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  1. As you know I love making money from home by blogging, reselling on eBay, my online fashion boutique, matched betting, and many other money making ventures.

    But did you know there are also ways to win money for free?

    I take part in various free online lotteries.  These are lotteries that cost nothing to enter and I could win a cash prize!

    Some of them are very small, say £5 or £10, but some are often around £500!

    You’ve basically got nothing to lose, so you may as well sign up and give it a go.  The only commitment is to check the sites each day to see if you are a winner. All these sites send a daily reminder email, so you don’t even have to remember yourself.  You have to claim the prize on the day if you are the winner, so make sure you do check your emails or you could miss out.

    How do they make their money for the cash prizes?  From us visitng their sites every day through ad revenue.

    I’ve not won anything yet, but for a few seconds of my time each day it’s worth checking.  I’ve seen another blogger has won twice on one of the free lotteries!

    Here are the lotteries I take part in and links to where you can sign up too.  Some of them are referral links so I may get some extra points or something.  Many of the sites offer points for each day you visit to check which can increase your win or the members with the highest points can win a prize.  It’s slightly different on each free lottery, but generally they are all pretty similar.

    5 free lotteries I take part in every day:

    5 Free Daily Lotteries With Cash Prizes


    Your date of birth gets entered into a daily draw.  £50 or more is given away each day. Sign up here:

    Free Postcode Lottery  

    Your postcode is entered into a daily draw.  The main prize is usually around £500 every day.  There are some smaller bonus draws too.  Plus, every day you check an extra 1p is added to your prize fund.  Sign up here:

    Emoji Lottery    

    Emoji lottery is great fun!  Pick five emojis and they’ll be entered into a daily draw.  So far I’ve seen prizes from £5 to £20.  Sign up here:

    Lucky Phone     

    Enter your mobile phone number into three draws.  A daily draw for £20, a lucky dip for £10 and a mega draw with prizes of up to £1000.  Don’t worry - your exact phone number isn’t shared if you win!  You’ll see your username if you’re a winner.  Sign up here:

    The Street Lottery          

    Though it’s called The Street Lottery, it’s actually your username that is added to a pool from which winners are picked at random.  Daily prizes are around £10.  Sign up here:

    I’ll let you know if I have any winnings.  Good luck!

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  2. I can hardly believe that the holiday season is upon us and that 2017 is about to be drawing to a close. With so many upcoming events for you and your family, I’m sure keeping your little girls outfitted in super stylish duds is on the list of things to do. I’ve got you covered—here are five of my boutique fashion favourites of 2017.


    No doubt there will be several occasions or events you need to attend during the upcoming holiday season that will require a dressier look. Dressing up for both little and big girls does not lose its allure. I have found some unique and super dazzling girls party dresses that I’m over the moon about. You can pair them with leggings, stockings, or just go with bare legs underneath as they all are modest in length and designed for both style and comfort.

     2017 Little Girls Boutique Fashion Favourites with La Bella Flora

    Tunics and Leggings

    One of my personal favourite outfits of 2017 is a casual long sleeve top or tunic and a pair of leggings.  It’s our go-to outfit choice for play and comfort. You can dress these outfits up or down depending on the event you are going to. By pairing an understated shirt with a bright coloured pair of leggings your little one can stand out in the crowd while being comfortable all at the same time. These outfits are perfect for both school days and weekends around the house. Check out some of our favourites from La Bella Flora!     

    2017 Little Girls Boutique Fashion Favourites with La Bella Flora (1)

    Headbands and Bows

    If you’ve been through the struggle of trying to tame a child’s wild locks, than you know exactly why this next one made my list. Headbands and bows are a totally dual purpose. Not only do they provide a pop of colour and a little something ‘extra’ to an outfit, but they also help keep unruly hair out of the eyes. No more watching your kids constantly push hair out of their face while they are playing with friends, working on homework, or eating dinner. Stocking up on some cute headband and bow options will solve the ‘hair in the face’ problem and add some style to their outfit.

    2017 Little Girls Boutique Fashion Favourites with La Bella Flora (2)

    Outerwear that rocks 

    In most places we associate cooler temperatures with the holiday season, that’s why I’ve picked some of my favourite outerwear looks for the 2017 cool weather season. Sometimes you need a coat that goes with a party dress for those special occasions, one that keeps you warm and doesn’t clash with the cute outfit underneath. Paired with hats, mittens or gloves, your little girl will stay warm and look completely adorable with these outerwear choices.

    2017 Little Girls Boutique Fashion Favourites with La Bella Flora (3)

    Back to school backpacks

    Ok, so technically a backpack is an accessory but it’s one that gets used all the time during the school year.  Why not choose one that adds some flare instead of your standard basic bag? Going back to school is fun and you can surprise your little one with an extra special backpack that represents their own vibe.

