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Affordable DIY projects + fun activities for kids at home

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With the reality of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc throughout the world, settling into our newfound sense of “normal”, a.k.a. quarantining at home, has been nothing short of difficult. This is especially true when you factor your growing family into the mix. Dealing with your own cabin fever is one thing but coping with your kids’ is a completely separate ballpark.

With the summer season fast approaching and no end in sight of coronavirus’ spread, finding creative ways to stay positive, stay active, and stay happy is an absolute must. If you’re short on ideas, here is all the inspiration you may need to get the ball rolling for both you and your little ones.

Read on for affordable DIY projects, fun activities and things to do when your kids are bored.

Easy craft ideas for kids to make at home:

1. Paint with natural inks

Who doesn’t love an arts and crafts project? While there’s simply no getting tired of good, old-fashioned water colouring or acrylic painting, have you ever tried painting with natural dyes? Not only does this arts and crafts project give your kiddos a reason to head outside and enjoy the great outdoors, but it's an exciting opportunity for them to learn how to make something out of seemingly nothing!

Before you send them on their way, be sure they know to look for natural materials—like leaves, berries, bark, and moss. Mother Nature is a truly eclectic and fruitful source of colour and inspiration, so your kids will have plenty to work with as they scavenge through your backyard!

3. Create a kaleidoscope

Looking for a project that can easily pull your kiddos away from their screens and immerse them into a new type of visual experience? DIY kaleidoscopes are amazingly fun for kids both in preschool and primary school.

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • A long can (Pringles cans are typically the best, but you can also use kitchen roll tubes!)
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitter and sequins
  • Clear glue

Follow this instructional guide to piece it all together. No technology needed here to turn your kids’ world into wonder!

4. Design DIY stickers

It’s not rocket science—kids absolutely love stickers. Whether it’s collecting them or sticking them everywhere from their school books to the playroom walls, there’s no such thing as too many stickers. Working together to make their own custom DIY stickers is a fun family craft that everyone is sure to enjoy.

All you need is a roll or sheet of plain stickers and away you go!

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5. Create a family collage

As long as you have photos, a photo printer, and some construction paper, creating an adorable family collage with your kiddos is one of the easiest and most heart-warming projects you can do at your own kitchen table. You and your little ones can select your favourite snapshots together and organise them together for a unique masterpiece that will look stunning on a wall or even create a beautiful gift for a loved one they might be missing at the moment.

6. Make slime

Maybe it’s the texture or maybe it's the colour—whatever it is about slime, there’s just something that makes it so fun and relaxing for kids to play with. No need to shop online or head to your local craft store to get your hands-on slime when you can set up your own in-home slime-making workshop within the comfort of your own kitchen or backyard.

To make slime, use approximately 170g  glue and mix in ½ teaspoon baking soda and 2 to 3 tablespoons of contact lens solution. Use a mixing washable spoon or wooden lolly stick to stir the slime until it starts to thicken and take shape. Add food colouring, sequins, or glitter to customise!

7. Build a drive-in theatre

Movie-watching is a staple at-home pastime that your family is bound to do a few times a month. Next time family movie night comes along, put a new and exciting twist on it by making it a “drive-in” experience. Get your kids to design their very own cars by transforming laundry baskets or cardboard boxes into adorably decorated vehicles. Next, have them “drive” into the living room and park their cars in front of the screen. Deliver popcorn and candy to their cars to really foster that drive-in feel.

Safety first!

As always, use caution when doing any of the activities listed as you and your kids’ safety always comes first. For activities that involve different chemicals or solutions, make sure to test them on a small part of your skin first to ensure they don’t harm your kids when it’s their time to play!

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