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  1. Welcome to today’s giveaway.  Today I’m giving away this beautiful scarf!

    If you love printed scarves, do pop over to my online fashion accessories boutique for a good browse where you'll find approximately 100 in stock! 

    The minimum spend is only £4.99 per order and 2nd class UK delivery is free.  Perfect for gifts for her.

    Win this scarf in my blog giveaway:

    Blog Giveaway win a blue dog fashion scarf

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    Good luck!

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    Win a LYLIA ROSE Blue Dog Print Scarf

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  2. With less than a month to go until Valentine’s Day, the loved up of us will be hunting far and wide for the perfect Valentine’s gift for our other half.  If you’re bored of the same of chocolates, flowers and perfume, then why not try to mix it up a little this year and choose her a Valentine’s gift with a twist.

    Here are some modern takes on the classic Valentine’s gift to inspire you:

    Valentines Gift Ideas For Her With A Twist


    Along with flowers, this is probably the most expected gift: a box of Valentine’s chocolates.  But why not make yours more special by adding a personalised message to the chocolate itself?  There are also several online companies who can create a name or message out of the chocolate itself.  This really turns a standard gift into something extra special with a little more imagination.  You can even have the box itself personalised online at Thorntons.


    If you’re one of those guys who hates giving flowers because they don’t last, then think again.  There are now online florists that specialise in ‘forever flowers’.  These are real flowers that have been preserved in oils so they last at least one year.  You’ll also save on having to buy fresh flowers each week (if that’s her thing) as this bunch will last a good 52 weeks.


    Before you think buying her a bottle of her favourite perfume can’t get much more imaginative, you’re wrong.  For less than £100 you can let your other half create their own perfume scent.  Companies such as The Perfume Studio send a box with a complete set of fragrance accords, allowing you to create your own bottle of tailor made perfume.  The bottles can even be personalised.  Their sets allow you to create your own signature scent in the comfort of your own home.


    Gone are the days of giving a picture of the two of you together in a nice frame, however lovely that may be.  Now you can get creative with the pics of the two of you and have them printed on literally anything from cushions, to phone covers, to chopping boards.  Instead of a framed photo, why not create a photo book of your very own love story?


    With the likes of Etsy and NOTHS you can find unique handmade ethical jewellery in a flash.  These handmade pieces are so much more sentimental than buying readymade jewellery from the usual culprits.  Many of the creators offer custom designs too.

    So before you stop off at the petrol station to grab a box of chocs and bunch of roses, use a little imagination and forward planning to give her a customised thoughtful gift instead this year.

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    Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her with a Twist


  3. If someone could tell you what the future holds, would you want to know?

    I’m not sure I would want to be able to see into the future.  Yes, perhaps to stop a major catastrophe, but I’m not sure I’d want to be able to see my life laid out in front of me.  If we were to know exactly what will happen to us then it takes away the notion of free will and being able to make our own choices.  It makes them seem somewhat predetermined.  I like to think we make our own fate and choose our own destinies.  That seems more realistic to me.

    It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in psychic abilities though.  It's just what I'd like to believe, but it's not set in stone.  I think there is more to life than we know and much more to our consciousness and the human brain, which we apparently know very little about.  There may be other dimensions and parallel universes.  Perhaps some of our future is predetermined, but also we can edit our path as we go along.  Perhaps we’re all just avatars for aliens in space and a game to them.  No-one knows and perhaps the beauty of life is that it is a mystery.

    Discover your fate with the PalmistryHD Palm Reading App

    I also know people who have had psychic dreams.  Whether it’s totally random or coincidence, their exact dreams have come true.  For example, someone dreamt their brother went to prison, and he then did.  Another dreamt someone who had a sterilisation was pregnant, and it turned out they were.  Yes, these could have been coincidences, but they’re always spooky when they happen!  Perhaps they were tapping into a part of the brain they didn’t know about.

    We all know someone who has visited a psychic too.  I’ve not been myself, but those I know of have always been freaked out.  They’ve known so many details about them, things they couldn’t possibly have known.  I’m definitely a sceptic, but perhaps one day I’ll go and see for myself.  It’s always a bit scary they’ll say something we don’t want to hear!

    When I was younger I used to regularly read my horoscope in newspapers and magazines.  It was fun and the possibility of predicting upcoming events was always exciting, especially for my love life as a teenager!

    Discover your fate with the PalmistryHD Palm Reading App

    I was offered the opportunity to review a palmistry app from Stellar Palmistry, where you can also access a daily horoscope.

    I do always question whether the results of these sorts of things are written in a way that could be applicable to anyone.  We might all interpret them in a way that is meaningful to our own selves to make sense of them.   Even if the responses can seem quite generic, it’s a great way to reflect on yourself and think about the most important things in life and self-improvement.  For me, this is the most enjoyable part of it; self-reflection and possibilities.

    Whether you believe in it all or not, it’s still a fun app to download and to read your palm yourself.  If you like horoscopes then it’s a nice app to use to check yours each day.  Why not download it today and see what your future may hold?

