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The best plans for disconnecting from routine

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Right now, more than ever, we need to prioritise self-care and take a break from our normal routine.  Or even a break from the current routine we find ourselves in due to the global pandemic.

Work may be more stressful than usual.  You may be furloughed, have job uncertainty or even had to have closed your business for lockdown.

It’s important to take a step away from your regular routine to refresh your mind, destress and connect to yourself instead.

Here are some of the best ways to disconnect from your usual routine.

Stop reading the news

Our lives have been turned upside down and we may find ourselves reading the news habitually every single day looking for the latest coronavirus information, opinions and updates. 

All this newfound stress and worry is not good for our mental health.  I’ve written an article before outlining why I think reading the news makes you depressed.

If you find reading the news has become a daily routine, but only serves to stress you out more, then take a break.

Perhaps you feel anxious at the thought of not knowing what’s going on, so you could even stop reading it at the weekends or on your normal days off work.

Make it a habit to totally relax when you are not working and this includes any task that can cause stress, such as reading the news.

If you love to read then grab a book instead or catch up on what your favourite bloggers have been posting online recently.  Give mine a go and learn how to make money online!

Book a holiday (or at least plan one)

The ultimate way to disconnect from your routine is to get away from it all.  Away from work, away from your house, away from your neighbourhood and perhaps even away from your country!

Travel is unknown right now, but that doesn’t stop you from booking a holiday in the future or planning your next big adventure.

Sometimes the fun and excitement is in the planning, even if you can’t go away just yet.  So take a break from your daily routine and research online for a beautiful hotel in Fuerteventura or wherever your heart desires.

If you can’t go abroad at the moment then look into a staycation instead.

Going away gives you the opportunity to meet new people, see new things, try new foods and forget about your usual day-to-day stresses.

Take a break from social media

Whilst social media can connect people all over the world in an instant, it can also quickly become a place that breeds negativity or even an addiction!

You may feel super connected in a crazy online reality, but not so much in real life with in-person interactions anymore.

If social media seems to be taking over your life then it can be good for the soul to take a break and disconnect from social media every now and then!

Make self-care a priority

Ultimately, the best way to disconnect from your usual routine would be a combination of the above suggestions.  Take a break away from your home and neighbourhood, stop reading the news and take a break from social media.

By doing this for a few days, or even week or so, you will truly be able to disconnect from your usual routine and refresh your mind and soul.

If going away is not a possibility, then even a whole day in nature can boost your mood and destress your mind and body.