Unwind + destress with nature

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Unwind + destress with nature

Nature has great therapeutic benefits, but it’s not always easy to find space for it at home. We fill it with a lot of furniture and electronics, after all, and it kind of takes the tranquillity out of everything. A small nook in your garden can do a lot to improve not only the value of your home - as most people appreciate outside space, but also your general well-being.

There is something relaxing about having access to your very own space outside, even if it’s just a small bench places underneath your favourite tree. Here is a handful of ways you can boost your garden space without breaking the bank so that you can enjoy nature even during autumn and winter.

Unwind & Destress With Nature

Small space: A balcony garden

If you live in an apartment, you might have a small balcony to spruce up a bit and make it comfortable enough to enjoy a cup of coffee at early in the morning. Equip it with two soft chairs, just make sure the pillows are removable so that they’re not destroyed after a few months outside, and the chairs should be sturdy as well.

Keep the colour theme simple, such as a Mediterranean blue, and add a few slender plants to keep you company. Make sure your small balcony doesn’t end up looking cluttered even though you’re turning it into a comfortable and snug space by styling it with matching furniture and simple plants - add a bird feeder too, by the way, and you’ll have company out there throughout the winter.

Have a look at this article if you’d like to get those plants right away so that they’re able to survive the upcoming months.

More space: An outhouse

When you have an entire garden to fix up, it’s a brilliant idea to treat it to a small outhouse. If you have some extra money to spare, it’s even better to go for a conservatory as you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful view outside - but there is something charming about garden buildings in wood as well, though, particularly if the look goes well with the rest of your house.

The more money you’re able to put into it, the better the quality will be - as it often is in life, but there are still a few areas of your new outhouse you should put a bit more money into. Since winter is fast approaching and the weather is already quite rainy, it’s important to ensure proper roofing and insulation; otherwise, it will basically be rendered useless during the cold half of the year.

Get in touch with a professional company, and they will be able to take care of this for you. Mention that you’d like to use it when you work at home, for example, or that you want to fit an entire family in there for Sunday brunches, and they’ll make sure it’s suitable for company too.

Nature should be enjoyed all year round, and it’s so much easier when you have access to it from your own home. Go all out and equip your inside space with natural colours and tiles too, by the way, and you’ll hardly feel the downside to living in the city.

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