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Tips for going on holiday whilst pregnant

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There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a holiday or short break whilst you are pregnant. In fact, it is becoming common place for first time parents to enjoy a ‘babymoon’ before the baby arrives.  Just follow some simple tips for going on holiday whilst pregnant and you'll be fine. 

With this helpful guide from HARTMANN Direct, travelling whilst pregnant will be easy!

Tips for going on holiday whilst pregnant

#1 Choose Your Destination Wisely

If you are thinking of hopping on a plane and having a week in the sun, then go ahead but consider destinations that are closer to home and that don’t require long hours travelling.

Also consider countries that offer excellent medical facilities, just in case you need it. And before you go abroad, always check insurance requirements as well as how the receiving country helps pregnant ladies in an emergency.

#2 Plan Ahead and Research

A little forward thinking can go a long way. Make a list of things you need with you and take your time packing. Don’t leave everything to the last minute and become stressed before you travel.

Consider that you may not be comfortable travelling now that you are pregnant, so pack a travel pillow and any other bits and pieces you need to keep you comfy.

#3 Pack Sensibly

The right clothes and right shoes are essential for your comfort and can make a world of difference.

Take plenty of clothes that can be layered, especially important for cooler evening and hot days.

If you will be doing plenty of walking, take sensible walking shoes and make sure you have water bottles too.

Flat shoes are better than heels and invest in maternity swimwear so you are super comfortable by the pool.

#4 Stay Mobile

Flights, ferry trips, long car journeys or coach travel can be uncomfortable at the best of times. When you are pregnant, it is even more important that you stay mobile, moving around from time to time.

On flights, wear compression socks to help your circulation and don’t let your hydration levels drop too low and take plenty of healthy snacks too.

#5 Relax!

Any holiday is about kicking back and relaxing – and a babymoon certainly is.

Load up your e-reader with plenty of best sellers and have novels and magazines that encourage you to stay in one place and relax. A little sight-seeing works as well but bear in mind in a hot climate, you will feel tired much quicker.

#6 Keep Your Eye on the Menu

At home, we are more confident knowing where our food comes from and what we can and cannot eat. During pregnancy, you will be more aware of eating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. And there are foods that you should avoid.

Keep an eye on the menu and take care when eating from a buffet. Leave part cooked or raw dishes to one side. Avoid soft ice creams and cheeses, and ask if the dish contains raw or partially cooked eggs. Always ensure that food is piping hot too.

You can always snack on healthy foods such as raw fruit and veg, but always make sure it is washed before you eat it.


#7 Rest When Tired

Being pregnant will mean your energy levels are lower and you may find that some days, you need a mid-day siesta.

Don’t be embarrassed to take a rest, enjoying a few hours by the pool or enjoying the comfort of your hotel room.

Bear in mind you may also need to visit the bathroom more frequently. You may find incontinence pads a great investment to help you manage toilet stops.

#8 Do Something Different

Consider what your holidays are normally like – do you spend hours’ sightseeing or are your poolside lounger? Do you avoid the group exercise activities or think the spa is too expensive?

Why not enjoy the pool aerobics or opt for a massage? After all, a babymoon is about enjoying your time before your new baby arrives!

#9 Use Your Common Sense

On one hand, there is nothing stopping you from trying new things but on the other, you want to remain safe and healthy, protecting your baby.

Instead of scuba diving, snorkel instead. Amusement parks are great but will riding a roller-coaster be as comfortable as you think? Forceful stops and bumpy landings will not be comfortable for you or your baby, and such rides are not recommended whilst pregnant.

#10 Enjoy the Attention

Accept a seat when someone asks if you would like to sit, accept someone’s kindness when they open doors and other offers of help.

In some cultures, a pregnant woman is considered a spiritual being and are revered. This is why some people will touch your growing baby bump, not something that every pregnant mum is comfortable with.

Enjoy your baby moon because life is just about to get busier…!


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