    My PalmistryHD Palm Reading Results

    Discover your fate with the PalmistryHD Palm Reading App Results

    The app is very simple and easy to use.  I downloaded it and within a few seconds I’d snapped a photo of my palm and was awaiting my results.  You can get it here as either an iOS app or Android app.

    The results are split into four categories:

    Fitness and Health

    This says I am no slob and like to take care of myself.  That’s definitely true, I’m obsessed with health and always trying new superfoods.  I am refined sugar free, alcohol free, meat free and dairy free.  I care deeply about being healthy.  I also go to the gym 4-6 times per week.  So when it says I could still make some lifestyle changes, I guess the only thing I could do is go to the gym more or cut out the portion of chippy chips I have every Friday.  Other than that I think I’m probably about a thousand times healthier than most people!  It says I could push myself a bit harder when it comes to exercise, which I guess is true for everyone?  We can all push ourselves further and harder.  I could definitely do more exercise, but with two young children and trying to squeeze it in around childcare and working, it’s hard to find the time.  I think I do pretty well managing 4-6 times per week and will find it much easier to work out more once the children are a little older.

    Success and Happiness

    This mostly says I deserve happiness (hopefully most people do) and success, but I’ll have to work hard to be successful.  I’m not work shy and put 110% into my business and blogging full time.  Hard work, good decisions and sacrifice will give me a great deal of happiness.  This too can be applicable to most.  Happiness isn’t always just there; it has to be worked towards.  We have to build the lives we want and discover what really makes us happy.  I don’t think what people think makes them happy is always the reality.  Being content is key and this is what I want to work towards in my future.  I’d like to surround myself with things that make me happy and therefore fuel my success through a more positive attitude.

    Career and Money

    This is spot on, but it could be for the majority of people.  It says I have worries surrounding my finances and I’m not entirely happy with my income or economic status.  I’m definitely always worried about money!  I have a fear Ben will be made redundant and I’m always worried about my income as I’m self-employed.  I feel this is a natural worry for most though and I turn it into a positive by using it to encourage me to save as much as possible and not blow every penny we earn.  Worrying about these things since I’ve had children has definitely made me more careful with our money.  We budget and save every month, whereas pre-kids I spent every last penny and purchased useless stuff I never needed.  Now we make careful decisions, live a more minimal lifestyle and save for our future or trips away.  I feel more comfortable with our money situation from that point of view, but I never feel settled with our income.  I’m always aware it could change or disappear any day and that makes me anxious.

    It does say I have ideas on how to change this, but something is holding me back, but my life cycle is leaving this difficult period and entering a more abundant time.  This is so true.  I struggle to find a work-life balance as only my eldest is in school full time.  Reuben is almost three and only at playschool for 3.5 school days.  So it can be a struggle to manage it all.  I’m sat typing this at the dinner table, for instance, as I’ve just not had enough time to get everything done today!  This phase is definitely ending soon as Reuben will start school in September 2019.  Then I hope to create a better work-life balance and have set working hours which will benefit us all.

    Love and Relationships

    This one is probably the least accurate for me as it says I’m in pursuit of love, but I am happily married.  It also says I have the characteristics of a great romantic partner, but I couldn’t be less romantic.  I explain that a little more in this review.  It also says a big relationship will pay a key role in my future.  I guess that could mean my relationship now or a new one in the future. 

    It’s definitely fun to snap your palm and see what the results say about you.  Find their website and read your own palm here:


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    Discover your fate with the PalmistryHD Palm Reading App




  4. As you grow you soon discover that life is filled with many lessons. Different lessons in which you learn new things at the different stages throughout your life - most of them tougher and harder with each passing year. However with every new lesson you become stronger and more capable as you rack your lessons learnt on your belt of life. Each notch a trophy to the things you have survived, the insights you have learnt and the understanding you now have because of them.

    So, when the time comes that you reach your thirties you have been through so much, you may have accumulated enough notches on your belt to feel like you could retire. You are tired of the hardships and want to revel in your success of survival, of making it this far, more or less unscaved. It’s a big milestone and one that should be celebrate. Your flirty thirties, the new twenty (we wish) will inevitably arrive and when it does you need to ensure that you are ready for the next lot of notches for your belt. This is also a time to reflect on all that you have earned, all that you have learned throughout your thirty years on the planet and what you are entitled to for surviving it - the things that nobody can take away from you. Here are things you should have mastered before reaching the big 3 -0.  

    skills to master before you are 30 - lylia rose blog post Image 

    • How to Say No

    This is one of the hardest words to master, in fact it takes years of trial and error and many awkward moments to feel confident enough to say NO. No to Friday drinks, no to dates, to families, no to injustices. No no no.

    • How to Sew A Button

    Your clothing doesn't just come with an extra button as some sort of freebie - bonus lesson nothing in life is free. Your shirt comes with an extra button because more often than not that button falls off and by the time you're thirty your mum is no longer willing to sew your buttons back on for you. You need to know how.   

