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  1. Our bedroom has been one part of our home that, until recently, has had the least attention.  I’m not the sort for a romantic boudoir or anything particularly girly, so it’s been hard to reflect my style in our bedroom.  It’s taken a long time to come up with ideas, or find things I like.  I finally feel like I’m getting there, three years after buying our home.  The most recent addition to our bedroom is a blogging desk in the corner of the room.  A brand new space for me to sit and blog to my heart’s content late into the evenings!

  2. This summer is planning to be one of the most favourable in a while.  Finally! Weather conditions are proving to be picture perfect; blue skies, a warm sun, gorgeous greenery all collate into one amazing seasonal experience. Why not spend this time enjoying the freedom and potential of your own garden?

    I certainly plan on spending a huge chunk of the summer holidays in our garden with the children.  Not only do the children love getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, but there are other ways to make the most out of your outdoor space this year.

    Here are four great ways to ensure you make the most of your garden this summer:

  3. On Sunday I spent a rare afternoon with my Mum and sister.  Not rare because I saw them, but rare because I saw them on my own without my children in tow!  I don’t usually eat out quite so often, but last week I had a bit of an eating out frenzy and enjoyed four restaurant meals.  If only I could afford to live like this all the time it would be bliss.  No washing up and being waited on hand and foot - sounds perfect to me.  On Sunday we went to All Bar One in Cheltenham to review their Bottomless Brunch deal thanks to Bookatable.

  4. Newborns communicate through cries, and understanding them is an important part of parenting. Cries can tell us if a baby is hungry, tired, or in pain. They can also tell us if a baby needs to be cuddled or just wants some attention. Knowing how to interpret these cries can help parents respond quickly and accurately to their newborn’s needs. With the right knowledge and understanding of newborn cries, parents can create a more peaceful home for their little one.  Here is our experience with our baby's crying and an explanation from a midwife to understand different baby crys.