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Make money at home searching the web with Swagbucks

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Many of you may have heard of Swagbucks as a way to make money online at home, but not really explored any further.  If you’re like me then that’s because you think it’s just another low paying survey site.  For some reason I also thought they only paid out in vouchers which had also put me off.  A few weeks ago I decided to sign up to Swagbucks for myself to see what it’s really all about.  I’ve heard several people talk about it lately and seen it on income reports, so I felt like I was being called to check it out!  I always find it spooky when I don’t hear about something for so long and then it pops up in several places I’m looking in a short space of time.  That’s what happened, so I signed up.

Oh and I also read an article about the top 20 survey sites and it rated it as number one!  I can’t remember which site that was on, but surely it’s good if they rated it at number one?

Well, I signed up and tried quite a few surveys and I didn’t have a great experience.  I’ve tried 23 surveys and I’ve been booted out of them every time as I don’t match their criteria.  Frustrating is an understatement.  Why don’t these survey sites ask for all your info, especially employment, and then match you to suitable surveys instead of me getting booted out on nearly all the same questions after wasting my precious time?

So I was about to give up on Swagbucks, but then I stumbled across another way to make money with them which is much easier as it’s something I do numerous times every day – searching the web.

That’s right – you can make money with Swagbucks just by searching the web as you usually do!

How to make money searching the web with Swagbucks

To earn money when searching the web you need to use the Swagbucks search engine.  To make this easier they have a browser extension called ‘Swagbucks Search’ which defaults your search engine to Swagbucks.  It also links to your account so you can always see your points and reach their main dashboard easily from the top of their search engine.

I always used Google prior to this and I’ve still been going to Google if I need to search for content on this website, as I don’t have a search bar and the Swagbucks search engine doesn’t pull up all the results like Google for my own site.  It just pulls up one or two.

But for general searching and researching for my content it’s fine.  I’ve been using it every day and every few searches they will award me some SB.  It’s only pence, I think the most a search earned me was 9SB which is 4.5p.  It all adds up though and I search so much every day I might as well earn some money from it with no extra effort on my part!

Like most of these sites, once a threshold is reached with their points (SB in this case) then they can be exchanged for vouchers or even cash to a PayPal account.

Other ways to make money with Swagbucks

There are lots of other ways to make money on the platform if you have a lot of spare time and nothing better to do!  I do see people saying they make money from the surveys and for some reason it’s rated as the number one survey site in a survey site review I read on another blog.  In my experience so far I’m just wasting time answering a load of questions to get booted out, so I think they can refine the process a lot more and ensure people are only seeing relevant surveys to them.  But, I know people do make money from their surveys, so perhaps I’ve just had really bad luck so far.

Alternatively you can earn cashback when shopping with certain online retailers (their handy browser extension will let you know automatically if you’re on a cashback website of theirs).  You can also make money from watching videos or doing certain online tasks.  The site has loads of ways to earn SB, but to be honest I’ll probably just stick with the search engine as an easy way to make money doing something I am already doing.  What’s better than that?!

Get 300SB free at Swagbucks

If you are interested in making money when searching online then sign up with my referral link.  At the time of writing we’ll both get a bonus of 300SB when you reach your first 300SB! 

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