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4 skills you need for an epic holiday

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Going on holiday is the most natural thing in the world once it’s booked. Organising one can be hell, but once that’s over with, it’s plain sailing.

The majority of people assume this is the case and end up enjoying one of the worst getaways of their life.


It’s because sitting on a beach or seeing the sights isn’t always innate.

Some people have it and others don’t, and the people who aren’t naturals need to learn the necessary skills. Otherwise, the next trip you book may be an absolute, unmitigated disaster.

Take a look at the following and see what you can tick off the list. 

The skills you need to book a great family holiday


A holiday is an occasion when frugality goes out of the window. You’d rather spend a fortune than stick to a budget.

After all, it’s a yearly experience that only happens once or twice. There’s no point wasting it because of a little bit of debt.

Of course, this attitude means you arrive back home with credit card bills stacking up by the front door. If only you didn’t go crazy, this wouldn’t be an issue now...

Budgeting requires a handful of bookkeeping skills to ensure you live within your means. Never skimp out, but do pull back when a meal or a hotel is out of your price range.

You don't want to return with money worries or debt you can't afford to pay back.  You still need to live within your means on holiday, no matter how tempting it is to splash out!

Save up as much as you can before you go on holiday, so you can splash out without the guilt.  Budget your spending money.  Divide it by the days you are on holiday and stick to it.  If you spend a little less one day, then you have more another day to treat yourself!


And this isn’t a reference to the kids!

Yes, family holidays and children go hand in hand with arguments and stress. Little ones aren’t diplomats and won’t listen to reason, which suggests there are going to be clashes.

Without patience, you’ll feel as if you should have stayed at home and gone to work. No one should ever think this way on vacation.

Also, relaxing takes effort. Lying on a beach is boring for some people, and patience can help you get through the day. So can sleeping as it whiles away the hours.

You'll need patience when travelling, especially if the flights are long.  Basically, make sure you take plenty of entertainment - books, music, games, etc.  Then you'll never be bored or the kids.


Parents never get to do what they want to do because the kids come first. Well, this is the one occasion when you are in control.

Because it’s seven days to two weeks of fun, there’s plenty of time for everyone to enjoy the holiday!

After a day by the pool, for example, you can organise a trip into town or the nearest city, rent and drive a quad or whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

As straightforward as it sounds, it’s quite hard for mums and dads to think about number one as they aren’t used to it. However, this skill may make or break the trip.

Check out your hotel to see if there are some kids clubs.  The kids will be glad to make some friends and do kid-friendly activities, whilst you get a break to truly relax or do adult related activities like a spa morning.  Don't feel guilty - the kids will have a ball and you'll get to properly de-stress. 

Shut down

We all say we aren’t going to be available for 14 days, but the truth is that we are still connected.

It’s hard not to be when a WiFi router ensures you can’t get away from the office. And, there is barely a person in the world that doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet.

Switching it off isn’t an option because you need it in case of emergencies, so what can you do?

The answer is to try and avoid reading emails or text messages. If it’s vitally important, the office will call.

If you absolutely must work when away then set yourself a limit.  One hour or two per day, maximum, that you check emails.  Then you can relax the rest of the time and have an actual break!