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How to pick the best work from home chair

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One of the most important aspects of having a home office is to have a comfortable, supportive chair where you can work comfortably for hours at a time. A comfortable work from home chair will allow you to focus more while you're working, while also providing the support your body needs while seated for long periods of time.

If you have the space, then consider more than just one seat for your needs whilst working all day long. It can be better for our health to not stay in one position all day long, but to have the flexibility to move around when possible. Perhaps you have enough space to walk around whilst talking on the phone or even room for a treadmill to walk and talk. For less taxing work and research, you may wish for a comfier seat, such as a small sofa if room allows, or a comfortable sofa style chair in the corner.  An adjustable standing desk is also a great investment.

But, when it comes to knuckling down with the task at hand, meeting deadlines and concentrating, nothing is better than a supportive office chair that doesn’t break your back as you work. Your work from home chair will need to enable you to work productively and support your physical health at the same time.

So, forget about those back-breaking chairs and learn how to pick a chair that will satisfy your work from home needs and ensure your health also. In this blog post, we will explore how to pick the best work from home chair for your home office desk. We’ll also explore exactly why the wrong type of office chair can be so detrimental to your physical and mental health.

How to pick the best work from home chair

Why it's important to have a comfortable work from home chair in your home office

It’s really important to create a healthy home office.  The wrong type of office chair can present both physical and mental issues. Here are some of the issues the wrong type of office chair can cause:

  • One of the first problems is back pain. Having the wrong type of chair can lead to lower back pain. Workplace related back pain is one of the most common workplace complaints today.

  • Pain may also be experienced in the shoulders, neck and head.

  • Aside from pain, you may experience stiffness or soreness in these areas too, making day-to-day activities uncomfortable.

  • Some chairs don't support your hips properly, which can cause hip issues like sciatica or osteoarthritis.

  • An office chair that is too high causes numbness in the hands because it causes shoulder tension. This can lead to injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome because it causes repetitive motion.

  • A seatback that is too high can result in a higher level of discomfort and poor posture for the user. Poor posture can have a significant impact on their health. Poor posture can lead to chronic back pain, neck injury and shoulder pain.

  • Knock-on effects may be the inability to relax or sleep sufficiently caused by the pain and/or poor posture. It may also cause sleepless nights if your back or neck is not aligned correctly.

  • Another knock-on effect of the wrong chair can be mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

Not only can the wrong chair affect your physical and mental health, but your work-life too. If you are uncomfortable and in pain, or suffering from one of the abovementioned effects of the wrong office chair, then you will not be as motivated or productive at work. You are more likely to need time off work to address these health issues, as well as find it difficult to concentrate and focus at work when they are present.

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Which chair is best for working at home?

By now you should realise that one of the most important things to do if you want to make your home office more productive and healthful, is to invest in an ergonomically designed comfortable home office chair. The perfect chair will make working from home much more enjoyable and it will also help to alleviate many of the physical pains and health issues associated with sitting for too long, protecting your precious back, spine and other body parts.

So what features are most important when it comes to choosing a new work from home chair? Here is a list of the best features to look for in a home office chair and how they affect your experience.

1) Armrest: One small factor that many people may not think about when they are choosing a chair is the armrest. Having an armrest can be helpful if you find yourself needing to put your arms on the rests instead of the desk or table. They should be wide enough so that when you are not typing, you can rest your arms on them comfortably. You should also find a chair that has padding in the armrest to make it more comfortable for your arms. An armrest provides support to the lower arm and elbow, taking pressure off of them and preventing pain in the arms and hands. When you are reading a book, an armrest gives you somewhere to rest your elbow, which will make reading more comfortable for long periods of time.

2) Height adjustment: The height of your seat should be adjusted to suit your needs and should allow for natural movement while working. The seat should be at a height so that you are not slouching or leaning forward too much to reach the desk. The optimal height for a chair is between 18 inches and 24 inches from the ground, but this can vary depending on your height and the desk height. It’s important to note that if your desk is too high from ground level then this will also cause problems with your posture and could lead to a sore neck from looking up all day long.

3) Supportive backrest: Good lumbar support will make sure that you are not straining your back when you are typing. The best chairs provide good lumbar support and they're easy on your back, neck, and wrists. They won't cause any discomfort even after hours at a time.

4) Comfort: Don’t forget about your own personal comfort. A chair can be a personal choice and if you don’t feel comfortable then you won’t be productive when working. Perhaps a well-padded seat will make your choice of a chair more comfortable for you, or maybe the material choice will affect how comfortable you find your office chair.

5) Size: Not only will your own personal height and weight determine the size chair you may need, but your home office space. You may not have the room for a large office chair you are used to in the office, so you will need to account for the limited space you may have at home. You will need to freely move your chair, swivel and adjust as needed to allow for good workflow without any frustration you cannot move a too-big chair with ease!

6) Ergonomic design: An ergonomic designed back and seat will allow for the correct spine alignment as you work, improving your posture and preventing lower back pain and associated health issues.

Why ergonomic chairs are important even if you work from home

The importance of ergonomically designed office chairs is not just limited to people working in offices. It is equally important for people who work at home and spend a lot of their time sitting in front of the computer. 

It is imperative for individuals to invest in ergonomic chairs and use them as often as they can because these types of chairs help with back pain, neck pain, and other forms of musculoskeletal disorders. These may be caused due to prolonged periods that one spends on a chair without any breaks or stretching exercises.

Ergonomic chairs also improve one's posture as they will keep the spine straight and avoid any form of slouching which can cause backache and neck ache.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a comfortable and supportive home office chair when you work from home

A comfortable home office chair is crucial for a productive work from home environment. A quality, well-made and comfortable chair can go a long way in ensuring that you stay focused and motivated. Not only will the right chair benefit your work life, but it will benefit your personal health too.

There are many different types of chairs available on the market, and it can be difficult to find one that offers everything you need. Use the above tips to help you choose the right chair for you. 

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