    • Changing a Flat Tire

    Gone is the stigma that only men change tires. You are just as capable as any man. Yes it takes some practice and a fair bit of elbow grease but you'll never feel more empowered than when you change your first tire. 

    • Administering CPR & the Heimlich.

    No need for a medical degree, and hopefully you will never be in a position where you have to use this. But if you do find yourself in a situation where you do then you'll be happy to have it in your back pocket. It is a skill you will never regret having. 

    • Buy Embarrassing Pharmacy Products.

    Tampons, pregnancy tests and condoms are all products which cause us and sometimes the checkout assistant to blush. Well not anymore. Everyone on the planet buys these things. By thirty you need to be able to walk up - confidently look them in the eye and buy your embarrassing goods without a pang of judgement and a wave of embarrassment.

    skills to master before you are 30 - lylia rose blog


    • To Appreciate Untouched Beauty

    Whether it be in a person or a place, at thirty you should be able to recognise and appreciate beauty like never before. 

    • The Importance of Self Reflection.

     It's important to dedicate time for oneself, whether it be a solo trip on an intimate African Safari or a beach getaway somewhere in the sun. It is important to stay in touch with yourself and your needs, wants and desires. In our busy lives we often miss the small silent voice in our head that's trying to tell us what we need. When we detach ourselves from our everyday lives, when reconnect with ourselves - we can hear what it's trying to say better. 

    • When to Say Yes

    Just as it can be difficult to say no to people, it can be equally hard to get ourselves to say yes to things that require us leaving our comfort zone. When we reach thirty we have already created a world of familiarity in which we like to live. It's important to know when you need to shake this comfortability up. When it's important to say yes despite every fiber of your being wanting you to say no.

    • Handling Heartbreak

    The thing about officially being an adult is you have to act like one even when you don't want to. This lesson is like a double edge sword. You need to learn how to have your heart broken as well as know how it feels to break someone else heart. You need to know how to leave someone like you would like to be left. You also need to know that heart break is not the end, it's really only the beginning - this line is cliché but true.

    • Being Domesticated

     There is no need for you to take on the roll as Maid or Master Chef but you need to know how to do the basics - at least have a signature dish and know how to do your laundry and make your bed. You can't eat take out and toast for the rest of your life, your body and your abilities need to be stretched.  

    • How to Go Alone

    You need to enjoy your own company, in fact you need to love it, revel in it and even seek opportunities to require it. After 30 years of being you - you should at least love you and that means being unafraid to attend dinners or events alone. You are enough - always. 

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  5. If you have bad breath then you will understand how embarrassing it can be. You may find that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get rid of it and this is all because you need to target it at the source.

    I'm always paranoid I have bad breath at the moment as I wear a brace.  I have no end of elastics pulling teeth in different directions, and this along with the metal train track style brace I have means bits of food are constantly getting stuck all over it and hiding from me even though it looks clean.  

    Aside from wearing a brace, which can be an obvious reason you have bad breath if you wear one, there are other reasons you may have bad breath: Top things that could explain why you have bad breath



    One of the main signs of throat disease is always having bad breath. The bacteria that causes bad breath is the same bacteria that infects your tonsils. This can give you a sore throat but it can also affect the glands at the back of your throat. If you find that your bad breath is always accompanied with a sore throat or anything else similar then you may need to go and see your doctor to try and rule this out. You can find more information about bad breath here: They have plenty of resources for you to read up on about having bad breath.

    Early Pregnancy

    If you are a woman and you have bad breath then this could be a sign that you are going to go into labour early. This is because bad breath is often caused by gum disease and if you have this then you are much more likely to have a premature baby. If you are expecting then it is very important that you take any signs of gum disease seriously and that you always do everything you can to make sure that you stay on top of your dental hygiene so that you don’t pose any risk to your child.  In the UK you can access free NHS dental care whilst you are pregnant, so make use of this whilst you can.

    Stomach Ulcers 

    When you think about a stomach ulcer, there is a high chance that you think of things such as heartburn, stomach pain and even problems eating. The bacteria that is known for causing stomach ulcers is also known for causing gastric cancer. This can cause very bad breath as well, so if you find that you have bad breath and stomach problems then there is a high chance that the two things are related and this is something that you will want to get looked at.

    Being Overweight

    If you are overweight then this can cause you to experience bad breath. There are a lot of studies that show that the more overweight you are, the more likely you are to experience bad breath. Studies are being done to try and find out the link however it is said to relate to biological causes. If you are overweight and want to lose weight then green tea is a great way for you to do this because it helps to detox your body and it is also a great way for you to change your lifestyle. If you find that you eat too much meat then consider becoming a vegetarian. This is a great way for you to boost your immune system because you will be giving your body much more vitamins and it can also help you to fight off any bacteria that is in your body at the moment as well, so that is something that you really do need to think about.