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Money management advice for new restaurants

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Most businesses, though niche in their appeal and who they might market to, always benefit from the same financial wisdom. Keeping careful records, reinvesting your profits, and being protective over assets are all sound financial considerations, on top of investing in excellent accountancy and payroll services.

However, while all businesses can be helped by this realisation, it’s also incredibly important to consider how other businesses can benefit form their own tailored advice, given as an additional measure. Money management advice for new restaurants falls into this category. Restaurants are notorious for closing down within their first three years, and so if you’re running an operation you hope will stand the test of time, then it’s important to be incredibly tight and careful with your practical planning.

Additionally, this also means ignoring the very real temptation of using a restaurant as a social hangout in lieu of making extremely financially literate decisions, as is often the case with new owners who are excited about the whole affair. Let us consider what that may look like ahead of time:

Money management advice for new restaurants

Invest in the best equipment

Investing in the best equipment necessary is an essential part of ensuring that your restaurant will be down for maintenance less, and that your quality of output will be higher. Think about it. If your chef has to wrestle with an off-again on-again burner with two of the hobs not working, they’re going to be exasperated and ill-equipped for their job. Investing in the best equipment allows them to work and flex their natural creativity without having to worry about micromanaging any more than they need to. Commercial kitchen equipment with the right form factor for your space and with all of the correct implements can be negotiated through the right service.

Split tips efficiently & fairly

You need to ensure that your business splits tips correctly. In this case, being as even as possible is the best solution. It can often be best to simply split the cash tips between each of your employees each and every night. It’s a nice thing to do for them. However, in some corporate settings, tax on top of the tips must be paid, meaning that you may collect and grant them weekly after your calculations. No matter what, be sure that whoever is on shift that night gains them for their hard work and great customer service.

Invest in better services 

Investing in better services is an important part of being a solid restaurant and managing your money by placing it in the long term health of your company. Pest control that regularly visits, private health inspection firms to ensure you pass the local council tests with flying colours and promotional deals with suppliers can all exist to help you better regulate, promote and reliably use your revenue to continually support the structures of your business.

Investing in your restaurant's long-term health goes beyond just equipment and pest control. Upgrading your restaurant's financial management with a powerful system improves accuracy, efficiency, and decision-making, contributing to overall operational success and profitability. This also includes upgrading your payment processing system with a modern POS.

A high-quality POS can not only improve order accuracy and speed but also streamline your financial management by integrating directly with accounting software and providing real-time data on sales, inventory, and employee performance. Lightspeed’s restaurant POS takes this concept to the next level, offering a comprehensive suite of features that empowers you to not only maximise the return on investment from all your other services, but also optimise food costs, identify peak hours for smarter staffing, and even tailor marketing campaigns based on customer preferences.

Final word

With these tips, you’re sure to use financial literacy and good monetary management to develop the best start for new restaurants.  Then you just need to create a great restaurant that customers will want to come back to again and again!

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