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Homemade Raw Dark Chocolate

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raw crispie chocolate with cacao & wholegrain puffed kallo rice - lylia

Raw Chocolate with Crispies Recipe

I was very chuffed with how my (kind of first) attempt at raw chocolate turned out.  It was really delicious! Me and Ben actually polished off the whole batch in one sitting.  I think slightly more may have gone my way!
It was my first attempt using raw cacao butter.  A couple of weeks back I tried to make some using coconut oil, but they were a bit too oily tasting and not very chocolate like.  I've since discovered it's better to make raw fudge with coconut oil.
I looked online for inspiration for a raw chocolate recipe and then made up my own!  I really can't believe it worked first try!  Here's my recipe and the brands I used:
60g Cacao Butter 
30g Coconut Palm Sugar 
30g Cacao Powder
(All the above from The Raw Chocolate Company)
2 Pinchfuls Black Chia Seeds (The Chia Co)
1 Scoop Wholegrain Puffed Rice (Kallo)
A Dollop of Honey (Tesco Organic)
The method is so simple! Pop a glass bowl over steaming hot water in a pan.  Chuck all the ingredients in and stir until the butter has thoroughly melted.  Spoon the mixture into moulds or pour into a tray (I tried both and both worked well). Pop in the freezer/fridge to set. I put them in the fridge first, then got impatient so put them in the freezer!!
Eat and enjoy!
These are so rich and tasty.  The crispies also floated to the top of the hearts/bars which created a great 'topped' effect.  I'm going to be making a lot of my own raw chocolate now!