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  1. The best jokes come from the mouths of babes. Kids say the funniest things, and sometimes they don't even know they're being funny!  My daughter, Bella, is now five years old and says some of the funniest things as she works out the world around her!  I actually remembered to write four of these down recently and wanted to share them with you.  I also asked other parent bloggers what funny things their children have said recently and they really came out with some crackers!

  2. I’m very lucky my daughter goes to a school where outdoor play is encouraged, as far as I can tell.  She’s just finished her reception year where she had the freedom to play outdoors whenever she wanted, in all weathers.  One of her favourite activities at school last year was to play outdoors. 

    The reception children had their own playground and climbing frame and activities were set up for outdoor play every single day.  Whenever I picked my daughter up from the after school club, she was often whizzing around the playground on a scooter.  In the summer terms for two mornings per week, before the school bell, parents and pupils were encouraged to take part in a ‘daily mile’ around the school field to encourage a more active lifestyle.