    2017 Little Girls Boutique Fashion Favourites with La Bella Flora (4)

    I just love these boutique looks of 2017 and want the rest of this year to go out in style, so join me in ending the year with a bang and lots of good fashion choices!


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  3. If you were to think of the single most stressful period in your life, what would it be? Some would choose school exams, some would say pregnancy, but more often than not, you’re going to hear moving house as the answer. Because in general, trying to pack up your entire life and move it to a new home is something pretty much impossible to do without breaking a sweat.

    But there’s definitely a difference between breaking a sweat and freaking out. Although moving house is never going to be easy, there are ways that you can make it a little less stressful for yourself. So if you’re about to move house and you want to get through it without losing your mind, here’s what you need to do.

    1. Plan Ahead

    Your first step that’s always going to save you is being well prepared. If you’ve ever heard the saying 'fail to prepare and you’ll prepare to fail' before, then you know exactly why this is important. Moving house can be made so much easier if you just prepare for it properly. In some circumstances, this isn’t always possible. But in most, you can plan ahead. You should have enough lead time to work on all areas of the move so you’re not too stressed out nearer the time. Because leaving everything to the last minute is a sure fire way to make things worse.

    2. Pack Ahead

    While you’re keeping yourself busy with plans, you’re then going to want to think about packing ahead. Packing for a house move isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But you have to do it at some point - that’s a fact that you can’t escape. So, you’re going to want to start this as soon as you can, and these tips might help Of course, there’s always going to be things that can’t be packed in advance, but most things can be.

    Read how I organise things here: My top tips to prepare for a house move 

    3. Call In The Experts

    If you try to do everything yourself, you’re also going to burn out. It’s common to try and cut back in any way that you can, but when it comes to the moving process, working with experts such as can be in your favor. You’ll be less stressed with professionals helping you, and the move will be more efficient too.

    4. Have An Overlap

    One of the best things you can do when you move is to try and get an overlap between your places. If you have only one day to move in, it’s going to be stressful. However, if you can start moving stuff to the new place before you have to be out of the old one, it’s going to be much more of an easier ride.

    This is easier said than done and most house moves, especially when buying, take place on the same day if in a chain.  Just make sure you're up super early and try to hire the van the day before so you're not having to waste time picking vans up.

    5. Take Your Time

    And finally, try to take it steady and enjoy the entire experience. If you get a new home hamper from your neighbours, even if you’ve only unpacked a little, kick back and relax with some of your new goodies. Once you’re in, you’ve got all the time in the world to unpack. Just be sure to take your time and don't put pressure on yourself to do everything immediately.  Stay calm and you’ll always stay sane.


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  4. Last week I was approached by online fashion website to see if I wanted to try some of their clothes.  It’s so rare I buy myself a bunch of clothes now as a busy mum with different financial priorities compared to my younger years, so I thought why not?  That will be nice.  A lovely treat for myself! 

    In my early twenties I wouldn’t have thought twice about blowing my wages on clothes on a weekly basis!  Now I’ve been living in one of my favourite jumpers for around ten years as it’s just so comfy.  Oh how times change!  I have decided this week, upon arrival of my new lovely clothes from LOTD, to part with said jumper which now has around no less than five holes and to dress a little less homeless like (how my hubby Ben lovingly puts it).

    It took me over one hour to scour the LOTD website!  There’s a huge choice and clothes start from only £5, so you can get a good haul for your money.  I did wonder if the clothes would be of really poor cheap quality for such a small price, but I’m actually quite impressed. 

    For 30% off at LOTD, scroll to the bottom of this blog post for your discount code!

    I also worry about tops fitting me as I’m 5 foot 7, so quite tall.  Usually t-shirts are so short I always have to go for longline versions, which are then just normal on me!  I chose three t-shirts from LOTD (which stands for Look Of The Day if you were wondering) and they all fit just fine, no belly flashing here!

    I’m not the best in front of a camera so I was just going to write a wish list type post, but then I thought hey, why not just brave up, face the camera and show you the clothes on me. 

    So below is my at-home fashion shoot with not so professional photographer hubby Ben.  I think we actually got some OK photos.  Usually this sort of scenario ends in a few cross words as Ben can’t be bothered to take photos of me for the blog so just points and shoots, like that will do, and I look bloomin’ awful in the photo and get upset.  This time he tried to get a little more arty and we had a bit of fun posing around the house.  Oh yes, he had to pose too as I have a upcoming blog post featuring Ben too!

    I also have to mention how uncomfortable I am with my photo being taken!  I’m still wearing my brace so my mouth is basically out of action.  Trying to smile with brace on is just impossible without me looking so smarmy and silly.  Anyone who’s had a brace will understand.  Even just trying to pull a straight face makes me look ridiculous.

