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    Living overseas can be a lot of fun. For some, it’s an adventure of a lifetime. It’s a chance to shake things up and live the fullest life possible. 

    But it’s also a bit weird too. When you first apply for US citizenship or for permanent residency in another country, you think that things will pretty much stay the same for you. You’ll just be living in a new location. But that’s not what happens. Invariably you find yourself imbibing the culture around you. 

    In this post, we take a look at some of the seriously weird things that happen when you live abroad for ten years. 

    What You Mean By “Home” Gets Tricky

    The statement “I’m going home” means something pretty straightforward if you’ve lived with your family in your home town all your life. But it starts to get a little complicated once you move abroad. Where is home, exactly? 

    Home can refer to your new residence in the new country. It can also refer to your home back in your country of origin - or your parent’s family home. In fact, you have so many homes, it can even send your own mind into a spin. 

    You Miss Your Animals The Most

    Before you move abroad, you imagine that you’ll miss people the most. But it turns out that it’s your animals that you’ll think about the most. Technically, you can bring animals abroad with you, but it’s difficult. Most people leave them at home because it’s easier. Later, they regret their decision. You wished you’d brought fido with you instead of handing him over to another family to look after. 

    Your Accent Evolves - And Sounds Silly 

    Human beings are social creatures who like to mirror the actions of others. So over time, you’ll notice that your accent starts to shift, without you really noticing it. Then you’ll hear a recording of yourself in a video somewhere and think to yourself “what the heck happened?” You don’t have any particular accent at all. It’s all over the place. There’s a combination of your home country plus many other influences in there as well. You sound nothing like you did before!

    Going Home For The Holidays Feels Like Going To A Foreign Country

    It’s amazing how well human beings adapt to their environment. When you move to a new country, everything seems alien and strange. Then within a couple of months, it all becomes so familiar - even branded products and service you never saw before. 

    It’s when you go home that things seem weird. You find yourself staring at pots of yoghurt thinking - is this really what I’m used to? The answer, of course, is “no.”

    Your Relationship With Your Family Changes 

    Lastly, your relationship with your family will probably change. You’ll have less face time with them as the years go on. And gatherings will become major events. You may also feel a little awkward. After all, the reason you don’t see them as much as you used to is that you’re the one who decided to move away!

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