such as a festival or summer wedding!

Therefore paying a bit more for a professional to bronze your skin does seem worthwhile.

However if you do plan to complete the treatment yourself make sure you invest in tanning mitts to prevent orange hands and exfoliate beforehand to ensure streak free coverage.

  1. Make your skin glow with a facial

A facial is the perfect beauty treatment for summer and can help prevent any sun damage on your face.

A facial also provides a relaxing break from reality and are a great way to de-stress, so why wouldn’t you try a facial out this summer?

There are numerous different types of facials that focus on different results for your skin including exfoliating facials, cleansing facials, moisturising facials and anti aging facials.  

Facials have a lot of skin benefits that you might not realise they can rejuvenate the skin and help circulate blood flow across your face reducing the evidence of aging such as wrinkles.

They also improve your skin’s elasticity and can even reduce sinus congestion as well as improving your skin tone.

  1. Release any tension with a bamboo joint release experience

If you feel stressed it is likely your body is feeling the strain too.  This is where the Bamboo Joint Release Experience comes in.

This is a brand new treatment that any beauty lover should try out. This is very similar to a hot stone massage as the bamboo sticks are heated and rolled across your back very slowly.

This targets your knots and tight areas in your back helping you feel refreshed and relieved for weeks after the treatment.

This treatment may be quite hard to find initially but is certainly growing in popularity and it is predicted to be a big beauty treatment this summer.

  1. Try something new with a chocolate treatment

Who doesn't love chocolate?

Following research that chocolate in fact has more anti-aging antioxidants than blueberries or green tea, chocolate is now the new rage in beauty!

You can now have many different chocolate beauty treatments for example, chocolate facials, chocolate body scrubs, chocolate lip balms, chocolate massages to chocolate hair masks.

Chocolate nourishes your skin leaving your skin feeling moisturised and energized as well as detoxifying your skin from any impurities.

Who would have thought chocolate had so many hidden talents?

  1. Protect your hair with an SPF hair treatment

Hair strands are very sensitive to sun damage; we all know the risks the sun has on our skin but the damaging effect it has on our hair is often overlooked.

You can take steps to protect your hair from sun damage with SPF hair treatments that condition and protect your hair from the sun’s powerful UV rays.

Additionally, swimming in the sea or in a hotel pool can also damage your hair due to the dirt and chlorine in the water.

Luckily you can prevent the extent of the damage by showering in clean water before swimming, this works because hair can only absorb so much, thus showering first means your hair absorbs the clean water leaving little room for the dirty chlorine-filled water to be absorbed.

Final word

All of these treatments will help pamper you so you are ready for summer.  Whichever beauty treatment you decide to try remember to research the treatment beforehand to check it is suitable for you. Read other client reviews to ensure the salon operates in a reputable and clean environment and the individual is qualified to carry out the treatment.  Then you can fully relax and place your trust in them!  

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