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The 3 things to consider about the size of your wall clock

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Finding the correct clock size might seem like a trivial thing, but it's something worth thinking about in a little more detail to help find the perfect match.  We've made the mistake with impulsive clock purchases that just wern't suitable for our home.  Hopefully these three quick considerations will help prevent you from making the same mistakes.


The 3 things to consider about the size of your wall clock

If you are looking to set up your home office and need it to look professional then a clock can be the perfect addition.  Finding the right size and style for any room in your home can be a little more complicated that you first imagined.  Before you run out and buy a wall clock, have a quick read of these important points to make sure you find the perfect fit for your home decor.

There are lots of different style considerations when it comes to clocks. From modern clocks without hands, to luxury clocks that make an impression. The style will need to fit the design of the rest of the house, or that specific space. The size is also very important so that it fits in, is functional and doesn't become overpowering. In this article, we will go over what you need to know to be able to find the right size wall clock for your home.

1 - The size of the room

There is something of a standard when it comes to wall clocks. Many of them are around 12 inches in diameter. Think about the clocks that you see in a classroom or a doctor’s office and you get the idea of the average size that most clocks are available in.

However, it's important to think about the size of your room. If it is a big room then the clock might not be easily visible and will lose it's purpose. Likewise, if you go with a nonstandard clock size and want a really big one then a small room will not make for a good fit.

Any room that is more than 4m in length should be considered for an oversized clock.  Visability is important and telling the time should be a quick, easy task.  A clock does not fuction well if you need to adjust your position to read it. 

Think about large public spaces like train stations.  Time is essential in these places and clocks are generally very large and visible from many angles.  The same should apply for our homes.  Is the clock large enough and can it be seen for most areas?

If however your room is only 2m square then a large station clock isn't going to feel right and will be equally difficult to read.  These rooms may require small shelf mounted or desk mounted clocks.

2 - What is the purpose

There is a role for the clock besides just telling you the time. Telling time is obviously the primary function but you could look at your watch or even smartphone for that. This means that in addition to telling the time it serves a design function, as well.

The size should also be part of the design and should fit in with any other items on the wall. For example, the look and style should match a mirror frame. If the frame of the mirror is a chestnut wood colour then the clock shouldn’t clash with that and should instead accent it.

Different styles will also be important for the location of a clock.  A modern style clock with abstract features are not going to be suitable in a childs bedroom, esspecially when they are learning to tell the time.  The size is this room will also be important.  The child will need to be able to easily read the numbers and see a clear difference in the hand size.

3 - Think about the windows and other elements of a room

You have a bit more leeway when it comes to the size of the clock if there are windows. In between two windows, close together, even a small clock can look good. On an uninterrupted wall without windows, the clock size can be exagerated somewhat. The clock size will also play an important waal when it is positioned in direct sunlight.  The light reflection might obscure the view, making it difficult to read.  

Look out for objects and other elements within a room that cannot be changed.  Light switches, wall lights, sockets and decorative finishes can all get in the way of a large clock.  Think about how the clock will be postioned in the room and how it will impact these elements.

Finally, before you start looking for that perfect clock, take some measurements and think carefully about whwere your clock is going to be situated.  It might even help to create a few cardboard templates to find the perfect size.  this might seem a little excessive but it will help you find your perfect match and prevent any wasted time or money.

Happy clock hunting :)


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