    So here goes, my very unprofessional at-home photo shoot!

    But I must say, I love all these clothes from LOTD and have been wearing them already! 

    Guess which one I’ll be wearing on Wednesdays…

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose

    And finally, for the very arty shot which makes me look as tall as the room...

    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD - Lylia Rose


    I hope you enjoyed my fashion shoot with LOTD.  I love all the clothes and can't wait until Wednesday to rock my new t-shirt!

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    My at home fashion shoot with affordable fashion website LOTD

    * I was kindly sent clothes of my choice by LOTD - save 30% with discount code BLOGLOVE30

  5. Money Making Mums: How to make money selling your crafts from home

    Welcome to my Money Making Mums guest series.

    As you’ve probably guessed, I love making money from home.  As a busy mum to two young children, working from home for myself provides me with the flexibility I need to care for my children and avoid high full time childcare costs.  It also means I get to do what I love.  I’m an advocate of earning money online and from apps, and I’m always looking for new ways to make more income from home.  I’ve decided to invite other bloggers and money making mums to share even more ways us busy mums can make money from home.  If you’d like to feature in this guest series please do get in touch.

    Introducing Michelle from Time and Pence

    This week’s guest post comes from Michelle at where she writes about money making, money saving, family life and health.

    Pixabay handmade heart image HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING YOUR CRAFTS FROM HOM


    Have you ever wondered if you could make money selling your crafts from home?

    Lots of people have crafting hobbies that they enjoy so wouldn’t it be great if you could earn some money doing the thing you love.

    I have spent the last 15 years making money from home and now include various money making ideas on my blog. One such idea that I’m qualified to talk about is crafting. This is something that I’ve been making money from for quite a few years now and I’m here to tell you that you can certainly make extra money, or with some commitment, a full-time income from your handmade creations.

    Making crafts at home to sell has become more and more popular and now with the internet you can make money selling your crafts all over the world!

    How to Get Started

    As I always say with any kind of selling, do your research first. You may think your crafted item is beautiful, but unless everybody else does, then you won’t make much money from it.

    Join some Facebook Groups for crafters and see what other people are selling. Ask for honest opinions about your ideas. Ask your friends and family if it’s something they would buy.

    Look at what your competitors are doing. What quantity are they selling? Could you improve on quality? Could you put a unique spin on something?


    Decide What to Sell

    When it comes to making money from your crafts there are hundreds of things you could sell. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

    • Beauty products
    • Wooden crafts
    • Art
    • Jewellery
    • Personalised Gifts
    • Knitted Products
    • Fabric Products
    • Candles
    • Cakes
    • Flower Arranging

    If you don't already do crafting and fancy trying something new, head to You Tube where there are hundreds of videos of people showing you exactly how to make money selling your crafts.

    Where to Find Supplies

    Supplies are easier to find than you think. Here are some tips:

    • eBay is always my first port of call and my favourite place to buy craft supplies. There are a huge amount of craft suppliers and if you are willing to wait for delivery, ordering from overseas can also reduce your outgoing costs.
    • is a great wholesale directory. Many of the companies sell ready products but there are a few craft and packaging suppliers on there too.
    • is a great website for anybody thinking of making and selling skin care and beauty products. (This is something else I personally make money from).
    • Local market stalls and craft shops.

    You can also find suppliers by looking at the back of labels on craft supplies in shops. Usually the suppliers name will be on there so you can then search for them on the internet!

    Wherever you decide to buy your supplies from, remember you want to get the best possible price. This will create more profit for your business.


    Where to Sell Your Crafts

    Deciding where to sell your crafts will depend very much on how much time you have. If you want to get out of the house you can sell at local crafts fairs and markets. is a good site to see what stalls are available with a list of events should you wish to go down that route. For information on how to set up a market stall, I have a post on my blog about how to go about doing this.

    If you want to make money selling your crafts from home then start with Etsy or e-Bay. You can then expand and even set up your own website to sell your products directly. Setting up a Facebook Page is also a good idea. You can then share photographs of your creations to local pages and on your own personal page if you wish (do check the rules of local pages before you do this).

    You could also ask at local shops if they would be happy to stock your products. I do this with a local shop on a sale or return basis which works really well. I make a few products, pop them into the shop, and then all I need to do is collect the money once they have sold.

    Some local independent gifts shops will also offer shelf space for rent. Always worth the question when you are passing!

    How Much Money Can You Make?

    This depends very much on how many you can sell and how much time it takes to make each item. After years of getting my outgoing costs down and perfecting my crafting, I can make £30-£40 per hour from my crafting. Not a bad income from home!

    Making money selling your crafts from home is the perfect way to create an income, working flexible hours around family commitments and I love it. I hope this has inspired you to get creative too!

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