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Gifts and creative ways to remember a loved one

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When someone dies it’s natural to want to remember all the good times and share memories.  You may also wish to create a lasting tribute for someone who has died that will always remind you of them, or even support a good cause in their name.  In this blog post I will explore several creative ways and gifts to remember a loved one and keep their memory alive.

Donate in memory

One way to create a lasting tribute for someone who has passed is through a donation page to support a charity in their honour.  Donating money in memory of a loved one is the perfect way to give back to some wonderful charities that they supported in their lives or who helped them.

To provide companionship, advice and support for older people, you can set up a tribute page via Age UK's memory page for your loved one.  You can share details of the tribute page with friends and family as they may wish to donate.  You can also mention it on the funeral stationery, such as at the end of the funeral order of service brochure to make people aware.

There are lots of ways to make a donation to charity in memory of your loved one.  Here are some ideas:

  • Make a one-off donation to a charity
  • Set up a monthly direct debit to a charity in memory of a loved one
  • Hold a collection at a funeral in memory of your loved one
  • Hold a fundraising event in their memory
  • Set up a tribute fund or a donation page

Gifts and creative ways to remember a loved one

Do something they enjoyed

Perhaps they had a favourite hobby or activity they loved to do that simply reminds you of them.  Why not try it out for yourself and see why they loved it so much!

Maybe you loved doing something together?  You can still do these things and remember them at the same time.

Create a photobook

It’s natural to grieve and to miss them and what could have been, but it’s also important to remember all the good times and celebrate their life and memory.  One fantastic way of doing so is to go through your photos and dig out your absolute favourites.  It can be a comforting process to do this when someone has passed, but also use them to create a special photobook or scrapbook of your memories together. 

This will give you a keepsake to treasure forever and whenever you are missing them or feeling sad they are gone, you can simply look through your photobook and remember all the happy times you shared together.

Here are some other ways to create photo memories:

  • Make a memory box with photos, trinkets, letters and other things that remind you of your loved one
  • Create a photo collage with your special photographs, frame it and hang it on your wall
  • Personalise an object with a photo such as a mug or phone cover
  • Have a photo evening with friends and family where you look through old albums together and share your favourite memories

Write a poem, letter or song

When dealing with grief, it can be really therapeutic to write a letter to those who have passed.  You can write anything, as if they are still here and you are updating with recent news, or your feelings now they are gone and how you are coping.  No-one has to read the letter, or letters, but you.  Or you can seal them and burn them or pop them away in a box for a later date in case you want to read them one day.  It can be helpful to write a letter in handwriting and process the emotion.

If you have a way with words then why not create a poem or song in memory?

Personalise a piece of jewellery

There are lots of ways to use jewellery in memory of a loved one.  If you were very close then you may inherit a piece of their jewellery which you can treasure forever.

Here are a few ideas of how to use jewellery to remember someone who has died:

  • Have a necklace, bracelet or ring engraved with their name or a date or something that has meaning to you
  • Turn their ashes into a cremation diamond ring or piece of jewellery
  • Wear a locket containing a photo of your loved one
  • Choose a piece of jewellery that reminds you of them, perhaps their favourite colour or shape

Make a video

There are lots of easy to use apps on smartphones nowadays which mean anyone can easily make a video of pieced together video clips and photos.  You can add text overlays and music to create a video montage of your loved one which can be shared with friends and family or at the funeral.  You could even make a documentary of their life!

Remember through nature

Perhaps your loved one had a favourite outdoor space such as a hill they loved to climb or a lake they loved to visit, or even a park they enjoyed to wander.  Visiting these places can be a great way to remember them and to meet up with others on memorable dates such as their birthday.

Here are some ideas of how to commemorate your loved one in nature:

  • Dedicate a bench in their name
  • Plant a tree in their memory
  • Name a star
  • Create a new plant/flower in their name

Create something with their clothing

A really creative way to remember another is to make something from their clothing, especially their favourite clothing or the items which remind you of them the most.  For example, you could create a patchwork blanket or throw, a teddy bear or cushions.

Make art

There are lots of ways to memorialize a loved one through your artistic skills, if you have some.  You can sketch them or paint them if you are good at art.  Other ways could be to paint a rock with their name, carve their initials into pottery or woodwork or paint their favourite flowers/scene.

Cook their favourite recipe

Were they renowned for making a certain recipe?  Make it yourself in their honour and service it to friends and family who knew them.

Other ways you can use food to remember a loved one include:

  • Go to their favourite restaurant or café
  • Make a recipe book with their favourite food
  • Order their favourite takeaway