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Are you destined to be a blogger?

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I’ve been blogging since around April 2013 and I’m still just as passionate about it today as when I started. 

I can see me blogging for the rest of my life!

Some hobbies come and go.  There are a vast amount of things that interest me and I’d like to be good at, but many I’m not that good at so I try them and give up pretty quickly. 

I like to think I’m creative and I once believed creativity meant you could draw or make amazing things, but it’s really so much more than this.  Using words to express yourself is a form of creativity.  Designing a website is being creative.  Capturing beautiful pictures and piecing it altogether to make a blog post is creative.  Creativity is all around us and I bet many of us are creative souls without even realising.

I think I was always destined to be a blogger!

I didn’t know much about blogging and I never started this blog to become a blogger!  Read how I accidentally became a blogger for that story.  I think for many of us bloggers the passion was always there and we didn’t realise it.

Here’s how I was destined to be a blogger:

I kept a diary as a youngster

Did you keep a diary as a youngster?  I have a box of memories in the attic and I was surprised to see I have five filled diaries in this box.  I thought perhaps I only noted a few scribbles, but some of them are full of daily notes from my teenage years from front to back.  I knew I always liked writing, but I’d forgotten how much I used to write.

Perhaps you still keep a diary now?  Writing down your daily thoughts in a gorgeous Collins Debden diary?  Back then it was to write down my teenage frustrations, but now it’s my therapy.  Writing is my calm.  Getting it all down on paper certainly helps me, especially if it’s something I feel frustrated about.  It’s a way of releasing that frustration and having my say.  It’s also my family memories and a way to share all that I am passionate about with other people.

I loved writing essays at school

Writing essays was one of my favourite things to do at school.  Whilst most people groaned at the thought of coursework, I got excited.  Even at my short spell at uni I could write them in a few hours the night before they were due and get top marks.  I find writing easy.  Once I get going there’s no stopping me.  I think of blog posts whilst I’m in the shower and literally write them in my head with a bursting urge to get it all down on paper as soon as I can!  I’m never out of ideas and haven’t yet experienced writers block.  I have so many ideas I don’t have enough time to get them all out there.

Taking random photos

Years ago when I was in my early twenties and late teens I used to take some random snaps.  This was way before smartphones, Instagram and the like.  Even before My Space which was the first social media platform I ever used.  I had a cheap digital camera I’d take on nights out and I remember taking random close ups of my outfit, legs, face, drink and all sorts of crazy pictures.  I loved the pictures, but never knew what to do with them and thought others would think them bizarre, so I would delete them.   Little did I know these would have been perfect pictures for Instagram and a blog had they existed.

Making money online

I’ve always been drawn to making money online.  Before I had my first laptop and the internet in my early twenties, I just knew being online and having access to a computer would open so many doors.  I didn’t know what at the time, but I remember telling my mum and others how much I needed a laptop so I could get on with my life.  I didn’t really know what I wanted to do then and what was possible, but I always felt it was an online land of opportunities.  I then worked in ecommerce for several years and it was my most enjoyable role, sparking an addiction for working online and making money online.  From running my own little Etsy store, to creating my own website and now to blogging, I’ve loved every minute of it and I just know I’m destined to make money online.


I’m highly self-motivated and determined – both great qualities for any entrepreneur wishing to start their own business or blogger wanting to make their hobby a full time career.  Even by myself at home I am not easily distracted and will work from dusk to dawn if I need to.  When it comes to my blog I never procrastinate.  Everything else can wait.  This is my passion, my baby, my life, my income and now my job.  It’s important to me and I want to make it a success.  I get on with it and I don’t make excuses.  Many people say they’d struggle to work from home, but I’m more motivated working for myself from home than in any employed role I’ve held.

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