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It’s my son’s birthday this week and I just spied a vegan chocolate caterpillar cake at The Vegan Kind Supermarket online so I had to order it for him!  Whilst there, I stocked up on many other great vegan food products we know and love.  There’s a great selection of vegan-friendly products with next day shipping available!  Upon checking out, they gave me an amazing offer to share with others for £15 off your first order that’s over £40!  Wow!  Read on to grab your £15 The Vegan Kind Supermarket discount code.

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How to get a £15 off The Vegan Kind Supermarket discount code

I recently used The Vegan Kind and they gave me a special offer to share with my friends. I’m treating you to an exclusive £15 off your first order over £40. I’ll also get a reward, so it’s a win-win!

Simply click here and enter your email address to get your £15 off discount code for The Vegan Kind Supermarket:

If you need to enter a referral name at any point, then my name is Victoria Sully.

It’s a great deal and you can grab quite a few items of vegan food for the £15 off!

The Vegan Kind Supermarket Discount Code

What is The Vegan Kind Supermarket?

This is an online supermarket full of vegan-friendly goodies from chocolate to cakes, but also many cupboard staples, wholemeal and wholegrain goodies, chilled dairy alternatives, ready meals, fresh vegetables, plant-based snacks and so much more.

It’s for vegans, flexitarians and vegetarians alike.  If you are shopping for meat-free alternatives then The Vegan Kind Supermarket have a great selection.

They also have amazing gift ideas for vegans.  Right now they have a delicious looking box of Easter chocolate goodies that are vegan-friendly, or perfect for those who are dairy-free or who just want to reduce their animal product intake in their diet. 

When you place your first order, you can currently get £15 off a £40+ shop by clicking my referral link to get your exclusive discount code:

the vegan kind supermarket discount code

The Vegan Kind Supermarket plant one tree for every order

Starting as a subscription box service, set up by a husband and wife team as a business from home in 2013, they have grown into a large online business with a vegan supermarket added to their offerings in 2016.  

They stock a huge selection of plant-based foods which you can order with next day delivery to mainland UK. The Vegan Kind Supermarket will plant a tree for every order they receive!

If you want to try new vegan foods, but you’re not sure where to start, then they also have a subscription box service giving you a selection of either cruelty-free beauty products each month with their beauty box, or a lifestyle box with plant-based foods and other goods.

The Vegan Kind Supermarket Discount Code

Save £15 on your first The Vegan Kind Supermarket order

Simply click here and enter your email address to get your £15 off discount code for The Vegan Kind Supermarket:



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